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  1. Hi. I completed the Frontier island mission. I am positive that I rebuilt the command center because when I load up a game from that time, the mission says, "Command center rebuilt" and I am to head off to get the armor. When I load up that save, I can even see the command center shimmering as it is recreating. I did that and then completed the Outpost island. Now that I have the freedom to move around, I noticed that the Frontier island was grey so I went back to it. The command center is back in ruins. There is a mission marker in the middle of the rubble saying "Build Command Center" but of course, no module to use to rebuild ... because I used it the first time I was here!! Shouldn't the status of the island when I left it (the cc in the process of being built) have been saved when I moved on? I read one of the devs say quite clearly that it was safe to proceed to the next island. Not so in my experience! Or am I missing something? Thank you.