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  1. ToxLaximus

    Discussing Moderators

    I'm forbidden to replay in that thread, but I agree, I've seen them gang up 5 to 1, that could be possibly breaking real laws, they are damaging their company's reputation.
  2. ToxLaximus

    Discussing Moderators

    I prefer neutral ground for discussions, thanks all the same.
  3. Obviously you cant do it on this forum so do it here instead ... http://steamcommunity.com/app/65740/discussions/0/882962960798145064/?tscn=1350262275 I did go though the rules in detail and this post does not break them.
  4. ToxLaximus

    Mod Script Findings

    I'm researching cloaking devices and stuff for making movies and wondered if anyone has come across controls for the HUD and 3rd person camera position, plus the ability to snapshot a texture from a vehicles surrounding and paste it on that vehicle, the cloak is a bit out of my league but I'll give it a go.
  5. ToxLaximus

    My Review and thoughts

    I know this game is strong enough to do just that, there is some real magic here that can not be seen because of the problems.
  6. Problems with a new game can lead to a significant reduction in profit, a game when its new only has one chance to make a good impression, the consumer market is anything but forgiving. Personally I know this game is gold and can see where its going and its all good, most people do not have the time to get so involved with gaming and games such as this might pass them by.
  7. ToxLaximus

    My Review and thoughts

    Unfortunately that's where the money is and consoles are holding back innovation, but CCGM has not suffered much because of that.
  8. I don't think you should bully this guy in public Max Power, leave the guy alone.
  9. Unlike most games this one can take a while to learn and ages to master, its a shame some people give up on the game before getting into it, it is rewarding.
  10. ToxLaximus

    Vehicle speed table

    Say if your in a walrus and you run into trouble you can call for a barrage from the carrier at a point you set from the walrus or map, going off topic too much lol.
  11. Free floating camera for movies and cloaking devices, some good ideas here, I like how one thing can lead to another. Free Floating Movie Camera: Manoeuvred with similar controls as a Manta, or can follow waypoints set in the map, can view a static angle or lock onto objects. Which leads to Fly-By: Some flight sims have a key that views a fly-by of your plane, would be cool for carrier/walrus/manta, this can be used for movies but is also a feature in game to provide a dynamic view. Cloaking Device: Limited use that eats up fuel so use wisely, bends light around the vehicle to hide it, but can be seen at close range as a distortion.
  12. ToxLaximus

    Vehicle speed table

    I think everyone should try that, but there is no way of setting a angle on the guns to get the right ranges, maybe a future mod?
  13. Now your talking, I know the devs had something like that, maybe its still in there somewhere.
  14. In beta2 the carrier launched all its vehicles once you got near it, those were tough battles.
  15. ToxLaximus

    First Impressions

    Using a xbox controller to pilot the manta is very good indeed, I'm not sure what other controllers are supported. Self built gaming rigs are way to go in my opinion, much better parts and cheaper that store pc's, my asus AMD 6870 with has excellent cooling and can run games all day without getting hot, along with the coolermaster high airflow case exhausts cold air even in the middle of summer with its quiet 200mm fans, one to pull air in and one to pull air out, just hoover the dust filter once a week, if like me you want a cool pc then there are affordable options without resorting to the more expensive water cooling. Modders like Thrgrrr, Deano will fix the bugs one way or another, foxhound opened the excellent fan site www.carriercommandaholic.com In a month or two things will start to hot up.