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  1. I didn't have that problem, as I was a bit far behind him, so I decided to take a shortcut, when I saw that he was actually going towards some kind of peer. I cut through the slope on the right of the path, going straight to the peer and managed to catch him up easily. I didn't bother following the path until the end, as I suspected I would arrive to late...
  2. If it works like in campaign mode, your current weapons are replaced by whatever arrives through the supply barque, provided you loaded it with some carrier weapons that you previously produced. Unless there's something I never knew during the whole campaign... :p
  3. Well, I finished the campaign and it was indeed, a fun battle. I didn't find it as hard as I expected, probably because of all those hours spent in tanks while playing Battlefield 3. I managed to get all sectors on my first attempt, but I must admit that there wasn't left much of my Walrus when I was done. The manta chase however, was another story. Quite hard and I didn't succeed at my first try, thus allowing me to experience another cutscene. I finally got it and the rest was a breeze. All in all, it was an interesting campaign, with several hours of gameplay. Well done BI! :D I'll take a brake to try other games but I'll surely get back to it for the strategy mode, since it's apparently the best way to experience CCGM.
  4. I'm about to get there, as I'm currently cleaning the surrounding islands (quite easy, so far), but I'll definitely try to gather some info as well, once I'm there. From what I understand regarding survival, a lot seems to depend on the repair walrus. I'll keep that little renegade on a tight leash.... ;)
  5. hahaha. That's a nice war tale, really. Makes me eager to jump into it! Thanks for all the info. I'll put it to good use. Regarding pathfinding, did you play this mission prior to patch 1.6.0004? Because I think they did a good job with that. Unfortunately, 1.6.0011 seems to have brought a bit of regression, as I find walruses still stuck, from time to time. To be honest, I wasn't really ready for Thermopylae yet. I'm currently at the four islands surrounding it. So as for my missing blueprints, is it possible to obtain some on those four islands? I may currently be going in circles for nothing... Besides, I might not need them, depending on those islands' difficulty level. If you like games that will bring you in such love/hate states, you should try XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Quite rewarding, while punitive at the same time :p
  6. Thanks again Species. If I could at least know where the missing blueprints are, it would help me a lot. I suppose you don't have a list up your sleeve... :p I found a kind of list by searching info regarding the achievement received for obtaining all blueprints, but according to that, the missile blueprint should have been in Sanctuary and the shield one, in Duessa. I went to both and already had another blueprint for the former, and the Walrus plasma for the latter. So either that list I found wasn't accurate, or the blueprints are randomly placed. Maybe someone from BI could confirm?
  7. Just checked back a few islands and so far, I always get the "blueprint already exists in our database" notification. To be honest, I don't think I'm in the mood to go through all other islands to find that shield upgrade, especially with the enemy carrier attacking (and most often taking back) my islands during that time. Would you say that that upgrade is essential to the success of the Thermopylae assault? So far, I have every other upgrades, including HEAT, Howitzer -- is it any good by the way? The damage indicator sure says so! --, the Plasma (Walruses), Laser MK II and rockets. The only ones I am missing it seems are : Shield Missiles Plasma (Mantas) Is it achievable without these three, or am doomed to go through all islands again? For the missing ones, I assume that they are normally found "post-Fulcrum"? :confused: Thanks again.
  8. Thanks Species. Yes and Yes. ;) As for retaking lost islands, it happened to me only once, so far. I'll be sure to check that!
  9. I assure you that there was no way to get there using the conventional roads. Perhaps I hacked them it the wrong order, or something. The important thing is that I managed to get there. Thanks.
  10. Sorry if I bring back an old thread, but I haven't found any "shield" upgrade for the Mantas and I'm pretty sure I searched all the islands. Since I'm preparing to attack Thermopylae, I find this potential upgrade most interesting. :) Where can it be found?
  11. It's the only road that leads to the jammer, that goes beyond telemetry. But thanks anyway ; I used the hook with one of my mantas.
  12. Hey everyone, Judging by what I've read here, it seems noone else has encountered this issue. After hacking two jammers on Sanctuary, I am unable to reach the third one, located on the south-east corner, without going out of telemetry. Could anybody give me a hint as to how to succeed that? Thanks in advance for any reply.
  13. No problem here Rob. :) My bad for not checking your post date...
  14. I've only played the campaign so far -- and I'm only halfway through, I think -- without having tried strategy mode yet, but I agree that a walrus equipped with anti-air weapons shouldn't rush head-on into other walruses. Blocked line of sight should also prevent firing. With all due respect to Rob04, I disagree regarding pathfinding, as I find it MUCH better than it was. Walruses are no longer always going in circles to reajust their path, or getting stuck everywhere. Besides, since it's been a delicate issue for a long time, I wouldn't like to see regression caused while trying to improve it further. I would concentrate on other things. Of course, this is just my humble opinion. :)