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  1. Yeah I got it working, reloaded back to the part when the second half of the map opened up and just started playing again. When I took Terminus again the cutscene played and I rescued Aurora... then got the Marshes upgrade. And I think I know what went wrong. When I took the island the first time I destroyed the Command Center and rebuilt it due to not having hack pods and being lazy. This must have broken the campaign. I hope the devs are reading this so they know it's a weak spot and can break the story.
  2. Before I go and spend 9k of units on a torpedo and waste it out of ignorance of use, how does it work exactly? Does it lock onto the carrier like the missiles do to their targets? Or do you just point it in the direction of the carrier and let it go? Also how much damage does it do to the carrier? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, so the cut scene was triggered when you took Terminus again?
  4. I've captured every non-marsh island. No upgrade. :(
  5. I'm a good bit into the campaign. Two things have me stuck: 1) I can't find the Marshes Upgrade, I've searched all the newer islands on the eastern side of the map. Nothing. I've gone back to a few of the starter islands in the campaign and when I search the islands I don't even get a message after hacking the lab. Is it missing? Broken? Without it I cannot attack the Marsh Islands. 2) I did get notified that I was at an island where they are holding Aurora, the cut-scene played. I got moved to control of a Walrus in the hanger bay, and I'm not sure what to do at this point. There is no indication of where to go on the island to get her. No way-point. Am I missing something? This game is amazing and I'm enjoying it very much. Can a dev respond with some answers these issues? I'm not the only one with them as there are threads about them in the General forum. Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm stuck too, can't attack the Marsh islands and I think I've looked at every RC other than the first few starting islands, I'm going to go back to them and see if it's on one of those.
  7. Yep, took long time. But it worked. Thanks.
  8. Am I doing it right? I blew up the old one (cause I ran out of hack pods and was feeling lazy) and used a Production Pod to make a new one. A new building has appeared under a blue force field looking thing. Does it take time to get functional? I've waited about 10 mins....
  9. Got it, I'm playing the campaign now and the ship came with the plasma, can I replace it with the shell? ---------- Post added at 22:55 ---------- Previous post was at 21:09 ---------- Never-mind, you get the plasma by default, but can construct and replace it with the shell gun.
  10. I see there are two different types. What does the carrier shell do? Where does it fire from?
  11. Hi, do the islands rebuild themselves after you blow up some buildings and units during invasion? Also exactly how good are they at defending themselves, I'm playing the campaign and I'm not sure if I should go help the islands that are under attack by the enemy? Thanks!