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    Hey. Im Sean aka Mr. Charming4life something my female friends gave me years ago and it just stuck. I was born in the "City of Angels" LA,CA(08/19/1984)! So I guess that makes me 26 and a west coast boy. I've lived in Kansas City all my life and I can say this much this place blows. Some people say Im a smart ass others say Im charmer. I guess it just depends on who you ask. Im a smart ass because im quick wited and can make ya feel like a total dumbass if you try to bring me down or try to make fun of me. Im a charmer because I like to wine and dine and just cuddle with the girl Im chillin with. Right now I am enrolled in JCCC just getting some basic classes out of they way to transfer to KU in the fall to go for a BA in Biology or Micro-Biology. After Im done with school there I plan on transfering with my degree out to Stanford Medical School and get my MD and a PHD in Genetics. I want to give something back to this world and become something great and remembered. I want it so bad that I can taste and Im willing to do anything to get to where Im going. Ive also thought about getting degrees in Psychology but Im not sure about that yet. I first want my stated degrees above. I like to help others that need help. I like to listen and give advice..Ive always been the person to go to when someone needs someone to listen to them and to talk to so I guess you could say Im a very caring person and I have a big heart for helping people. I guess Im a "Big Teddy Bear" or what my friends call me. Relationship = Unknown mainly because chicks only want skinny guys or what not and dont want to give others a chance. People would be amazed where they can find happiness if only they stoped looking in the same place and look else where sometimes.<a href="http://www.humanforsale.com" title="How much am I worth?">I am worth $2,799,372 on HumanForSale.com</a><br>

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  1. So why isn't there a deep discount for those of us that own Arma 2 and Arma 3? I mean Standalone seems to cost way to much for those of us that already own Arma2/3. So why aren't we getting a discount for DayZ Standalone?
  2. Squad name:- USSCOCOM Timezone/location : -5 GMT / North America Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop Website address: www.ussocomarma.com Short description: Realism unit that knows how to have fun. We are a coop minded Clan that runs a custom campaign designed by us. Language:
  3. USSOCOM is recruiting new players to join our Realism Unit. We have 3 distinct branches in our clan. We have the 75th Rangers, Seal Team 3, and the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion(MARSOC.) We also have a SOAR Regiment that are our pilots. We are a ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 Clan. A little about USSOCOM, before we became USSOCOM we were known as the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. As a Realism Clan we are working on a custom campign that is story line based. We run these missions about once a month right as a clan and the only way to play these missions is to be a part of our clan. On our public servers we run MSO and Patrol Ops2 Missions so people can get a taste of what it is like to run with our clan. We are a well organized clan with each branch working independently of the other branches but we come together to accomplish our goals during missions. Each branch has their own type of training, practices and schools you can attend. Our website is www.ussocomarma.com if you wish to go ahead and apply go ahead! Of course you can always come on our Teamspeak: and simply talk to a lot of our guys and find out first hand what we are about. In TS and the Clan I am Senior Cheif Petty Officer of Navy Special Warfare Group 1 Platoon Leader. So look for [=SOCOM=]SCPO.Zarx.S on TS3. Once again: Website: www.ussocomarma.com TS3: Our Game Server: IP: // Name: USSOCOM|=SOCOM=|Army|Navy|Marine|ACE/ACRE|www.ussocomarma.com I look forward to seeing some new recruits and new faces! As far as Mods go we use the following. Ace/Ace and then we have a custom Mod pack that we will tell you how to download if you decide to join us. You may PM on here or our forums or simply find me on Teamspeak or any one of the other guys from SOCOM and ask them questions. Our Commander is [=SOCOM=]LTC.Martinez.E and our XO is [=SOCOM=]CPT.Randell.J and for those that might of missed it I am [=SOCOM=]SCPO.Zarx.S.
  4. I was using everything but the mso_46 part
  5. We got it fixed. Its working now.. I am trying to get 4.6 now from github and git keeps telling me that i dont have access or the repo doesnt exsist... lol
  6. Hmm is something wrong with your git? Git is telling me access is denied or its not up. I have used git before. I am wanting to grab the 4.6 mso for A2.
  7. We can't get MSO to stay up longer than like 15 minutes on our server. We even turned off the PDB stuff. We can't seem to figure out what is wrong. :/
  8. The download link is gone.. I want to be able to edit/make the mission file so people don't have to download another mod to get this to work also...
  9. Where exactly can I find civilian buildings in the 3d map editor? They aren't listed any where under objects or anything. I've searched through the forums and google and bing. Any help would be awesome...
