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    USS Iowa

    This is so awesome! Do you plan on creating more battleships?
  2. freakjoe

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    I hate to be that guy but am I the only one whose ArmA 3 Tools haven't yet asked to be updated on Steam? Please ignore, I confused Thursday with Tuesday. *facepalm*
  3. freakjoe

    Hiding my mission file

    No, there isn't any way to keep your PBO from being saved on the client's computer. And there isn't any way to "lock" it either, from what I know.
  4. freakjoe


    There is a problem with the System.Data.SQLite.dll you're using. You're likely using a version that isn't compatible with this plugin. (from what I can understand, at least, French is not my first language) I've figured it out, I simply spelled the database name all lowercase in the databases.txt file, because I didn't expect that to cause any problems. Turns out it does cause problems, capitalizing the characters in question fixed it.
  5. Great choice, in my opinion. The area seems definitely seems interesting and has a lot of potential. Good luck with your project.
  6. freakjoe


    Hi, First of all I'd like to thank you, firefly, for sharing this great plugin. Now, I'm currently experiencing some problems with the plugin and I hope I can receive some help in this thread. After reinstalling ArmA 3 (and obviously reinstalling the plugin, too) any query suddenly returns false instead of what it used to return. The database definitely isn't the problem and there are no errors. The weird thing is, there's not even an actual ArmA2NetMySQL log, just an ArmA2Net log, it seems like the ArmA2NetMySQL plugin didn't even register my query. Here is my ArmA2Net log file : As I've said, contrarily to what you'd expect, there is no log in the ArmA2NetMySQL folder. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Hey there. The title basically describes my current issue perfectly. When I pack a model without binarising, everything works as intended and the RVmats look the way they're supposed to. Now, as soon as I try to binarise the model when packing, the RVmats stop functioning properly. The glass for example just turns black instead of being well, transparent and glassy. As it's probably easier to describe the issue through images I will post the links to four images showing the difference below. Without binarising : http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p610/FelixSmith111/before1_zps4941a7ce.png http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p610/FelixSmith111/before2_zps8a42b851.png and with binarszing : http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p610/FelixSmith111/after1_zps65f509a6.png http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p610/FelixSmith111/after2_zps7e63a823.png Thanks in advance for any advice I may receive, FreakJoe
  8. I mainly wanted to use it to make sure my P: drive doesn't get too cluttered, so I guess not being able to use it isn't that big of a loss.
  9. We've decided to just stop using the namespace method and it appears that that was the cause of our problems. (It's pretty weird, after all BI is using the namespace method seemingly without problems) Thanks for all the help I've received. I guess this thread can be locked.
  10. Hmm. I just tried using pboproject and it did indeed give me an error when trying to pack. Problem is I that it doesn't give you ANY idea of what you need to fix.
  11. Hmm, I think I may indeed be misunderstanding something. The addon source directory is "p:\wclp\wclp_vehicles\fj_f150", now, shouldn't the project path be the same? I currently just have the "Use source path" option ticked and always assumed that was the correct way. By the way the addon prefix I'm currently using is "wclp\wclp_vehicles\fj_f150". Again, thanks a lot for taking the time to help me with this.
  12. Thanks again for your response but my goal is not to pack the entire wclp\wclp_vehicles directory so I don't see your suggestion leading anywhere, even if it DOES work. If everything else fails, I'll try this (as I'd have to adjust all the paths within the model).
  13. The paths are fine. It does work when not binarised. Your other suggestion didn't work either. Thanks for the advice anyway :)
  14. The log doesn't give much information at all. Cannot load material file wclp\wclp_vehicles\fj_crown_vic\rvmats\chromeblack.rvmat. Cannot load material file wclp\wclp_vehicles\fj_crown_vic\rvmats\chromeblack.rvmat Cannot load material file wclp\wclp_vehicles\fj_crown_vic\rvmats\skin.rvmat. Cannot load material file wclp\wclp_vehicles\fj_crown_vic\rvmats\skin.rvmat Cannot load material file wclp\wclp_vehicles\fj_crown_vic\rvmats\windows.rvmat. Cannot load material file wclp\wclp_vehicles\fj_crown_vic\rvmats\windows.rvmat
  15. Hey there, I'm currently importing a vehicle into ArmA 3 and stumbled upon a few issues which I cannot seem to find a fix for by myself. 1. When you are inside of the car in first person and honk your horn, for example, the sound gets duplicated multiple times, each time it is duplicated it becomes a bit more quiet. This happens with nearly any sound the vehicle produces when in first person. It doesn't happen at all when in third person. 2. Only the front wheels can be shot out. When you shoot the front wheels, the actual tires disappear after a few shots and are replaced by the damaged wheel model as intended. When shooting the rear wheels, however, the wheel itself also sinks in regards to height but it doesn't disappear and / or is replaced by the damaged wheel model. This is my config.cpp : and this is my model.cfg : Thanks in advance for any possible advice I may receive, FreakJoe Edit : I just noticed the typing mistake in the title. If a moderator could fix it for me when reading this I'd appreciate it.
  16. Thank you for your response .kju. Unfortunately I've already tried the solution to the .rvmat problem you suggested and it doesn't fix it. I've looked up the AttenuationEffectType as you suggested and was able to fix the sound problem so thank you very much! For the third problem I guess I'll just have to go through all the selection names again and see if I can figure out the mistake. Again, thank you very much.
  17. freakjoe

    SOC WIP Thread

    Wow, unbelievable amount of detail. Really well done!
  18. I've just come across this page : http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/HTML-Files and was wondering if HTML can or could ever actually be used to create dialogs. If anybody knows if this can still be used and if so, how, I'd really appreciate additional information.
  19. freakjoe

    Dialogs using HTML?

    Ah, many thanks, Gunny1979, it's not exactly what I had been hoping for but at least something.
  20. freakjoe

    SOC WIP Thread

    Those MK 17s are gorgeous. Really nice work.
  21. I am quite sure that Java is not implemented into ArmA 3 yet and am not even sure if they are still planning to implement it.
  22. freakjoe

    EM_buildings - new buildings

    Wow, stunning quality. Very well done.
  23. freakjoe

    Mission protection

    I don't think this thread was created to break loose a discussion about whether everything should be "open-source" or not. After all, it should be at the author's discretion to decide whether he wants people to be able to use his stuff or wants to keep it to himself. In my opinion, anyone who doesn't have anything to tell the author of this thread in regards to how to protect his mission from being used by someone without his knowledge shouldn't reply to this. Anyway, you could probably make it somewhat un-stealable by just making much of the core-functionality happen on the server so incase somebody does try to host your mission without your knowledge, the mission would just be pretty, well, (excuse my clear wording here) fucked up. With lots of effort you could probably also manage to actually encrypt your .sqf files and decrypt them on mission load or something.
  24. Hello there, I'm currently having a bit of a problem with updating the Dev Build on Steam. As the title says, before I started updating, the update size was at 1.3 GB as far as I remember, so I update for a bit, eventually get it down to 800 MB (I have a rather slow internet connection) and stop the update to continue the next day. So, I come back to update, it all appears normal, the download size is at what I left at but now as soon as I start downloading it starts going up. Just a second ago, I got to 1.1 out of 1.1 GB but it'd just not finish, so I pause it and then hit the resume button. Now it says 900 MB out of 1000 MB. So, the numbers keep changing and I'm getting a bit confused here. (The numbers used in this post are just what I remember and are likely not to be exactly what it said at those times) I hope that you guys get the idea of what my problem is and can hopefully point me to a solution here.