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  1. Example below Vattland is not under attack and the carrier is nowhere near it. I'd managed to get the enemy carrier close enough to Granite to technically trigger an alert but it's obviously coded to tell the player once an island is actually under attack target provided the player is not in the near vicinity causing it to chicken out and forgetting to alert the player about a failed/aborted attack which the original CC was able to do. Unless the Enemy Carrier has long range communications devices mounted on it's walrus' and mantas it's either cheating or a bug. http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae212/Tassl3hoff27/Notunderattack.jpg (141 kB)
  2. I don't think the AI recognises bridges either, I have walrus' set to follow each other on Granite, as soon as I get to either of the north bridges and start to cross it the others think there's a gorge/chasm and throw a fit trying to find an alternate path down the mountain face/turning around circling each other ugh.
  3. Actually there's there a bit of a spoiler bug where you can bypass having to destroy the nests completely:
  4. Sounds like a simple IF ;Enemy Carrier; <2 miles FROM ;IslandX; PRINT "ISLAND";X "Under attack" ELSE IF EC >2 miles FROM ;X; PRINT "Attack Repulsed" line added with the game updating the colours accordingly like in the original or something like that.
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  6. Hiya everyone, started the campaign a couple of days ago and was just wondering if there's a set time the enemy carrier becomes active or if it activates after reaching a designated point through the campaign storyline. Trying to optimize my island capture times and was curious, thanks.
  7. This is the problem with total reliance on mechanical automation and replacing humans with machines which the intro managed to accomplish by killing off all the other drop pods, if the machines go down who's left to fix them hehehe.
  8. Mod pls delete post, found the new campaign discussion forums, ta.
  9. The command center is in the southwest next to what looks like a fuel storage depot area. I mistakenly thought it was in the southeast where the headquarters is.
  10. Hi everyone I've spent the past two hours scratching my head trying to get past the hack north Firewall on Outpost which I'm pretty sure I've already done. I've accessed the two panels on the east and center of the island which disabled the barrier to the north where I then succesfully hacked the computer to the right of the repair and ammo stations. I've then traversed around the whole island except the southeast where the command center is where I keep getting blown up by enemy rocket/walrus fire. There's a red looking panel to the southwest but it's as yet inaccessible. The ship log says Hack north firewall is ticked but is shown in yellow and the locate firewalls is unticked. Don't know what else I can do. I think I failed a previous Frontier quest to take the command center but was able to repair it using the freaky repair module near the pier however that's still being constructed so not yet under my control while I'm stuck on outpost pulling my hair out. Edit nevermind figured it out, feel free to delete this thread ta.