  10. Heres the pastebin for my remoteexec: http://pastebin.com/ZaRpqCE6 1 "" !"this enableSimulation false;this allowDammage false;this disableAI 'FSM';this disableAI 'ANIM';this disableAI 'MOVE';" !"spawn BIS_Effects_AirDestruction" !"spawn BIS_Effects_AirDestructionStage2" !"spawn BIS_Effects_Burn" 5 "draw" 5 "hint" 5 "create" 5 "add" 5 "remove" 5 "delete" 5 "set" 5 "play" 5 "clear" 5 "disable" !"this enableSimulation false;this allowDammage false;this disableAI 'FSM';this disableAI 'ANIM';this disableAI 'MOVE';" 5 "copy" 5 "switch" 5 "text" 5 "init" 5 "hide" 5 "group" 5 "icon" 5 "marker" 5 "server" 5 "compile" 5 "loadFile" 5 "say" 5 "call" 5 "move" !"this enableSimulation false;this allowDammage false;this disableAI 'FSM';this disableAI 'ANIM';this disableAI 'MOVE';" 5 "chat" 5 "fade" 5 "action" 5 "exec" 5 "mission" 5 "kb" 5 "side" 5 "show" 5 "task" 5 "allow" !"this enableSimulation false;this allowDammage false;this disableAI 'FSM';this disableAI 'ANIM';this disableAI 'MOVE';" 5 "enable" !"this enableSimulation false;this allowDammage false;this disableAI 'FSM';this disableAI 'ANIM';this disableAI 'MOVE';" 5 "spawn" !"spawn BIS_Effects_AirDestruction" !"spawn BIS_Effects_AirDestructionStage2" !"spawn BIS_Effects_Burn" 5 "for" 1 "this" !"this enableSimulation false;this allowDammage false;this disableAI 'FSM';this disableAI 'ANIM';this disableAI 'MOVE';" !"_v setVehicleInit format [\"[this, %1, %2,false,true]spawn BIS_Effects_Burn\",_int, _t];" !"_v setVehicleInit \"[this] spawn BIS_Effects_AirDestruction\";" //all below detected already by above //5 "dayz_serverObjectMonitor set [count dayz_serverObjectMonitor, _object];" 5 "beeeh" 5 "BIS_Effects" //this is temporary solution against pvar abuse, sorry no remote effects transfer, innocent will be kicked when it happens but better safe than sorry //5 "removeAllWeapons" //5 "removeAllItems" //5 "hideObject" //5 "deleteCollection" //5 "getPlayerUID" //5 "setPos" //5 "setDir" //5 "setVector" //5 "deleteVehicle" //5 "createMine" //5 "setDamage" //5 "setDammage" //5 "setHit" //5 "GroupIcon" //5 "setMarker" //5 "addWaypoint" //5 "createMarker" //5 "clearMagazine" //5 "clearWeapon" //5 "addAmmo" //5 "ejectPlayer" //5 "setUnconscious" //5 "disableUserInput" //5 "copyFromClipboard" //5 "copyToClipboard" //5 "serverCommand" //5 "playMusic" //5 "playSound" //5 "createSoundSource" //5 "moveIn" //5 "vehicleinit" //5 "processinit" //5 "addMPEventHandler" //5 "addAction" //5 "addEventHandler" //5 "playMove" //5 "playAction" //5 "switchMove" //5 "titleText" //5 "cutText" //5 "createLocation"
  11. I know that stuff eddieck. I guess i asked it my question wrong. For instance for some reason I always get kicked from the game if I parachute out of the huey and it crashes. I get a script restriction #40 or #38... So I guess what I should of asked is, what does #40 and #38 correspond with in the text that shows what are restrictions? Here is my pastebin. Pastebin for some reason kind of straightened it out a tad but in my notepad its just a dang mess. So like does #40/#38 go to line 40/38 or does it point to a different area? http://pastebin.com/1jsbhPBX //new //#+2 ;PoC 1 addAction !"\"addAction\"," !"_action1 = _unit addAction [localize \"str_actions_medical_01" !"s_player_grabflare = player addAction [format[localize \"str_actions_medical_15\",_te" !"raddAction = 'addAction'" !"raddActioncode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'addAction.sqf')" !"null = _holder addAction [format[(localize \"STR_DAYZ_CODE_1\"),_name], \"\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\object_pickup.sqf\"," !"NORRN_dropAction = player addAction [\"Drop body\", \"\z\addons\dayz_code\medical\drop_body.sqf\",_dragee, 0, false, true];" !"s_player_dropflare = player addAction [format[localize \"str_actions_medical_16\",_text]," 1 addEventHandler !"\"addEventHandler" !"displayAddEventHandler" !"raddEventhandler = 'addEventhandler'" !"raddEventhandlercode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'addEventhandler.sqf')" !"id = _unit addeventhandler [\"HandleDamage\",{_this call local_zombieDamage}];" !"id = _unit addeventhandler [\"Killed\",{[_this,\"zombieKills\"] call local_eventKill}];" !"eh1 = _unit addeventhandler [\"HandleDamage\",{if (local (_this select 0)) then {_this call fnc_usec_damageVehicle}}];" !"eh2 = _unit addeventhandler [\"Killed\",{if (local (_this select 0)) then {_this call object_vehicleKilled}}];" !"eh3 = _unit addEventHandler [\"GetOut\", {[(_this select 0),"position"] call server_updateObject;}];" !"eh1 = _unit addeventhandler [\"HandleDamage\",{_this call fnc_usec_damageHandler;0} ];" !"eh2 = _unit addEventHandler [\"Fired\", {_this call player_fired;}];" !"eh3 = _unit addEventHandler [\"Killed\", {_id = [] spawn player_death;}];" !"_id = player addEventHandler [\"Respawn\", {_id = [] spawn player_death;}];" !"dayz_originalPlayer = _oldUnit;\n_oldUnit addEventHandler [\"HandleDamage\",{false}];\n_oldUnit disableAI \"ANIM\";" !"_timeN = time;\n\n_id = _agent addeventhandler [\"HandleDamage\",{_this call local_zombieDamage}];" !"eh_player_killed = player addeventhandler [\"FiredNear\",{_this call player_weaponFiredNear;} ];" 1 displayAddEventHandler !"\"displayAddEventHandler\"," !"(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\",\"_this call dayz_spaceInterrupt\"];\nplayer disableConversation" 5 addGroupIcon !"\"addGroupIcon\"," 1 addPublicVariableEventHandler !"\"addPublicVariableEventHandler\"," !"DynamicWeather_DebugTextEventArgs\" addPublicVariableEventHandler {" !"\"remExField" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_this call BIS_MPF_remoteExecution" !"\"dayzSetFuel\" addPublicVariableEventHandler {(_this select" !"\"drn_DynamicWeather_DebugTextEventArgs\" addPublicVariableEventHandler {" !"\"dayzSetFuel\" addPublicVariableEventHandler {(_this select" 1 addRating !"\"addRating\"," 1 addResources !"\"addResources\"," 1 addSwitchableUnit !"\"addSwitchableUnit\"," !"addSwitchableUnit _newUnit;" !"addSwitchableUnit dayz_originalPlayer;" 5 addWaypoint !"\"addWaypoint\"," 1 allowDamage !"\"allowDamage\"," !"player allowDamage true;" !"_object allowDamage false;" 1 allowDammage !"\"allowDammage\"," !"this enableSimulation false;this allowDammage false;this disableAI 'FSM';this disableAI 'ANIM';this" 1 attachTo !"\"attachTo\"," !"_point attachTo [_unit,_modelPos,_wound];" !"_fl attachto [_v,[0,0,0],\"destructionEffect2\"];" !"_dragee attachto [_unit,[0.1, 1.01, 0]];" !"_bolt attachTo [_hitObject,_val,_hitMemoryPt];" !"_flare attachTo [player,[0,0,0],\"granat2\"];" !"_smoke attachto [_vehicle,[0,0,0],\"destructionEffect1\"];" !"_smoke attachto [_v,[0,0,0],\"destructionEffect1\"];" 1 createDialog !"\"createDialog\"," !"createDialog \"RscDisplayGenderSelect\";" 1 createMarker !"\"createMarker\"," !"createMarkerLocal" !"if (isnil 'BIS_GITA_fnc_createMarkers' || false) then {" 1 createMarkerLocal !"\"createMarkerLocal\"," !"rcreateMarkerLocal = 'createMarkerLocal'" !"rcreateMarkerLocalcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'createMarkerLocal.sqf')" 1 createMenu !"\"createMenu\"," !"if (isnil 'BIS_fnc_createmenu' || false) then {" 1 createSimpleTask !"