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  1. Hi Dram Thanks for the advice, it works fine now. I hope I dont get another corrupt savegame in the future.
  2. Hi all I got big Problems with the Xbox360 Version of Carrier Command (Im using the german version). First I started the game the day I got it. No Problems at all. I played, saved and loaded diffrent games. The next day I wanted to continue the game I have saved the last day. But all savegames are now corrupt. In the Saveoverview, I dont even see the screenshot of the save. So firtst I was panicing that my harddisc has crashed. But after trying other games, this wasnt the problem at all. Ok, so I tryed to start a new CC-Campagne. After the Intro, I get now that the savemedium cant be accessed. I tryed to save on my HD, Clound and even on an USB-Stick. Everything failed. Does anybody else have this problem? I have seen, that there is a bugfix to solve *corrupt savegames* with patch 1.02. Has this patch only been released for the PC version? At the moment, I cant play the game :(