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  1. yeah stopped the whole dayz thing abit before ArmA 3. Also, thanks for the links :)
  2. I Started making a 5x5 Terrain/Island back in April but had to pause working on it while waiting for the tools to complete it properly. which brings me to my questions: - Are we now able to add Road networks to our terrains and use custom road textures? (i know we can add road networks now, but can we use/make our own road textures to go with it?) - Can we now add BIS ArmA 3 Buildings to our terrains? - Will we see (or is there) an updated version of Visitor? Kind Regards, Stapo. Also sorry if the answers to my questions are already posted, i just couldnt find them.
  3. Stapo

    Ultimate Team Deathmatch

    Hey guys its been a long time i know. But onto some news: Since arma 3 is closing in on full release i will be completely remaking this mission with a whole new idea in mind, and i will also adjust the mission to be used on my upcoming Crisis Island map (been working on it since April). Also, sorry i havent done anything with ArmA for a while, its because i wasnt impressed with the way the game was going when it entered Beta. but now alot has changed since then and my outlook on it has change and im happy to work on it again.
  4. yes i love this idea, they actually have something similar on the ISI Forums (Racing Sim) http://isiforums.net/f/forumdisplay.php/6
  5. Can't wait for it :), keep up the good work! also... there will always be bugs... always... but don't let that get you down :D
  6. Stapo

    Ultimate Team Deathmatch

    Here is a sneak peek of my CQC Version of the UltimateTDM Mission: http://puu.sh/2pufN very BF3 like but oh well :). im happy with it.
  7. Sorry to bump the thread, but how would i use this for a diaglog picture (RscPicture) which looks like this: class ImageBTN: w_RscPicture { idc = -1; text = "menuIcons\image1.paa"; x = 0.2745 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.166 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.600 * safezoneW; h = 0.650 * safezoneH; }; EDIT: Nvm, figured it out, thanks :)
  8. Stapo

    Ultimate Team Deathmatch

    Its PVP... for now :), ive got alot of things im writing up atm which will make it earn its "Ultimate" tag :D EDIT: has anyone got any suggestions of things i should add to this mission?
  9. i have to agree on this one, my basic TDM server crashes after 5 minutes with just 10 players... its unplayable atm (MP Anyway), looks like ill go back to making my island for arma3 and wait for a crash fix :)
  10. really? its ONE line of code for you to change, they stated also that things like classnames etc. WILL CHANGE and they wont be trying to flex around the alpha... aka they do it how they want it (which is great :)) ungrateful person is ungrateful.
  11. Stapo

    Ultimate Team Deathmatch

    Updated To 1.0.1, Changes Can Be Found Here: https://github.com/Stapo/Arma3-Ultimate-Team-Deathmatch/commit/735b5e3658d61d283a0a98b6a9f70c198d144ec7
  12. Yeah i understand that African folilage works with arma3 but from this part in the readme: its not to be used in anything but arma 2?
  13. well im currently waiting on the "African Foilage" addon to be ported to arma3 via the author as my island is very tropical.
  14. ahh, i see now... time to make a workaround for a workaround :)