\"createSimpleTask\"," !"rcreateSimpleTask = 'createSimpleTask'" !"rcreateSimpleTaskcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'createSimpleTask.sqf')" 1 createUnit !"\"createUnit\"," !"BIS_MPF_logic = BIS_MPF_dummygroup createUnit [" !"_newUnit = _group createUnit [_class,dayz_spawnPos,[],0,\"NONE\"]" 5 createMine !"\"createMine\"," 5 createTarget !"\"createTarget\"," 5 createVehicle !"\"createVehicle\"," !"createVehicleLocal" !"createVehicle [\"WeaponHolder\", _iPos, [], _radius, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"" !"_fire = createVehicle [_classname, _location, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"" !"_object = createVehicle [_classname, _location, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"" !"if (_height < 100) then {\n_bolt = createVehicle [\"BoltSteelF\", _endPos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];\n_bolt setPosATL _endPos;" !"_tent = createVehicle [\"TentStorage\", _location, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];\n_tent setdir _dir;" !"if ((random _int)>2.2) then\n{\n_b=\"SmallSecondary\" createvehicle (getpos _v);\n};" !"exitwith {};\n_b=\"SmallSecondary\" createvehicle (_v modelToWorld _effect2pos);\n} foreach (_list);" !"_bag = createVehicle [format[\"WeaponHolder_%1\",_item],getPosATL player,[], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];\n_bag setdir (getDir player);" !"_bag = createVehicle [\"WeaponHolder_ItemTent\",_pos,[], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];\n_bag setdir _dir;\nplayer reveal _bag;" !"_object = _type createVehicleLocal _position;\n_object setPos _position;\n_object setDir _dir;\n_object allowDamage false;" 5 createVehicleLocal !"\"createVehicleLocal\"," !"_point = \"Logic\" createVehicleLocal getPosATL _unit;" !"_object = _type createVehicleLocal _position;" !"_fl = \"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal getpos _v;" !"_lightArea = \"#lightpoint\" createVehicleLocal (getPosATL _flare);" !"_lightSpark = \"#lightpoint\" createVehicleLocal (getPosATL _flare);" !"_source = \"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal getpos (_this select 0);" !"_source = \"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal _pos;\n_source setParticleParams" !"_smoke = \"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal _pos;\n_smoke attachto [_v,[0,0,0],\"destructionEffect1\"];" !"_Crater= \"CraterLong\" createvehiclelocal [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 0];\n_Crater setdir (_dir + (180 * _i));" 1 disableUserInput !"\"disableUserInput\"," !"disableUserInput false;" 1 editorSetEventHandler !"\"editorSetEventHandler\"," 1 enableSimulation !"\"enableSimulation\"," !"renablesimulation = 'enablesimulation'" !"renablesimulationcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'enablesimulation.sqf')" !"this enableSimulation false;this allowDammage false;this disableAI 'FSM';this disableAI 'ANIM';this" !"dayz_originalPlayer enableSimulation true;" !">> \"dayz_anim\" >> \"isUpdated\");\nplayer enableSimulation true;" 1 inGameUISetEventHandler !"\"inGameUISetEventHandler\"," 1 onPlayerConnected !"\"onPlayerConnected\"," !"textLogFormat [\"MPF_Client JIPonPlayerConnectedSendJIPrequest" !"ca\Modules\MP\data\scripts\JIPonPlayerConnectedSendJIPrequest.sqf" 1 onPlayerDisconnected !"\"OnPlayerDisconnected\"," 1 publicVariable !"\"publicVariable\"," !"publicVariableClient" !"publicVariableServer" !"addPublicVariableEventHandler" !"publicVariable \"dayzDiscoRem\";" !"publicVariable \"dayzPlayerSave\";" !"publicVariable _playerObjName;" !"publicVariable \"BIS_MPF_logic\";" !"publicVariable \"usecEpi\";" !"publicVariable \"remExFP\";" !"publicVariable \"dayzLogin\";" !"publicVariable \"dayzLogin2\";" !"publicVariable \"dayzHitV\";" !"publicVariable \"dayzUpdateVehicle\";" !"usecBandage = [_unit,player];\npublicVariable \"usecBandage\";" !"usecBandage = [player,player];\npublicVariable \"usecBandage\";\nplayer setdamage 0;" !"usecBleed = [_unit,_wound,_hit];\npublicVariable \"usecBleed\";" !"usecBleed = [player,_x,0];\npublicVariable \"usecBleed\";\n} forEach (_medical select 8);" !"usecBleed = [_playerObj,_x,0];\npublicVariable \"usecBleed\";\n} forEach (_medical select 8);" !"dayzRoadFlare = [_projectile,0];\npublicVariable \"dayzRoadFlare\";\n_id = _this spawn player_throwObject;" !"dayzHideBody = _item;\npublicVariable \"dayzHideBody\";\nhideBody _item;\" hideBody _item;" !"usecTransfuse = [_unit,player];\npublicVariable \"usecTransfuse\";" !"player removeMagazine \"ItemMorphine\";\n\nusecMorphine = [_unit,player];\npublicVariable \"usecMorphine\";" !"usecMorphine = [player,player];\npublicVariable \"usecMorphine\";\nplayer setVariable [\"USEC_inPain\", false, true];" !"dayzSetFix = [_vehicle,_selection,0];\npublicVariable \"dayzSetFix\";" !"dayzSetFuel spawn local_sefFuel;\npublicVariable \"dayzSetFuel\";" !"usecPainK = [_unit,player];\npublicVariable \"usecPainK\";" !"dayzGutBody = _array;\npublicVariable \"dayzGutBody\";" !"dayzDeath = [dayz_characterID,0,_body,_playerID,dayz_playerName];\npublicVariable \"dayzDeath\";" !"publicVariable "dayzPublishObj";\nif (isServer) then {\ndayzPublishObj call server_publishObj;\n};" 1 publicVariableClient !"\"publicVariableClient\"," !"_clientID publicVariableClient \"dayzPlayerLogin\";" 1 publicVariableServer !"\"publicVariableServer\"," !"publicVariableServer \"dayzPlayerSave\";" !"publicVariableServer \"dayzDiscoRem\";" !"publicVariableServer \"dayzLogin\";" !"publicVariableServer \"dayzLoginRecord\";" !"publicVariableServer \"dayzCharDisco\";\nif (isServer) then {\n\ndayzCharDisco call server_characterSync;" 1 removeAllEventHandlers !"\"removeAllEventHandlers\"," 1 sendTask !"\"sendTask\"," 1 serverCommand !"\"serverCommand\"," !"serverCommandAvailable" 1 serverCommandAvailable !"\"serverCommandAvailable\"," 1 setCurrentTask !"\"setCurrentTask\"," !"rsetCurrentTask = 'setCurrentTask'" !"rsetCurrentTaskcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'setCurrentTask.sqf')" !"rsetCurrentTaskArrays = 'setCurrentTaskArrays'" !"rsetCurrentTaskArrayscode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'setCurrentTaskArrays" 5 setDamage !"\"setDamage\"," !"_vehicle setDamage 0;" !"player setdamage 0;" !"if (alive player) then { player SetDamage 1;};" !"if (_ent isKindOf \"Animal\") then {\n_ent setDamage 1;" !"player setDamage 1;\n0.1 fadeSound 0;" 5 setDammage !"