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  1. ***** SPOLILER ALERT ****** Hello there, i managed to gather all the archives for the walrus laser mk2, its for the "grean mean laser" archivement and for the weapon itself, its a pretty good walrus weapon you will be using it until you find overpowered gear like missiles and plasma. The rusty scructures that you need to interact for the laser unlock can be found in the following locations: Evergreen: east side of the island, east side of the lake. (temperate) Beacon: north west side of the island in the north west little island. (temperate) Bacchus: south east of the island, in the south east "tentacle", south of the lake in the hills. (temperate) Taksaven: west part of the island, west of the command center, the best way to reach it is by the repair station nearby, you must watchout or you will fell down the hill into the shore, a manta with hook do the trick with ease. (mountain) Granite: North side of the island, near south side of the small circular lake. (mountain) Wattland: east part of the island, in the eastern island, near the production structures by south east part of the the eastern island. (artic) Isolus: south part of the island, south of the lake, in the base of a hill, west from some structures. (artic) Some of these structures cointained the archives for the laser, other contained some randon gear in my campaign run. If you interact of every one for sure you will have the walrus laser mk2 If you guys got beter info and more precise description of the locations please share with us. I hope you enjoy the laser!