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  1. This is in the campaign. Just got the hooks for the mantas and I was otw to stop an invasion, then suddenly my carrier was damaged and the enemy carrier was leaving. All happened while in time warp I guess. ---------- Post added at 20:20 ---------- Previous post was at 19:55 ---------- It does not repair the repair systems it seems. Have been timewarping to see if it repaired. Selected top priority and have full fuel. It seems like its a part of the campaign so don't get why it can't be fixed. I don't see the battle or anything. Just get a damaged carrier.
  2. Kidding me? It can't be fixed?? Ugh may be a game breaker for me. I went through the fps part and hated it. And I forgot to save after it. Oh well.
  3. How do I repair the carriers repair system? I can't repair the carrier because that system is destroyed? Please help.