\"setDammage\"," 5 setDate !"\"setDate\"," !"rsetDate = 'setDate'" !"rsetDatecode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'setDate.sqf')" !"dayzSetDate" 5 setFog !"\"setFog\"," !"0 setOvercast _currentOvercast;\n0 setFog _currentFog;" !"if (_currentWeatherChange == \"FOG\") then {\n_timeUntilCompletion setFog _targetWeatherValue;\n};" !"0 setFog _initialFog;\n\nif (_initialOvercast == -1) then {" 5 setFuel !"\"setFuel\"," !"z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_setFuel.sqf" !"\"dayzSetFuel\"" 5 setHit !"\"setHit\"," !"object_setHitServer = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers \"\z" !"player setHit[\"legs\",1];" !"_unit setHit[\"legs\",0];" !"_unit setHit[\"hands\",0];" !"_unit setHit[_selection,_damage];" !"_total = [_unit,_hit,_damage] call object_setHitServer;" !"_ent setVariable [\"hit_legs\",2,true];" 1 setMarkerPos !"\"setMarkerPos\"," !"setMarkerPosLocal" 5 setMarkerPosLocal !"\"setMarkerPosLocal\"," !"rsetMarkerPosLocal = 'setMarkerPosLocal'" !"rsetMarkerPosLocalcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'setMarkerPosLocal.sqf')" 5 setOverCast !"\"setOverCast\"," !"0 setOvercast _currentOvercast;\n0 setFog _currentFog;" !"if (_currentWeatherChange == \"OVERCAST\") then {\n_timeUntilCompletion setOvercast _targetWeatherValue;" !"0 setOvercast _initialOvercast;\n\nif (_initialOvercast >= 0.75) then {" 1 setVariable !"\"setVariable\"," !"_x setVariable[\"lastAttack\",time];" !"player setVariable[\"USEC_lowBlood\"," !"player setVariable [\"temperature\",dayz_temperatur," !"_x setVariable [\"zombied\",objNull,true];" !"_x setVariable [\"cleared\",true,true];" !"_x setVariable [\"looted\",_dateNow,true];" !"_agent setVariable [_name, _value];" !"player setVariable[\"medForceUpdate\"," !"player setVariable [\"bodyName\",dayz_playerName,true];" !"uiNamespace setVariable ['DAYZ_GUI_display', _this select 0];" !"_agent setvariable [\"state\",_state];" !"uinamespace setvariable ['BIS_InfoText',_this select 0]" !"_agent setvariable [\"state\",_state];" !"_item setVariable [\"created\",(DateToNumber date),true];" !"_unit setVariable [\"myDest\",_pos];" !"player setVariable [\"messing\",[dayz_hunger,dayz_thirst],true];" !"_hitter setVariable[\"headShots\",(_headShots + 1),true];" !"_hitter setVariable["\firedHit\",[_zed,_selection],true];" !"_hitter setVariable["\firedDamage\",_damage,true];" !"_killer setVariable[_type,(_kills + 1),true];" !"_zombie setVariable [\"targets\"," !"_group setVariable [\"targets\"," !"_unit setVariable [\"hit_legs\",0];" !"_unit setVariable [\"hit_hands\",0];" !"_unit setVariable [_strH,_damage,true];" 1 setVehicleInit !"\"setVehicleInit\"," !"_v setVehicleInit \"[this] spawn BIS_Effects_AirDestruction\";" !"_v setVehicleInit format [\"[this, %1, %2]spawn BIS_Effects_AirDestructionStage2\",_int, _t];\nprocessInitCommands;" !"if (local _v) then\n{\n_v setVehicleInit format [\"[this, %1, %2,false,true]spawn BIS_Effects_Burn\",_int, _t];" 1 setWind !"\"setWint\"," !"setWind [_currentWindX, _currentWindZ, true];" 5 addAmmo !"\"addAmmo\"," 5 addMPEventHandler !"\"addMPEventHandler\"," 5 clearPlayerInit !"\"clearPlayerInit\"," 1 clearVehicleInit !"\"clearVehicleInit\"," !"if (isserver) then {deletevehicle _snd;};\nclearVehicleInit _v;" !"clearVehicleInit _v;\ndeletevehicle _fl;deletevehicle _sm;" !"clearvehicleinit _v;\n_crw= crew _v;" !"clearvehicleinit _v;\ndeleteVehicle _v;" 5 commandFSM !"\"commandFSM\"," 5 disableTIEquipment !"\"disableTIEquipment\"," 5 doFSM !"\"doFSM\"," 5 EjectPlayer !"\"EjectPlayer\"," 5 enableCamShake !"\"enableCamShake\"," 5 enableTeamSwitch !"\"enableTeamSwitch\"," 5 fireAtTarget !"\"fireAtTarget\"," 5 onCommandModeChanged !"\"onCommandModeChanged\"," 5 onMapSingleClick !"\"onMapSingleClick\"," 5 onTeamSwitch !"\"onTeamSwitch\"," 5 openDSInterface !"\"openDSinterface\"," !"if (_lbselected == \"DSInterface\") then {openDSInterface;};" 1 processInitCommands !"\"processInitCommands\"," !"processInitCommands; \n};\nif (_v iskindof \"tank\"" !"Effects_AirDestructionStage2\",_int, _t];\nprocessInitCommands" !"_v setVehicleInit format [\"[this, %1, %2,false,true]spawn BIS_Effects_Burn\",_int, _t];\nprocessInitCommands;" 5 setAmmoCargo !"\"setAmmoCargo\"," 1 setFSMVariable !"\"setFSMvariable\"," !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_thirst\",0];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_hunger\",0];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_command\",\"none\"];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_maxSpeed\",_maxSpeed];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_forceChange\",true];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_command\",\"stay];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_command\",\"track\"];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_target\",_target];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_watchDog\",_watchDog];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_actionWarn\",_actionWarn];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_thirst\",_thirst];" !"_handle setFSMVariable [\"_hunger\",_hunger];" 5 SetFuelCargo !"\"setFuelCargo\"," 1 setGroupIconsVisible !"\"setGroupIconsVisible\"," 5 setObjectProxy !"\"setObjectProxy\"," 1 setpos !"\"setPos\"," !"setPosATL" !"setPosASL" !"" !"setPosASL2" !"ctrlSetPosition" !"sliderSetPosition" !"progressSetPosition" !"camSetPos" !"preloadCamera _setPos" !"BIS_fnc_sceneSetPosFormation" !"_agent = createAgent [_type, _Pos, [], 0, \"FORM\"];\n_agent setpos _Pos;" !"private [\"_test\", \"_test2\"];\n_test = (_this select 0) setPos (position (_this select 0)); if (isnil \"_test\") then {_test = false};" !"[_flare, -90, -10] call object_setpitchbank;\n_flare setPos (getPos _flare);" !"_object = _type createVehicleLocal _position;\n_object setPos _position;\n_object setDir _dir;\n_object allowDamage false;" !"_tent setdir _dir;\n_tent setpos _location;\nplayer reveal _tent;" !"_logic = _this select 0;\n_logic setpos [1000,10,0];\n\n\nwaituntil {!isnil \"BIS_MPF_InitDone\"}; !"_Crater setpos [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 0];\n_Crater setPos [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, ((0 - _i)/13)];" !"_Crater= \"CraterLong\" createvehiclelocal [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 0];\n_Crater setdir (_dir + (180 * _i));" 1 setPosATL !"