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  1. Hi, getting this error from "Carrier_Command_Patch_1_03.exe" when I try to update "Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is not installed on your computer or installation is corrupted" guessing this is due to Steam being installed on D: instead of C: Can't switch drives, any way to fix this? thanks
  2. Just played for the first time and destroyed the enemy carrier within a few minutes of attacking the first island. It turned up, got stuck on a rock or something. Then just sat there while I destroyed it. Game over and time to reminisce over my £32. Don't really want to complain because I can see the effort that has gone into the game and I think it's a few steps away from being amazing. Multiplayer would save it
  3. Just wanted to say I've just found out about it being single player only and probably won't be buying it. Hopefully this devastating threat will help persuade them to definitely make it multiplayer soon.