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  1. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, running on 64 bit Win7 on both comps, only difference is home has a AMD Athlon x4 CPU and ATI graphics, laptop has i5 dual core with onboard nvidia. Have to play with lower settings on laptop, but no unhandled exceptions. Could my install be corrupted?
  2. I also keep experiencing this. I'm not sure why, but it only happens on my PC at home (I have it installed thru steam on my laptop as well). Keeps happening in outpost, right at the end or after the mission is completed. I try to equip my new mantas, and when I click on manta 3 or 4, or if i try to close out of the equip window, the game freezes and I get the following error message: Program: yadayada/yada/Carrier.exe Access Violation. Illegal read by 10132956 at 0 [enf:VObjectInstance::~VObjectInstance]: ??? addr:0x10132956 [enf:VObjectInstance::~VObjectInstance]: ??? addr:0x10132956 (Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled) I have reloaded and tried making a manual save to see if that gets past it, but it just ends up happening later.