\"setPosATL\"," !"player setPosATL _mylastPos;" !"player setPosATL dayz_spawnPos;" !"player setPosATL _setPos;" !"_item setPosATL _ipos;" !"player setPosATL [-2148,6655,0];" !"_agent setPosATL _position;" !"_bolt setPosATL _endPos;" 1 setposASL !"\"setPosASL\"," !"setPosASL2" !"if (_isOnDeck) then {\n_unit setPosAsl [(_position select 0), (_position select 1), (LHA_height+1)];\n};" 5 setPosASL2 !"\"setPosASL2\"," 5 setRepairCargo !"\"setRepairCargo\"," 5 setUnconscious !"\"setUnconscious\"," 5 setVehicleAmmo !"\"setVehicleAmmo\"," 5 setVehicleArmor !"\"setVehicleArmor\"," 5 setVehicleLock !"\"setVehicleLock\"," 5 setVehiclePosition !"\"setVehiclePosition\"," 5 setViewDistance !"\"setViewDistance\"," 5 setWeaponReloadingTime !"\"setWeaponReloadingTime\"," 5 setWeaponState !"\"setWeaponState\"," 5 skipTime !"\"skipTime\"," !"rskiptime = 'skiptime'" !"rskiptimecode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'skiptime.sqf')" 5 teamSwitch !"\"teamSwitch\"," 5 waypointVisible !"\"waypointVisible\"," 1 putWeaponPool !"\"putWeaponPool\"," 1 pickWeaponPool !"\"pickWeaponPool\"," 1 fillWeaponsFromPool !"\"fillWeaponsFromPool\"," 1 visiblePosition !"\"visiblePosition\"," 1 setTerrainGrid !"\"setTerrainGrid\"," 1 WorldToScreen !"\"WorldToScreen\"," !"posWorldToScreen" 1 WorldToModel !"\"WorldToModel\"," !"_relPos = _building worldToModel (getPosATL _unit1);" !"_pondPos = (_x worldToModel _playerPos) select 2;" 1 posWorldToScreen !"\"posWorldToScreen\"," 1 ScreenToWorld !"\"ScreenToWorld\"," 5 loadFile !"\"loadFile\"," 1 selectNoPlayer !"\"selectNoPlayer\"," !"selectNoPlayer;" 5 createLocation !"\"createLocation\"," 5 openMap !"\"openMap\"," 1 hideObject !"\"hideObject\"" !"rhideObject = 'hideObject'" !"rhideObjectcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'hideObject.sqf')" 1 JIPexec !"\"JIPexec\"," !"rJIPexeccode" !"rJIPexec = 'JIPexec'" !"rJIPexeccode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'JIPexec.sqf')" !"scriptName \"MP\data\scriptCommands\JIPexec.sqf\";\n\nprivate[\"_remExField\",\"_caller\",\"_target\"];" !"[nil, _targetClient,\"loc\", rJIPEXEC, BIS_MPF_ServerPersistentCallsArray select _i] call RE;" 1 JIPrequest !"\"JIPrequest\"," !"rJIPrequestcode" !"rJIPrequest = 'JIPrequest'" !"rJIPrequestcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'JIPrequest.sqf')" !"ca\Modules\MP\data\scripts\JIPonPlayerConnectedSendJIPrequest.sqf" !"scriptName \"MP\data\scriptCommands\JIPrequest.sqf\";\n_caller = _this select 0;" 5 setCaptive !"\"setCaptive\"," !"rsetCaptive = 'setCaptive'" !"rsetCaptivecode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'setCaptive.sqf')" !"sleep 1;\n_unit setCaptive true;\n_unit setVariable [\"NORRN_unconscious\", true, true];" !"if (local _unit) then {_unit setCaptive false};" 1 clearMagazineCargo !"\"clearMagazineCargo\"," !"clearMagazineCargoGlobal" !"rclearMagazineCargo = 'clearMagazineCargo'" !"rclearMagazineCargocode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'clearMagazineCargo.sqf" 1 clearMagazineCargoGlobal !"\"clearMagazineCargoGlobal\"," !_mags = getMagazineCargo _firePlace;\nclearMagazineCargoGlobal _firePlace;\nclearWeaponCargoGlobal _firePlace;" 1 clearWeaponCargo !"\"clearWeaponCargo\"," !"clearWeaponCargoGlobal" !"rclearWeaponCargo = 'clearWeaponCargo'" !"rclearWeaponCargocode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'clearWeaponCargo.sqf')" 1 clearWeaponCargoGlobal !"\"clearWeaponCargoGlobal\"," !_mags = getMagazineCargo _firePlace;\nclearMagazineCargoGlobal _firePlace;\nclearWeaponCargoGlobal _firePlace;" 5 onDoubleClick !"\"onDoubleClick\"," 5 addWeapon !"\"addWeapon\"," !"addWeaponPool" !"addWeaponCargo" !"addWeaponCargoGlobal" !"player addWeapon \"Loot\";" !"player addWeapon \"Flare\";" !"raddWeapon = 'addWeapon'" !"raddWeaponcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'addWeapon.sqf')" !"raddWeaponCargocode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'addWeaponCargo.sqf')" !"if (_isOK) then {\nplayer addWeapon _x;\n};\n} forEach _wpns;\n};" !"if (_item == (configfile >> \"cfgweapons\" >> (configName _item))) then {_unit addWeapon configName _item;};" !"if (isClass (configfile >> \"cfgweapons\" >> (_item))) then {_unit addWeapon _item;}" 5 addWeaponPool !"\"addWeaponPool\"," 5 addWeaponCargo !"\"addWeaponCargo\"," !"addWeaponCargoGlobal" !"raddWeaponCargo = 'addWeaponCargo'" !"raddWeaponCargocode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'addWeaponCargo.sqf')" 5 addWeaponCargoGlobal !"\"addWeaponCargoGlobal\"," !"_holder addweaponcargoGlobal [_x,(_objWpnQty select _countr)];" !"dayz_myBackpack addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,(_backpackWpnQtys select _countr)];" !"if (_bcpkWpn != \"\") then {\ndayz_myBackpack addWeaponCargoGlobal [_bcpkWpn,1];\n};\n};" !"if (_iItem != \"\") then {\n_item addWeaponCargoGlobal [_iItem,1];\n};" 5 addMagazine !"\"addMagazine\"," !"addMagazineCargo" !"addMagazineCargoGlobal" !"addMagazinePool" !"addMagazineTurret" !"player addMagazine 'crowbar_swing';" !"raddMagazine = 'addMagazine'" !"raddMagazinecode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'addMagazine.sqf')" !"if (_isOK) then {\nif (_val != -1) then {\nplayer addMagazine [_item,_val];\n} else {\nplayer addMagazine _item;\n};" !"if(!isNil \"_array\") then {\n_agent addMagazine _loot;\n};" !"sleep 8;\n{player addMagazine _x} forEach _inventory;\ndeleteVehicle _object;" !"{\nplayer addMagazine _x;\n} forEach _create;" !"if (_isOK) then {\nplayer addMagazine _x;\n};\n} forEach _mags;" !"if (_item == (configfile >> \"cfgmagazines\" >> (configName _item))) then {_unit addMagazine configName _item;};" !"if (isClass (configfile >> \"cfgmagazines\" >> (_item))) then {_unit addMagazine _item;};" !"for \"_x\" from 1 to _qty do {\nplayer removeMagazine \"ItemWaterbottleUnfilled\";\nplayer addMagazine \"ItemWaterbottle\";\n}; !"if (_item == \"ItemWaterbottle\") then {\nplayer addMagazine \"ItemWaterbottleUnfilled\";\n};" !"player playActionNow \"stop\";\nplayer addMagazine \"ItemBandage\";" !"if (local _item) then {\nfor \"_x\" from 1 to _qty do {\n_item addMagazine \"FoodSteakRaw\";\n};" !"for \"_x\" from 1 to _qty do {\nplayer removeMagazine \"FoodSteakRaw\";\nplayer addMagazine \"FoodSteakCooked\";\nsleep 1;\n};" 5 addMagazinePool !"