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  1. I stripped the GUTS-API stub from the repo, it was leading me nowhere. Development on CarrierTools will be dormant until a proper patch is out.
  2. Yeah. You should put in some debug test output to see if it really works (it's also not trivial to include your mod, even if it's packaged right)
  3. No you must put your scripts and other modded directories into another directory (e.g. mymodfolder) and package THAT.
  4. "FIDO JE MOCNY" means something like "Fido rules", or "Fido is powerful".
  5. Thygrrr

    Hard Facts of Life

    I just hope they open up the game for modding more and move more native side code to script side code (or at least optionalize it). I don't believe they can fix the AI without a rewrite.
  6. Thygrrr

    Mod Script Findings

    It's a proprietary, interpreted scripting language, with some features resembling C++. I think it's part of the Enforce engine, you don't need a compiler, the game interprets/compiles the script at runtime. No idea why you need a correct definition - Notepad++ will do fine with it, I use it every day. It recognizes the files as either c++ or c, which is not too far off. You may want to add a few keywords/typewords to your style configurator if your as o.c. as I am when it comes to good syntax highlighting: proto native event string class
  7. solrac42, that depends on the weapon. All the turreted weapons (i.e. the ones that require Armor Mk.1) are 360° already. Harbinger Guided Missiles I want guided ordnance for my Walruses. For old time's sake!
  8. This is a freshly terraformed moon. Of course the weather is crazy.
  9. Not sure. It just crossed my mind that the most productive mod (i.e. to find out if the API is solid) would be a stock mod, that means making the vanilla, unmodded game work with the guts API. It probably won't be too hard (I know pretty much exactly the parts I had to rewrite while gutting the game, so I can put in the appropriate recoded functionality on the stock side - but I will need to cut some corners because otherwise I'd have to redistribute a significant portion of the original game code, and I wouldn't want to do that). That means the stock mod will still inherently not be very extensible. So what. :)
  10. Thygrrr

    Mod Script Findings

    https://bitbucket.org/thygrrr/carriertools/ See my thread in this forum in instructions. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?140967-TOOL-CarrierTools-(modding-tool-inside)
  11. Modding API Framework Added I am nearly done stripping down the game. I decided not to split up some specific files from the stock code, but instead included them. I have pushed the code to the bitbucket repository. Please note: This is a very early WIP. It doesn't have a mod dispatch yet. It's not even nicely documented. (mod dispatch will work by instantiating a custom CGame child class for each mod - still working out a nice way to do this at runtime). When the mod loader API is done, I will provide a minimal mod that tries to spawn an island and a carrier and nothing more, just to ensure I didn't break anything (I have yet to see the game side again - currently, my guts / minimal mod / carrier command total conversion are not playable). ---------- Post added at 23:28 ---------- Previous post was at 23:19 ---------- It's a little late now, I'll clean up the guts code tomorrow. Maybe I can figure out a nice mod dispatch technique soon (i.e. the API loading at least one generic mod at runtime). Game Modes etc. can later be dispatched by the mods themselves if desired.
  12. Thygrrr

    Mod Script Findings

    Okay, and that's all in the "Carrier Command on Windows 7" folder, or is it in some kind of sub folder? (like my steam numbers in the picture I posted). Thanks! ---------- Post added at 20:45 ---------- Previous post was at 19:26 ---------- keyword private There is a "private" keyword. Used on some destructors (to disallow explicit deletion, as it seems). Slightly weird way to do this. ... and another insight: //! Player class Player extends ScriptableCore { //! inspect relationship proto native bool IsEnemyOf( Player other ); //! retrieve in-game name proto native owned string GetName(); }; (the AI representation of Players and other game objects appears to be completely disjunct from the game and visual representations - not entirely sure if that makes sense but it makes our work even harder, because there is an additional layer of abstraction and a black box round trip to native code in the way now) ---------- Post added at 22:35 ---------- Previous post was at 20:45 ---------- Named Types Type("Carrier") returns the class as a type object. Used for type comparisons, and can possibly even be used for runtime instantiations (with the Spawn(...) function call). Still looking for a decent way to execute script code at script runtime (i.e. including additional code and maybe even running a "main" method in there) ---------- Post added at 22:38 ---------- Previous post was at 22:35 ---------- No truly abstract classes Classes that have abstract functions (no function body) can actually be instantiated. I assume the function calls are no-ops in that case.
  13. I enjoyed parts of the FPS mode. It does its job as a storytelling element well. Unfortunately, it doesn't do its job as an FPS well, meaning even the sneaking parts are tedious and the building interiors are very monotonous.
  14. Thygrrr

    Hard Facts of Life

    Sorry to be bursting your bubble here, with a game overdue as long, this is definitely not the publisher's fault, but the developer's and team lead's. CCGM was announced in 2006, if I recall correctly. Usually, a game is announced during or at the end of preproduction, meaning when the actual coding starts. This means the thing was at least three years overdue. If you look at the game's innards, you see three things: a remarkable engine with lots of possiblilities and a very powerful scripting engine lots of stuff that has been inexplicably hardcoded where it shouldn't need to be a pile of scripts that are the most hacked-together, disorganized, scattered, unmaintainable code I have seen in a long time You will also see that probably most of the work was spent on the single player campaign (every .ent file in the data files contains a substantial amount of scripted game code, plus every cutscene XML does, as well). And everywhere you look, so many trivial things are natively hard coded for no apparent reason, I hope it'll be possible to softcode around them in scripts without the game laying dead in the water. I really hope the game can be salvaged by us modders. I do this as a personal enrichment more than with an actual expectation of success.