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  1. Does anyone know of a way to force ToM to use a specific display refresh rate? My system is more than capable of running the game at 4k resolution at 60Hz. Yet Take on Mars seems to want to run at 30Hz which causes severe mouse lag.
  2. lordbane


    Incase the command center on an island gets destroyed.
  3. lordbane

    Time Warp

    Am I the only person that wants a way to turn the time warp off?
  4. From what I've read around here. the Steam 1.1 version is the same as the non-Steam 1.2. And the version numbers will start matching starting with patch 1.3
  5. First off, I absolutely love this game! I grew up playing the original CC and am thoroughly enjoying this. With all the complaining about the issues with Walrus pathfinding I just wanted to make sure a little light was shown on some other minor problems I’ve come across so that hopefully they’ll get looked at sooner or later. I am playing the Steam version, so it should have the latest patch already. Mantas and mountains: Not a huge problem, but I’ve come across several occasions where a Manta will try to attack an enemy walrus or gun installation that happens to be near a mountain. The Manta will sometimes fly to where it’s right above the mountain and then try to reduce it’s altitude so that it can rain death down upon it’s target. But instead, it gets stuck constantly trying to lower it’s self but unable to do so because of the mountain below it. Manta forgets where the trigger is: I’ve seen this happen a lot with Mantas armed with missiles, and one gun, usually lasers or machine guns. I’ll tell it to target something, I’ve seen it happen when targeting enemy Mantas, Walruses, gun installations and buildings, the Manta will fly to it’s target, and strafe around acting like it’s attacking the enemy, but never actually fires any weapons.