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  1. shadow71

    battleye fails to install.

    Updated the main page.
  2. shadow71

    battleye fails to install.

    Feel like a noob now, but the problem is fixed. Thanks $aber and everyone else :D! Btw Saber, Steam name?
  3. shadow71

    battleye fails to install.

    I have tried deleting it with file assassin but it says it cannot delete the file! What sorcery is this.
  4. shadow71

    battleye fails to install.

    It was fine before I did that so I tried restoring my old files but I can't restore it. Need a fix :(
  5. shadow71

    battleye fails to install.

    Did you watch the video? Maybe something I did there prevented it from starting?
  6. shadow71

    battleye fails to install.

    Nah, it's allowed through my Firewall.
  7. shadow71

    battleye fails to install.

    Ran steam as Admin, same problem. Black screen pops up and gives me errors.
  8. Hello everyone, I have been playing arma for 3 years now and today I have come across a problem. I played wasteland a few minutes before I decided to play DayZ Overpoch. I watched a youtube video explaining to me what to do in order to play. Link here : After doing this, I tried running my OA but I got this error. [/img] It says " Failed to start Battleye service" "Installing Battleye service" "Failed to install battleye service" I have reinstalled my game, my battleye and have searched for a few hours.... Go into processes and make sure BEService.exe isnt running. Make sure to check under all users. The solution that worked for me was : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye -> Download File assassin and Delete ALL the files inside the battleye folder. Run steam and start OA.
  9. shadow71

    Installer gets "Stuck"

    Well my CD seems fine since I bought i 2 weeks ago. Specs: 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, i7 Processor, GTX 660 2GB And basically it. Arma 2 Reinforcements installed fine but its just OA thats giving this error. I just tried copying it to my Computer and it said Failed to load Air_e.pbo. I am really clueless here bro.
  10. Hi guys, I Have a bit of an issue... When I install the game,It goes until about halfway then stays at Addons/aie_e.pbo. Stays Like that for a while and nothing happens after that...