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    My Copy Arrived Today!

    I pretty much agree with your initial post. I have played this game for 40+ hours and enjoyed it a lot. No major issues really, great graphics and no I encountered no game-breaking bugs. With that said, I hope modding tools get released and that some creative and skilled modders get to work with it. I think it has a huge unrealized potential looking at the core graphics, physics and general gameplay...
  2. Thanks for the heads up on a new patch! Sure not easy to spot them... Good to see fixes keep coming. Any update on modding tool release would be nice, agree.
  3. Scepticer

    So what happens now?

    I myself have been playing other games and doing other stuff for a while. I have already gotten maybe 60 hours of good entertainment out of this game so I'm satisfied on that point. I do see a lot of potential with this game in the form of what any talented modder might do with it when the promised modding support arrives. I myself will certainly take a look at the island editor once that come out. But as things stand right now I for the moment feel kind of 'done' playing this game. It's a great title that has given me much enjoyment, I will likely play it again at some later time but for the moment I just feel I have explored it fully.
  4. You should register at www.carriercommand.com/feedback and report the issue there. A few seconds to register and it's easy to use the bug tracker to report and attach files. Not at home now but if I recall correctly saves should be under Documents\Carriercommand\[Your user name in win7]\. File ending is *.save if you need to search for them. When attaching a save-file in the bug tracker you probably have to pack it as a zip-file first.
  5. For me it happened in the strategy game. Sorry I didn't log it in the bug tracker, will do next time!
  6. I saw something similar in 1.03.0002 as well. Not sure what the cause was so I didn't report it. I was also fighting an island and when moving away to the next island I saw the supply barque had stopped right outside the island where I was. I got the delivery when I moved close to it with the carrier.
  7. I'm not familiar with AVG but the "heur" part of it indicates to me that it says it has come to the conclusion it has found a virus by heurstic methods. Basically that is the anti-virus program saying that "I think I found a virus" (based on various criterias) rather than "I definitely found a virus".
  8. The shore area close to the port on the island of Dead lock. Trees and stuff there is still a nightmare in v1.03 for the walruses.
  9. OH, wow. I was thinking the opposite. Honestly I have played 1.03 for a few hours now and I hardly see an improvement(?). I'll look closer...
  10. Thanks! I currently don't have a console.log file anywhere on c:, I suppose it get created in the event of certain crashes(?). I'll look for it if a crash occur again. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, can someone tell me what files I should attach and what other type of info I should provide in the bug tracker when the game crashes?
  12. Thanks! http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?142203-Carrier-Command-Gaea-Mission-1-03-BETA-Patch
  13. I can't find no 1.03 update anywhere either. Where did you guys find it?
  14. Is there something like an island level AI also? Quite small islands (like they all are) should be able to coordinate their defense better I think.
  15. If you haven't, create an account and check the bug tracker. Lots of issues reported by us users are being assigned for development, fixed and closed. www.carriercommand.com/feedback Sometimes things just takes a little time. Something that is really a good thing. Time is natures way of making sure everything doesn't happen all at once - something that would be very confusing if it did ;).