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  1. Ha, I know the one you're talking about, I didn't know that gate opened. After alot of trying I got a walrus to ramp up where the gap is between the wall next to the nest and the mesa. I was pretty sure that wasn't how you were suppose to do that but after an hour of looking around for a vantage point to shoot the thing I got desperate.
  2. Did you go back to the room where the generator burned out? You have to click every generator panel in the room and then the thing that looks like a giant welder's mask. Apparently their data storage uses an ungodly amount of power. Or those things only put out 9 volts a piece.
  3. Don't worry, they're retroed into existing vehicles.
  4. I've seen this phantom attack thing too. I chased the attacks going south and seems to happen in the same chain of islands every time I've reloaded. Is it possible that the attacks are prompted by the carrier passing the islands on the way to somewhere further away? As in rather than taking a beeline from a-->d it's passing through a, b, c, to get to d? If that the case then there isn't an attack, it's more like the enemy carrier is sighted while in enroute to somewhere else. I don't suppose there's any sort of debug command or 'cheat' that would allow you to see the enemy carrier movement to confirm that, is there?