\"addMagazinePool\"," 5 addMagazineTurret !"\"addMagazineTurret\"," 5 addMagazineCargo !"\"addMagazineCargo\"," !"addMagazineCargoGlobal" !"raddMagazineCargo = 'addMagazineCargo'" !"raddMagazineCargocode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'addMagazineCargo.sqf')" 5 addMagazineCargoGlobal !"addMagazineCargo" !"\"addMagazineCargoGlobal\"," !"holder addmagazinecargoGlobal [_x,(_objWpnQty select _countr)];" !"_firePlace addMagazineCargoGlobal [\"PartWoodPile\",_qty];" !"dayz_myBackpack addmagazineCargoGlobal [_x,(_backpackmagQtys select _countr)];" !"dayz_myBackpack addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x,(_backpackMagQty select _countr)];" 5 addBackpack !"\"addBackpack\"," !"addBackpackCargo" !"addBackpackCargoGlobal" !"player addBackpack _backpackType;" !"_newUnit addBackpack _newBackpackType;" !"player addBackpack _bcpk;" 5 addBackpackCargo !"\"addBackpackCargo\"," !"addBackpackCargoGlobal" 5 addBackpackCargoGlobal !"\"addBackpackCargoGlobal\"," !"_holder addbackpackcargoGlobal [_x,(_objWpnQty select _countr)];" // test //#+3 //1 "if (alive player) then { player SetDamage 1;};" //happens on death //#+4 1 limitSpeed !"\"limitSpeed\"," 1 setOwner !"\"setOwner\"," //might be too spammy for now //#+5 //1 call !"\"call\"," //#+6 //1 spawn !"\"spawn\"," //#+7 //1 with !"\"with\"," //#+8 1 deleteVehicle !"\"deleteVehicle\"," !"dayz_flyMonitor = dayz_flyMonitor - [_x];\ndeleteVehicle _x;" !"deleteVehicle _x;\ndayz_bodyMonitor set [_cursor,\"DEL\"];" !"sleep 5;\n};\n{deleteVehicle _x;} forEach _items;" !"sleep 1;\n};\ndeleteVehicle _source;\ndeleteVehicle _point;" !"if (_nearByPlayer) then {\ndeleteVehicle _agent;\n};" !"_object = nearestObject [_position,_type];\ndeleteVehicle _object;" !"_oldUnit disableAI \"MOVE\";\n} else {\ndeleteVehicle _oldUnit;\n};" !"{deleteVehicle _x} forEach _nearByObj;\n_x setVariable [\"cleared\",true,true];" !"dayzDeleteObj call local_deleteObj;\n};\n deleteVehicle _obj;" !"player addWeapon \"Flare\";\n\nsleep 0.1;\ndeleteVehicle _old;" !"if (local _unit) then {\ndeleteVehicle _unit;" !"};\ndeleteVehicle _lightArea;\ndeleteVehicle _lightSpark;" !"waitUntil{!(alive _flare)};\ndeleteVehicle _lightSpark;" !"if (!isNull _tent) then {\nif (local _tent) then {deleteVehicle _tent};" !"hideBody _item;\nsleep 10;\ndeleteVehicle _item;" !"sleep 5;\ndeleteVehicle _agent;" !"dayzDeleteObj call local_deleteObj;\n};\n\ndeleteVehicle _obj;" !"deleteVehicle _object;\nr_action = false;\ncall fnc_usec_medic_removeActions;" !"if (_isOk) then {\n deleteVehicle _holder;" !"_flare = _this select 3;\ndeleteVehicle _flare;" !"dayz_hasFire = objNull;\ndeleteVehicle _obj;" !"deleteVehicle _object;\n\n_weapon = _classname createVehicle _location;" !"if (!isNull _agent) then {\ndeleteVehicle _agent;" !"{deleteVehicle _x} forEach _zombies;" !"deleteVehicle _agent;\n} else {\ndayz_bodyMonitor set" !"deleteVehicle _x;\n_delQtyZ = _delQtyZ + 1;" !"if (!(isNull _sfx)) then {\ndeleteVehicle _sfx;\n};" !"deleteVehicle _body;\n_delQtyP = _delQtyP + 1;\n};" !"_dwUSOFC=_dwUSOFC+1;\ndeleteVehicle _x;" !"deleteVehicle _x;\n_dwUFPC=_dwUFPC+1;" !"deleteVehicle _x;\n};\n} forEach allMissionObjects \"ReammoBox\"" !"BIS_functions_mainscope]]; _mygrp = group (_this select 0); deleteVehicle (_this select 0); deleteGroup _mygrp;};};" !"if (_isOk) then {\ndeleteVehicle _holder;\nif (_classname in [\"MeleeHatchet\",\"MeleeCrowbar\"]) then {" !"if (_fade) then {_int=_int - 0.02 - rain/10;};\nsleep 3;\n};\n\ndeletevehicle _fl;" !"clearVehicleInit _v;\ndeletevehicle _fl;deletevehicle _sm;" !"deleteVehicle _smoke;\ndeleteVehicle _fire;\ndeleteVehicle _shards;\ndeleteVehicle _dirt;" 1 compile !"\"compile\"," !"\"z\addons\dayz_code\compile" !"call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers \"\z\addons\dayz_code" !"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\ca\modules\alice\data\scripts" !"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\ca\modules_e\alice2\data\scripts" !"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts" !"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ca\modules_e\gita\data\scripts" !"\"z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf" !"_this call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers 'ca\ui\scripts\ui_loadingText.sqf';" !"_recompile" !"\"call compile format[\"\"player%1 = player;\"\",_playerUID];\"" !"call compile format[\"\"player%1 = player;\"\",_playerUID];" !"call compile format[\"player%1 = player;\",_playerUID];" !"'] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ca\Warfare2\Scripts" !"= compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ca\modules\function" !"'_dummy']; _dummy = [_this,'initDialog'] call compile preprocessFile '\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf'" !"BIS_MPF_remoteExecutionServer = compile preprocessFile (BIS_MP_Path + BIS_PATH_SQF + \"remExServer.sqf\");" !"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers \"\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\SCRIPTS" !"compile preprocessFile \"\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\SCRIPTS" !"compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands" !"_code = call compile format[\"r%1code\",_targetScript];" !"compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers \"ca\characters_e\data\scripts" !"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ca\modules_e\functions" !"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ca\modules_acr\functions" !"compile preprocessfilelinenumbers 'ca\missions_acr\data\scripts" !"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ca\modules_pmc\functions" !"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ca\missions_ew\functions" !"call (compile \"deactivateKey (_keyString + (str _i))\");" !"if (isText (_class >> \"WeaponSlots\")) then \n{_slotsCode = getText (_class >> \"WeaponSlots\"); _slotsVar = call compile _slotsCode;}" !"_dummy = [_this, 'CA_VO_Init'] call compile preprocessFile '\ca\ui\scripts\HideVideoOptions.sqf';" !"['_dummy']; _dummy = [_this, \"CA_VO_ToggleAll\"] call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers \"\ca\ui\scripts\HideVideoOptions.sqf\";" !"['_dummy']; _dummy = [_this, \"CA_VO_ToggleAdvanced\"] call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers \"\ca\ui\scripts\HideVideoOptions.sqf\";" !"private [\"_amm\"];\n_amm=_this select 4;\n_this call (call compile GetText (configFile >> \"CfgAmmo\" >> _amm >> \"muzzleEffect\"));" !"