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  1. Info This is my first mission ever, created after minecraft survival games Basically last man standing DM, but hope to expand it. Very basic right now. Has only been tested locally on LAN, if anyone does play it on multi/dedi server let me know how it goes please. Players start at one location, no weapons. Several ammo crates positioned in the center of spawn area, limited amount of weapons/items. Most players should run into the surrounding forests in search of bigger better weapon caches. Ammo crates have sound locator beacon heard within 300m of crate, sound will shut off when player reaches crate. (limiting chances of other players finding it also/use as weapon stash etc..) Air supply drops happen across the map at random time intervals, emits 5 sec sound alarm alerting nearby players, smoke/flare deployed at landing location. (usually has better weapons than ground crates) Features - Randomized weapons/ammo/locations for all crates. (on ground and air drop) - No respawn (switch to spectator mode on death) - 4 player slots for spectators/streamers/referees - Players camping for too long are visually tagged. (Trying to keep action going, can be turned on/off) - Limited player area, if left player is shot immediately Requirements - ARMA2CO Credits - Cargo Drop script by dmos - Weather script by Engima - Gameplay scripts by [sBS]mac - The ARMA Community forums search function :) Future plans/ideas (if i have time) - Tag and display all player locations if game time is almost up - extend game play with survival elements (hunger/thirst) - Add ability to help each other/revive/heal - score tracking/rankings - prevent JIP (send new players to spectate cam until next round) Download https://dl.dropbox.com/u/109439625/Survival_Games_v1.Chernarus.pbo
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