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  1. Yeh sorry for sounding a bit harsh, but tryin to get answers and help for day's sorta got me wound up!. Will give the advice a try and see what happens!. Thanks for the reply's.
  2. Well Steam Updated it today, so tried it again the Prone problem seems to be fixed now. Also the Black screen seem's to be fixed ( Although this is a quick test). The AI still wants to be my friend though for some reason. I may try uninstalling it and re installing in case something has been corrupted somewhere.
  3. I have been playing Arma and Arma 2 for ages, so when this was released i was excited, that excitement was short lived after i bought the game!!. Firstly trying to get support for my problems from the makers of Iron front is near on impossible, I have emailed Support tried registering on there Forum ( to which after day's i am still waiting to be varified ). I understand games are gonna have bugs but to be ignored and to get no help is just arrogant in my opinion, and does not reflect well on BI ( Even though they have nothing much to do with this game ). There are problems galore with this game, I have a black screen just appear out of nowhere yet the game is still playing. When it does work the enemy are like your best friends, they don't fire at you they just come and stand next to you. All very well if there people cause you can shoot them, but trying to destroy a tank with a rifle is not gonna work!. When i start a mission it just ends straight away saying you lost, so i have to restart the mission again for about 10 times for it to actually work!. There also seem's to be a bug when going Prone, where you just cannot stand back up again?!. Flying is another problem, where the controls don't work and it flies straight, you cannot turn the plane or nothing. So for me it is just un playable.