['BIS_RscMiniMap',_this select 0]; _this call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers 'ca\ui\scripts\MiniMap.sqf';" 1 exec !"\"exec\"," !"execVM" !"execFSM" !"JIPexec" !"_localExec" !"Init script executed at" 1 execVM !"\"execVM\"," !"execVM \"z\addons\dayz_code\medical\init_medical.sqf\"" !"execVM \"z\addons\dayz_code\external\DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf\"" !"execVM \"z\addons\dayz_code\medical\publicEH\load_wounded.sqf\"" !"execVM \"z\addons\dayz_code\medical\load\load_wounded.sqf\"" !"execVM \"z\addons\dayz_code\medical\publicEH\deadState.sqf\"" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onLBSelChanged\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onLBListSelChanged\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onKillFocus"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onKeyDown\",0,107,0,107] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" 1 execFSM !"\"execFSM\"," !"execFSM \"\z\addons\dayz_code\system" !"execFSM '\z\AddOns\dayz_code\system" !"execfsm \"CA\animals2\Data\scripts\idleSpecialAnim.fsm\"" !"execFSM \"CA\animals2\Data\scripts\\reactFire.fsm\"" !"rexecfsm = 'execfsm'" !"rexecfsmcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'execfsm.sqf')" //1 setDir !"\"setDir\"," //!"_Crater setdir (_dir + (180 * _i));" //#+9 1 setVectorUp !"\"setVectorUp\"," !"_bolt setVectorUp _vUp;" 1 SetVectorDir !"\"SetVectorDir\"," !"_obj setVectorDirAndUp [_vdir, _vup];" 1 setVectorDirAndUp !"\"setVectorDirAndUp\"," !"_obj setVectorDirAndUp [_vdir, _vup];" 1 setVelocity !"\"setVelocity\"," !"_character setVelocity [0,0,100];" !"_car setvelocity [1,0,0];" !"_object setvelocity [1,0,0];" !"_vehicle setvelocity [0,0,1];" !"if (_velz>1) then {_v setvelocity [_xv/1.3,_yv/1.3,0]}" !"(_v setvelocity [velocity _v select 0,velocity _v select 1,0]);" 1 setVelocityTransformation !"\"setVelocityTransformation\"," 1 selectPlayer !"\"selectPlayer\"," !"selectPlayer _newUnit;" !"selectPlayer dayz_originalPlayer;" 1 isServer !"\"isServer\"," !"if ((_persistent) && (!_error) && (isServer)) then" !"if (isServer) then {BIS_DEBUG_MPF_SERVERORCLIENT = \"(server)\";} else {BIS_DEBUG_MPF_SERVERORCLIENT = \"©\";};" !"{ BIS_functions_mainscope = _this select 0; if (isServer) then {_this execVM 'ca\modules\functions\main.sqf'};}" !"scriptName \"MP\data\scripts\JIPwaitFor.sqf\";\n\nif (!isServer) then\n{\n\nwaitUntil {!isNil {player}};" !"if ((!isServer) && (isNull player) ) then\n{\nwaitUntil {!isNull player};\nwaitUntil {time > 3};\n};" !"if ((!isServer) && (player != player)) then\n{\n waitUntil {player == player};\n waitUntil {time > 3};\n};" !"if(isServer) then {\ndayz_players = [];\ndead_bodyCleanup = [];\n}; !"BIS_DEBUG_MPF_SERVERORCLIENT,_caller, local _caller]; \n\nif (isServer) then\n{" !"if (!isServer) then {textLogFormat [\"MPF_Client FUNCTIONS init.sqf ...\"];};" !"if (!isServer) then {\n \"drn_DynamicWeatherEventArgs\" addPublicVariableEventHandler {" !"if (isServer) then {\n waitUntil{dayz_preloadFinished};\n};" 1 isDedicated !"\"isDedicated\"," !"if (!isDedicated) then {\n\n0 fadeSound 0;\n0 cutText [(localize" !"if (!isDedicated) then {\n\"dayzSetDate\" addPublicVariableEventHandler {setDate (_this select 1)};" !"if (!isDedicated) then {\n_config = configFile >> \"CfgLoot\";" !"if(isDedicated) then {\ndayz_disco = [];\n};" !"if (!isDedicated) then {\nif (!isNull _agent) then {\ndeleteVehicle _agent;\n};\n} else {\n[_agent] call zombie_findOwner;" 1 removeAllWeapons !"\"removeAllWeapons\"," !"rremoveAllWeapons = 'removeAllWeapons'" !"rremoveAllWeaponscode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'removeAllWeapons.sqf')" !"{_newUnit removeMagazine _x;} forEach magazines _newUnit;\nremoveAllWeapons _newUnit;" !"removeallweapons _v;\n\nif (local _v) then {_expl=\"HelicopterExploSmall\" createvehicle (getpos _v);};" 1 addMenu !"\"addMenu\"," !"addMenuItem" 1 addMenuItem !"\"addMenuItem\"," 1 createTeam !"\"createTeam\"," 5 addVehicle !"\"addVehicle\"," 5 fireAtTarget !"\"fireAtTarget\"," 1 allowGetIn !"\"allowGetIn\"," 5 drawArrow !"\"drawArrow\"," 5 drawEllipse !"\"drawEllipse\"," 5 drawIcon !"\"drawIcon\"," 5 drawLine !"\"drawLine\"," 5 drawLink !"\"drawLink\"," 5 drawLocation !"\"drawLocation\"," 5 drawRectangle !"\"drawRectangle\"," 5 setWaypointPosition !"\"setWaypointPosition\"," 5 setWPPos !"\"setWPPos\"," 5 setWaypointScript !"\"setWaypointScript\"," 1 setGroupIconParams !"\"setGroupIconParams\"," 1 setGroupIcon !"\"setGroupIcon\"," 1 show3DIcons !"\"show3DIcons\"," 1 setFriend !"\"setFriend\"," 1 createCenter !"\"createCenter\"," !"BIS_MPF_ServerInitDone = true;\ncreatecenter sidelogic;" 1 missionNamespace !"\"missionNamespace\"," !"_handle = [_display] call (missionnamespace getvariable _x);" 1 uiNamespace !"\"uiNamespace\"," !"_display = uiNamespace getVariable 'DAYZ_GUI_display';" !"uiNamespace setVariable ['DAYZ_GUI_display', _this select 0];" !"_display = uiNamespace getVariable 'DAYZ_GUI_waiting';" !"_display = uinamespace getvariable \"BIS_InfoText\";" !"uinamespace setvariable ['BIS_InfoText',_this select 0]" !"uiNamespace setVariable ['DAYZ_GUI_waiting', _this select 0];" !with (uinamespace) do {\n BIS_loadingScreen = _this select 0;" !"uinamespace setvariable ['BIS_RscMiniMap',_this select 0];" !"uinamespace setvariable ['BIS_RscMiniMapSmall',_this select 0];" 1 removeBackpack !"\"removeBackPack\"," !"_classname = _array select 0;\nremoveBackpack player;" 1 removeAllItems !"\"removeAllItems\"," 1 setAperture !"\"setAperture\"," 1 "camSetPos" !"\"camSetPos\"," 5 "copyFromClipboard" !"\"copyFromClipboard\"," 5 "copyToClipboard" !"\"copyToClipboard\"," 5 "deleteCollection" !"\"deleteCollection\"," 1 "callVar" !"\"callVar\"," !"rcallVar = 'callVar'" !"rcallVarcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommandsCustom + 'callVar.sqf')" !"_libraryCustom = \n[\n\"callVar\"\n];" 1 "remExField" !"\"remExField\"," !"\"remExField\" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_this call BIS_MPF_remoteExecutionServer};" !"if (isNil \"remExField\") then {remExField = [];};" !"private[\"_remExField\",\"_caller\",\"_target\"];\n\n_caller = _this select 0;" 1 "remExFP" !"\"remExFP\"," !"