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  1. The 'turbo/afterburner' sound is just the regular unit engine sound with increased pitch, it's nothing special at all. The sounds of the walrus match the engine sound quite well actually, so I disagree with you on that. If the sounds were bad, they could have made better sounds. I'm more inclined to believe they just didn't get around to finishing the scripting, along with a lot of other features as they rushed to get it out the door. Anyway, I'll take your response as a 'no I'm not going to do that'.
  2. You've done a great job on the scripting - I was astonished to see the supply drone docking with the carrier. AND that the carrier had a door back there! I was wondering if I might make a request. There are sounds for the start/stop/turbo modes of the mantas and walruses, but they don't ever activate. Would it be possible to adjust any of those scripts to make them use the sounds? Would add a nice touch :D
  3. I just want to say what an amazing job you've done with this mod. All the little touches to make the game a little more playable, and supporting it long after the devs have shelved it. Well done mate, I'm re-addicted to it :)
  4. Ah, strip the weapon, that'll do the job nicely :) And yes I used to use manta's as spotters for the carrier's gun all the time but now I can use the scout drone like it was meant to be used, thanks to binding its camera to F9. I have so much fun with this game :D
  5. I was referring to the addition of any custom weapons to the game, but I think I found my problem anyway (nothing to do with your mod!) Pity about the shells, but oh well, it's still a fun game :D Hey would it be possible to put in a switch so you can at least make the main gun stop automatically firing? Sometimes I pull up to a pier to refuel and there's a droid nearby so my main gun blasts the crap out of the pier ;)
  6. Hi! Just wanted to say how amazing this mod is, you've adjusted and changed things I didn't think were changeable. I'm hooked on CC again thanks to this. Quick question: I've tried adding a few custom weapons to the game (taken from my own mod that I really miss playing with) and while they can be built in-game, when delivered to the carrier they don't show up on the item list. THe 'supplies' section does show they're on board, however. These items worked in my own mod so I'm wondering what you've adjusted that allowed you to put in your own custom weapon (i.e. carrier missiles). As for a suggestion; is there any way you could make the carrier gun adjust its trajectory like the walrus HEAT and Shell guns do? Getting a little tired of it trying to shoot straight and falling far short of the target!
  7. It plays quite well these days, thanks to ongoing patches. There's issues of course but it's come a long way since release :)
  8. This is a simple mod that improves some of the vehicle and weapon sounds in the game. It gives some of the weapons some more 'punch', and improves the walrus's droning engine into something with some more power :cool: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vnh2m5pr5gadh4u/soundmod.zip Features! v1.3 * Redid most of the walrus engine sounds, which are smoother, clearer and less grating on the ears. v1.2 * Added a new score to the timewarp sequence. v1.1 * Added some cinematic scores. v1.0 * Improved the machine gun sound for the walrus. * Improved the machine gun sound for the manta. * Copied the gatling sound from the walrus to the manta. * Utilised unused in-built sounds for all plasma cannons. * Redid the sounds for all walrus variants, with V8, V10 and supercharger sounds.
  9. A small mod that balances a lot of small numbers in the game relating to unit speed, maneuverability and strength. Walruses are fun to drive now! Recently added a few more tweaks. For use with v1.7 https://www.dropbox.com/s/z537fy5izmac3fl/balancemod.zip Features! v1.8 * Fixed a bug I introduced in the campaign which would cause the client to crash just before the air chase after the battle of Thermopylae. * Doubled the damage output from the prototype gatling gun in the air chase sequence. * Increased the hitpoints of most carrier repair zones by x2. Enemy carrier armour points increased by 50% * Walrus and island defence flak guns fire twice as fast but deal half the damage, and spread the shells 80% more than before. * Increased the hitpoints of all variations of APA soldiers by a lot (from 1.5 to 15, 20 & 25). v1.7 * Reduced the ammo capacity of the "120mm AT CANNON" ("HEAT" in standard parlance) to 50(75 with ammo box). * Normalised the repair times for mantas and walruses of all types to be slightly faster than medium unit repair. * Increased the speed of medium and heavy walruses a little more (10%-15%). * In the gaea campaign, you are now also given the walrus scanner and scout drone blueprints when you are given control of the carrier's production facilities. * Reduced the player's personal shield hitpoints by another 15%. Use cover ;) * The carrier AA laser blueprints are given to the player after victory at Fulcrum. * Renamed the walrus quadgun to "QUAD 12.7mm AA". * Renamed the walrus flak gun to "23mm FLAK GUN". v1.6 * Greatly increased the hitpoints of APA droids and soldiers, which now provide more of a challenge (look out!) * Reduced the player shield hitpoints in FPS sections by 15%. * Increased the hitpoints on command centres by x8 (it was far too easy to take the CC). * Increased the damage from the hammerhead to make sure you can still nuke a hardened CC in one shot. * Added a 20mm Vulcan autocannon at tech level 4 for the manta based on the prototype gatling gun from the campaign, but much less damage and ammo (roughly 40% increase over the manta gatling guns). It's also a separate weapon system, so won't interfere with the campaign. * Slightly increased the production time and cost of the manta plasgun. v1.5 * Reduced the resource cost to build all items by 25% across the board. * Reduced the rate of fire of walrus flak guns by 25%. * Fixed the reverse speed of medium mantas. v1.4 * Reduced agility of the light manta a little (but still much better than standard). * Renamed manta and walrus gatling guns to 'miniguns' (because its compact). * Reduced carrier acceleration a little. v1.3 * Fixed a bug where the walrus shield and green laser blueprints wouldn't appear in the strategy game. * Reduced the cost and build time of the manta bomb by 25%, and renamed to '500kg bomb'. v1.2 * Added the new carrier AA laser turrets to the mod and named them so you can tell which is which. * Added the new walrus shield to the mod. * The walrus green laser now shows up in the classic campaign at tech level 4 - called '3MW HEAVY LASER'. * Increased the rate of fire of the walrus machine gun by 15% and included a new firing sound (from my sound mod). * Manta rockets fire three times faster, but deal a third of their regular damage. * Manta rockets hold 14 shots, 22 with ammo box. * Updated names of most of the weapons, mostly so you can tell the difference between walrus and manta missiles etc, but also for more flavour. v1.1 * Reduced production time and cost of the manta hook. * Reduced the build time and cost on scout drones. The carrier can now hold up to 5 of them. * Reduced the build time and cost on walrus and manta scanners, and the carrier can hold 8. (Please note these changes require a restart of the game to take effect) v1.0 * Increased all manta top speeds and maneuverability by 25% * Reduced manta shield max health by 50% * Increased defensive drone speeds by x4. * Increased health of walruses by 25% * Increased the speed of all walruses by 25% * Reduced duration and power of afterburners/turbo by 30% * Reduced manta gatling ammo from 800 to 500. Ammo box takes it to 800. * Reduced manta plasma ammo from 100 to 50. Ammo box takes it to 100. * Reduced manta laser ammo from 600 to 500. Ammo box takes it to 1000. * Increased walrus machine gun base ammo from 400 to 600. * Reduced camera shake on walrus gatling gun. * Reduced camera shake on carrier quadguns. * Reduced camera shake on walrus machine gun. * Doubled the travel speed of plasma 'shells'. * Increased hitpoints on carrier offensive weapon by x4 * Increased hitpoints on carrier defensive weapons by 50% * Walrus & manta plasma cannons produce heat and can shut down. * Halved the fuel use for carrier repairs, and doubled repair time.
  10. Savant1974

