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  1. Oh, I am not to sure about that, as I think that the original author brought it up in the first 2 sentences... So I believe that he is on topic... Just my 2 cents...
  2. Ok, just off the bat. The most likely reason, not a definite answer, but most likely, is that the models are trying to be called from here: '\ca\building2\civilian'. However, you have added a namespace, which technically puts them here: '<namespace>\ca\building2\civilian'. Possible solution: Remove the namespace, as when you compile the final files, the paths will still contain your namespace. I believe, though I am not really sure, that Visitor calls everything from the root; i.e. the P drive. Adding that namespace causes you to have to add that namespace to ALL file locations with in the configs. You would then have to include that namespace in all final versions, as well as ALL the files in the sub-directories. This results in a HUGE files, as you now have to include ALL those files in your release; which in essence are duplicates of files that already exist in the game. This could then cause class name issues, again resulting in undesired headaches - Massive Memory usage, CTD's, etc, etc. As for the Textures. Are these being called from Arma? Or TKOH? Again this is most likely an absolute/relative path issue. Try removing the namespace and working straight from the root( make a copy of your current folder, then modify the second one just in case - you can delete this later ). Let me know if I am close... *** EDIT *** Also if you are using Eliteness, remember that it creates duplicate folders at the very beginning. 'hisim\buildings_h\hsim\buildings_h\aBuilding_h.p3d' - or something like that... *** EDIT 2 *** For the Texture issue, also try updating the RVMATs. Remember TKOH is the newest; thus having the latest updates to the engine.
  3. Not sure what is going on with the AI, but I do know that in the Modules or Game Logic( or somewhere in that vicinity ) this is an Airport block of code; similar to the 'Heliport'. You could try to place that at one of the smaller airfields. It SHOULD create a usable airport.
  4. Could you please elaborate a bit more on this: If I am understanding you correctly, you have created your own classes? It is VERY important that you do this correctly, thus the warning to not do so. Please explain what it is, exactly you did, and you might get your technical reason.
  5. Sven2157

    Really disheartened.

    Ahh... There's the problem. This is not a simulator; it is a game. I have never seen any documentation stating otherwise, nor was I under the impression that it was a simulator when I bought it. Here is how Steam has had Take On Helicopters listed since I bought it: Sorry you feel differently, or were under the impression that this was anything but a game. However coming here and talking down to the developers, and community for the most part, because you saw what you wanted, and then discovered that it was not what you saw, is not really fair. You are the one that could have read a review or two. You are the one the that failed to read the game's description properly. You are the one that saw what you wanted, bought the game and then was disappointed because it wasn't what you were looking for. No worries, we have all done that. Hell, I even did that with this game. I wanted, and still want, a GOOD helicopter simulator; TKOH, is a great starting point, and will hopefully nudge other Big 'House' developers to start to compete for this market. Sorry you feel let down, but give TKOH a chance. There is still a lot that WE as a community can do - i.e. the Modding tools. Welcome to Take On Helicopters!... :)
  6. Sven2157

    Thromp Erection

    Sweet! I have an addon( that will remain hush, hush for now ) that will, hopefully, give this type of mission a huge boost! Great work Thromp!
  7. I would try to look at the either the UI.PBO, DATA_H.PBO or MISC.PBO. You can extract the configs and look for FOV( Field of View ). If you can locate that, then you can create your own config, and class to switch to. This method provides you with what you want, while preserving the integrity of the main files. Hope that helps! ;-)
  8. Awesome glad you got working! :cheers:
  9. Yeah sorry, I use a Saitek X-52 and the Saitek ProFlight Rudder Pedals. I can't imagine what it would be like to use an XBox Controller. Even when I play Battlefield, I use the mouse and keyboard, as it is easier than those console controllers. BI, didn't leave you treading water though, their joystick mapping may be a bit difficult to grasp at first, but is very user/desire friendly for your mapping needs. Perhaps someone else using a console gamepad can jump in. Sorry :(
  10. Hello stuntpoteten, When you are looking at the controller screen, all you need to do is, find the controls that are mapped twice, and delete the mapping for the joystick. You can then reassign the control or have no mapping for it. You can do this from the main control screen, as the 'mapping' screen are just presets for various controllers; starting points.
  11. Sven2157

    Texturing help

    Awesome! Congratulations! The medium is the only sample, but has ALL the parts and code to make an addon. Just open the model p3d file, and have a look at the Geometry LOD and look for the MASS and CONTACT POINTS. It is really coming along! ;)
  12. Sven2157

    Texturing help

    You probably need to add to the 'Geometry' LOD, 'Ground Contact Points'. Open the Sample Medium Helicopter in O2 and have a look at how they did it there. Those contact points, combined with a proper Geometry LOD, should prevent the model from falling through the terrain. Watch the O2 Tutorials by Gnat on Youtube. I forget which one he explains it in, but try number 5 of 8. I think that is the one.
  13. Sven2157

    Texturing help

    Nope, use BinPBO; make sure that everything is in the same folder, or tree of folders. Then select the bambiBucket folder in BinPBO, and pack it up. Then second box in BinPBO, is where the file will output. This can be where ever you want. You just need to the make sure that the PBO that is created is in an addon folder in TKOH root folder.
  14. Sven2157

    OFPEC Member Survey 2012

    Sorry, didn't realize there is a space in there. Copy this and add it to the 'Recipients' box: h - I just tested it... ;)
  15. Sven2157

    Texturing help

    The texture you are using( he has already emailed it to me, and is displayed below ) needs to be in a power of 4. So the width x height is something like 128px X 128px. The reason your texture is failing the conversion, is because when the mipmaps are being generated, they can't be divided by 4. 128/4 = 32/4 = 8/4 = 2. Mipmaps are smaller and smaller version of the original texture. They are used to texture the object in game, but at lower resolution when the player is further away. Think of Mipmaps as LODs for textures. Also when you create a texture sheet, you don't have to draw the actual object on it. Since your texture is pretty flat, you can create a texture sheet that is striped; compare the following 2 images( your orginal, and my new one ): Original Image: Modified w/ power of 4: You can click the images for a larger version. The modified version, then allows you to use the UV Edit in O2, to grab the model and place it on the texture as you like. In this case, you need to flatten the model in a Front/Back direction. So, in O2: Click on the modified image to enlarge it. Then right click it and choose 'save image as...'. Save it to your working folder. Open your model, and hit your 'A' key. This brings you into the texture mode. Right click and choose 'Load Texture'. Navigate to where your texture is, and select it. Then draw a box around your model in the front or side viewport. Try to match the size as best as you can. Then view your model, up close, in Bulldozer. If everything looks good, then you are done. If not, adjust where the box around the model is to make your changes. Hope that helps! ;-)