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    Time Warp

    As someone mentioned earlier, there is a thread explaining how to use cheatengine to make time go super fast anywhere you want. It's very simple to use. Feel free to bump the thread back if you want :) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?140778-How-to-Time-Warp-anywhere-anytime
  2. Indeed, it'll largely depend on how fast your CPU can be pushed :) Glad some people found this useful :)
  3. I also had Bacchus bug up on me, I got to a section where there was a coolant leak and couldn't go further, it also had infinite spawning robots which made things annoying. I ended up trying an earlier save but the same happened, lucky for me I did another island which forced the main story on, otherwise it would have been game over for me.
  4. There is that, but they're talking about another options which tries to detect if you're moving the mouse slow or fast and either add or subtract a certain amount of movement. There's currently no option to remove this setting (in short if you go to windows control panel and look at the mouse options, windows has the same option, which is one of the first things I disable when I install ;) )
  5. I didn't really feel I was getting to play the game very much when I had to wait for deliveries and so on :/ It's made the game much more enjoyable for me at least :)
  6. Ok, this trick will allow you to speed the game up to any speed to avoid you having to sit and do nothing (hate it that if you alt tab that the game freezes). You'll need a copy of cheatengine from cheatengine.org. After you downloaded and installed, run carrier command and get into game, then hit alt+tab to get to windows. You now load Cheatengine. After loading, there is a flashing/highlighted button in the top left that you should press, this will come up with a list of all running processes. You need to scroll to the end of the list and somewhere should be "carrier.exe" Select this and choose "open". Now, on the right side of cheat engine, you'll see a button saying "enable speedhack", tick this box and you can manually type in the speed or use the slider. So if you choose 5.0 then the game will run (roughly) at 5 times the speed, if you choose 10.0, then it'll run 10 times the speed. After choosing you speed, hit "Apply" and go back into game, you'll find everything going SUPER fast now. I don't recomend trying to scroll the map or control units like this though ;) After you building queues/barques are finishing with, simply alt+tab out to cheat engine once more and untick the "enable speedhack" button till you next need it. I know this will be useful to many, so I hope I was clear enough with my instructions. Anyways, hope this makes the game more fun till BIS sort this out. It's a VERY worthy game to be attached to the carrier command name and BUS should be proud, but only after they fix the few problems the game has ;) Have fun all!