    Sound mod

    Just uploaded a new version with improved engine sounds for the walrus.
  11. Just released an update!
  12. Savant1974

    targeting computer

    Yes it's pretty useless, especially compared to other mods for the same slot. Should probably be revised at some point in the future.
  13. Savant1974

    1.07 beta

    Yes I'm rather hooked on it too, nearly at 300 hours now according to steam. It must be doing something right ;)
  14. Awesome - I tried getting those walrus items like the ammo box etc to fit in slot 2 but they didn't function properly. Needed some scripting work I guess ;)
  15. New version is up. Increasing the hitpoints of the APA droids and soldiers shouldn't break the campaign (I've tested 20% of it) but if some part of it becomes uncompletable as a result, let me know.
  16. Thank you Foxhound, very stealthy of you ;)
  17. Thanks Nifty! Keep those updates coming :D In other news, just uploaded v1.5
  18. Thanks, I wasn't really fishing for compliments - I'm simply making the game more fun for myself (I love proper game balance) and sharing it with others :)
  19. Just have to say how amazing this mod is. You've done so much work on it, and it's bloody impressive! (mixes well with my own little unit balance mod too!)
  20. Small update to fix a script problem.
  21. Savant1974

    Sound mod

    That's a very good idea, I'll set that up right now :)
  22. Savant1974

    Sound mod

    I've just updated the main file (and original post) with new updates, including unit balances and such!