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  1. Wiki - In real life the images from middle two tubes are combined by your brain into the single central image (like when using binoculars) while the two outer tubes are only seen by one eye each which your brain can't add to the centre image so it widens the FOV instead.
  2. Surely it can done with waypoints quite easily??? You select the waypoints to route along high ground (rather than a valley) or stay inside tree lines etc and you set "Speed" to Limited and "Behaviour" to Aware/Combat/Stealth, whichever would cover the Cover/Manoeuvre best for the particular situation. It doesn't have to be as accurate as a human player would be but just some military basics would be nice. The biggest issue I see with that would be missions would take much longer if everyone's moving at a walking pace :D
  3. While I'm enjoying most of the campaign story so far there's one big thing thats a bit disappointing to me. For a military sim, there's no military tactics being used by the AI for movement from A to B i.e Cover & Manoeuvre (1/2 move & 1/2 cover) or Use of the High Ground etc. Instead so far it's just - everyone run into a forest or valley without stopping to check your surroundings before, unsurprisingly, running into something you didn't spot as you were too busy running all the time. The AI even miss simple things like keeping to the treeline & shadows instead of walking out in the open. These constant non-military actions by the AI really curb my enjoyment at times as I shout loudly at the monitor as my AI Leader sprints off again into the next contact! Most of this could be cured by simple waypoint speed/awareness editing hopefully.
  4. I really love this pack but one thing I've noticed at night is that the silenced weapons have the same bright muzzle flash as the non-silenced versions allowing the enemy to spot you very quickly making the silenced weapons less effective. Other than that it it's a great pack there!
  5. Hi there, I updated my ARMA2, ARMA2 OA & Reinforcements DVD versions from 1.60 to 1.62 when I bought the ACR DLC and had no problems during the patching but now, when I start ARMA2 CO or Reinforcements (even as an Administrator), I get a warning message saying "BAF/Addons/air_d_baf.pbo decryption of headers failed" and no BAF or PMC Units/Equipment/Missions or Campaigns are loaded even though on the main screen both Icons from BAF/PMC are there in bottom left and both are active in Expansions page. I tried re-installing the patch again - same thing - and re-D/L'ing the patch from somewhere else and re-installing it - same thing. I've uninstalled and re-installed PMC/BAF as standalone and as Reinforcements as well as reinstalling both OA and ARMA2 numerous times but still get the same error message. After seeing it mentioned on here I've also tried cutting the BAF/PMC folders from the ARMA 2 REINFORCEMENTS folder and pasted them into the ARMA 2/OA folder and run the Reinforcements shortcut and the game does load OK but with the lower quality Lite versions of BAF/PMC and with no BAF/PMC missions or Campaigns. However ARMA2:CO then doesn't work and has a similar fail message (with the PMC air.pbo failing instead of the BAF one but still the same results). I've put the BAF/PMC folders back into their original folders for the time being until I can get this sorted. Basically everything's fine on 1.60 but something in the 1.62 patch doesn't like the full Reinforcements DVD version of my BAF/PMC install so I can either have ACR at 1.62 or BAF/PMC at 1.60 but not all 3, which considering I've paid for them all is a bit annoying to say the least. I've searched for the error message on here and not found much useful info that works so can anyone think of something else I can try as after a week of trying I'm losing patience with it? Cheers......................................Ian