\"remExFP\" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_this call BIS_MPF_remoteExecutionServer};" !"if (isNil \"remExFP\") then {remExFP = [];};" !"if ((_this select 0 == \"persistent\") || (_this select 0 == \"remExFP\")) then {_persistent = true;} else {_persistent = false;};" 1 "remExWrite.sqf" !"scriptName \"MP\data\scripts\remExWrite.sqf\";" !"RE = compile preprocessFile (BIS_MP_Path + BIS_PATH_SQF + \"remExWrite.sqf\");" 1 "remExServer.sqf" !"scriptName \"MP\data\scripts\remExServer.sqf\";" !"BIS_MPF_remoteExecutionServer = compile preprocessFile (BIS_MP_Path + BIS_PATH_SQF + \"remExServer.sqf\");" 1 "call RE" !"if (_local) then {\n_unit say [_sound, _dis];\n} else {\n[nil,_unit,rSAY,[_sound, _dis]] call RE;\n};" !"_dir = [_unit,player] call BIS_Fnc_dirTo;\n_unit setDir _dir;\n[objNull, _unit, rPlayMove,_move] call RE;" !"if(_currentWpn != \"\") then {_newUnit selectWeapon _currentWpn;};\n[objNull, player, rSwitchMove,_currentAnim] call RE;" !"if (_currentAnim != \"\") then {\n[objNull, player, rSwitchMove,_currentAnim] call RE;\n};" !"[nil, _targetClient,\"loc\", rJIPEXEC, BIS_MPF_ServerPersistentCallsArray select _i] call RE;" !"BIS_MPF_clientJIPlogic = player;\n\nnic = [bIS_MPF_clientJIPlogic,nil,rJIPREQUEST] call RE;" !"[objNull, player, rSwitchMove,\"\"] call RE;\nplayer playActionNow \"stop\";" !"[nil,_trap,rSAY,[\"trap_bear_0\",60]] call RE;" !"waituntil {!isnil \"BIS_MPF_InitDone\"};\n_spawn = [nil, nil, \"per\", rEXECVM,\"ca\Modules\Functions\init.sqf\"] call RE;" 1 "spawn RE" 1 "toArray" !"\"toArray\"," !"BIS_fnc_invCodeToArray" !"ca\modules\functions\inventory\fn_invCodeToArray.sqf" !"_anim = animationState player;\n_anim4 = toArray _anim;\n_anim4 resize 4;" !"_type = surfaceType _pos;\n_typeA = toArray _type;" !"if([\"Wheel\",_x,false] call fnc_inString) then {\n_part = \"PartWheel\";\n_cmpt = \"Wheel\";\n_array = toArray _x;" !"{_casesensitive = _this select 2;};\n\n_findarray = toArray _find;\n_stringarray = toArray _string;" !"_text = _this;\n_textArrayUnicode = [];\n{_textArrayUnicode = _textArrayUnicode + [toarray _x]} foreach _text;" //1 "titleText" !"\"titleText\"," !"rtitleText = 'titleText'" !"rtitleTextcode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'titleText.sqf')" !"if (_isDead) then {\nTitleText[\"Pulse is extremely weak\",\"PLAIN DOWN\",3];" !"if (_isCardiac) then {\nTitleText[\"Pulse is weak\",\"PLAIN DOWN\",3];\n} else {\nTitleText[\"Pulse is strong\",\"PLAIN DOWN\",3];" //#+10 //1 "cutText" //#+11 1 "createTrigger" !"\"createTrigger\"," !"_t=createTrigger[\"EmptyDetector\",(_player modelToWorld[0,0,0])];" //little tries //#+12 1 "player action" 1 "vehicle player setPos" 1 "vehicle player setPosASL" 5 "(vehicle player) addEventHandler [\"handleDamage\", { false }];" 5 "player addEventHandler [\"handleDamage\", { false }];" 5 "attachObject player" 1 "(vehicle player) setPos" 1 "(vehicle player) setPosASL" //isn't welcome ingame //#+13 5 "CBA_EVENT_KEY_LOGIC setDamage 1;" 1 "_tp = \"removeallweapons player;" 5 "player addweapon 'Truckhorn2';" 5 "player selectweapon 'Truckhorn2';" 5 "player setVehicleInit _svr;" 5 "_object = createVehicle ['%1', [%2, %3, %4], [], 0, 'CAN_COLLIDE'];" 5 "player setVariable['lastPos',0];" 5 "hint format [\"A %1 has been added\", gun]" 5 "vehicle player setpos _pos;" 5 "marker2 setMarkerPosLocal (getPos veh)" 1 "private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy =" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onLBSelChanged\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onLBListSelChanged\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onKillFocus"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onKeyDown\",0,107,0,107] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" 5 "marker2 = createMarkerLocal [marker2,getPos veh];" 5 "marker2 = \"VehMarker\" + (str i);" 1 "private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onLBSelChanged\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onLBListSelChanged\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onKillFocus"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" !"private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"onKeyDown\",0,107,0,107] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\handleGear.sqf\";" 5 TKCV1_0\TKCOWNS.sqf 5 "[_this,\"players\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf\";" 5 "_v addweapon \"A\"+\"A1\"+\"2_PM\"+\"C\"; _v addmagazine \"20R\"+\"nd" 5 "zombieshield" 5 "playershield" 5 "spawn{player addAction [" // not much of use //#+14 5 "666.sqf" 1 "wuat\\" 1 " ESP " 5 _markerMirador 5 Bo_Mk82 1 htelepos 1 Teleport 1 Trigger !"createTrigger" !"call BIS_fnc_inTrigger" !"if (isnil 'BIS_fnc_sceneCreateSceneTrigger' || false) then {" 5 aa12 5 azp85 5 bomblauncher 5 teled 5 U-NO- 5 gau 5 "God mode" 5 GodMode 5 hacks 5 Infammo 5 "Infinite Ammo" 5 InfiniteAmmo 5 Killplayer 5 m1a1 5 M1A2_TUSK_MG 5 OwnageMenu // names useless //#+15 5 Darky 5 Vojtec 5 MrMedic //5 Loki //too short, might cause another useless ban //#+16 //5 Alex //triggers at locALEXec, useless anyway //#+17 5 Alexenderp$ck 5 Gerk 5 Troopman 5 Troopmon 5 Alexenderpackk
  12. First question: Is this a easier to view or look at our scrips.txt file? Right now mine is a huge mess and I really can't tell where one ends and one begins. Second question: I've looked and read several times but I can't seem to find a defined answer. How exactly does BE report a script number? Like does for instance Script restriction #17 go to a line in my scripts.txt file or does it go to a specific restriction? Thanks in advance for the help.. I have googled and binged my questions and I can't seem to find defined answers.
  13. This is not in regards to dayz... We are wondering how the Arma 2 engines calls to a database or what format it does. Its more of a general question because we were wanting to try something with Arma 2 an idea we had. I could use Day Z as an example, but still over all. Arma 2 does need to make the call to the database, but I am not talking about day z. Its more of general question. Unless Arma 2 is self doesn't call and its based on a like an api or something and then Arma 2 just runs the scripts its told to...
  14. Does anyone know the way Arma 2 calls to a database? Like what the format it? My buddy and I can't seem to find it any where.