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    Possible Memory leak?

    I've first experienced it with cross888 in the same session, But I wanted to be sure about it before posting. Tonight, in a session with 8 players, I've experienced frame lag again, checked memory usage and it was climbing into obscene numbers (over 1.2GB of ram) then it ctd. It's only an alpha and maybe I should invest in better ram, but then again, I'm using the recommended 4gb.
  2. JayJay

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    The vehicles and weapons used by the OPFOR do exist, and apart from the ifrit i have no problem with those. My concern is precisely the soldiers, they use equipment that just looks too futuristic in my point of view. I personally wasn't talking about the Taliban in my previous post. Around the world, pickup trucks and AKs are insurgents, freedom fighters and even drug cartels favorite tools to fight wars. Having an unconventional force would be a great supplement for arma 3.
  3. JayJay

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    The OPFOR does look too futuristic. It ends up being like an 1980's action film set on mars, it looks too futuristic and too far from actual reality (keeping in mind that in a space of 20 years, things will change progressively in military design, not abruptly). I agree with Cross, an insurgent OPFOR group that drive pickups and wield AKs as an alternative or additional opfor force would be great in my point of view.
  4. I would buy such dlc. I think it is a brilliant idea.