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  1. I am on the Deactivate the shield Mission on the Campaign Mode. I have got to the shield base only to have the door control destroyed. Okora says "look for a way into the lift shaft". The waypoint marker takes you in the base and out again (no help there). I have looked everywhere for 30 mins more and tried reloading. Searched all round the base but nothing. Have I missed something or is this a bug? Could anyone advise please? ---------- Post added at 00:09 ---------- Previous post was at 23:16 ---------- Fixed after a reload...
  2. I had to use a grenade to get one of these. I couldn't see the AA turret but I got in position and popped a few grenades over the top. After a while I got it, and it change to take the command centre. Where Okora tells you how to open the gates.
  3. Hi Love the game, but keep getting this error at random. I am playing on XP under steam, (don't know if this makes a difference). Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I can t seem to attach a file here so I am going to have to type it in. ----------------------------------------- Unhandled exception Program:.....ommon\Carrier Command Gaea Mission\Carrier.exe Reason:Access violation. Illegal Read by 1014d82e at266e1000 8 lines like :- [enf::MeshObject::PrepareMatrices]?? addr:0x0x1014d82e followed by (Press retry to debug the application - JIT must be disabled) -----------------------------------------