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  1. Updated to v1.38: ---Island ownership changes and island counts are now integrated into a single display sequence which will play when an island changes ownership. The standard blueprint unlocks from island captures, as well as the mod's progress bonus unlocks will also be shown in this sequence. The customization menu options for island ownership reports and running totals have now been removed. ---The defense ratings of enemy islands directly captured (using a hack capsule) are now individually tracked. The number of each rating of captured islands and the overall number of captured islands can be seen after each direct capture or on the left side of the Shiplog screen. ---Directly capturing islands now grants a boost to all mining output for a period of 30 seconds during the next timewarp between islands. The boost level builds up gradually from 20 percent up to a maximum of 100 percent and builds faster according to the defense rating of islands captured. The boost will be suspended if there are no mining islands connected to your stockpile or if the current material level is close to the current maximum storage. Unused boost time will stack up to a maximum of 300 seconds. ---It is no longer possible to reduce the rating of an enemy island you are already present at by changing the island difficulty settings or due to the enemy island network changing. The rating may still be increased due to these changes, but capturing the island directly will be awarded as if it were the lower rating. ---Leaving an enemy island and returning within the island persistence period (24 hours of game world time), if the island's defense rating has changed, directly capturing the island will be awarded as the lower of the two ratings. A message will appear on arrival at the island if a lower level will be awarded. ---Walrus steering has been improved to reduce the tendency to spin out of control when moving at speed, especially when using the turbo. After making a steering adjustment, avoid countersteering and just release the left and right steering controls and allow the wheels to return to a central position for this to work best. ---New Manta weapon for strategy game: Gatling Prototype. This is a toned down version of the same weapon as seen in the Manta chase of the story campaign. It is quite a powerful weapon so you will need to prove yourself by directly capturing 5 Deadly rated islands. You can only have one at a time and it will be placed into carrier storage when awarded. If you lose this gun in action, you will be awarded a replacement by capturing an additional Deadly rated island, but this will postpone any other progress unlock which was due until the next island capture, so try not to lose it (requested by Lamper). ---Improvements to the Auto-Select function for the front carrier gun when the shell and any other front gun are both available: The shell will now only be fitted when the front gun is selected. When switching to control one of the other four guns or another unit, the secondary front gun (for example rocket launcher) will be fitted. A side-effect of this is that when switching from shell to one of the other four gun positions, the secondary weapon must be scrolled through first. This effectively makes two front weapons available using the mouse wheel. A short visual glitch when switching between guns is normal as the guns are re-fitted. The scout drone remote camera can now be activated while any of the five weapon positions are selected. The shell will automatically be fitted and selected when switching to the remote camera. ---When docking a Manta with a hooked Walrus, the Manta will now move to the appropriate side of the carrier before dropping the Walrus. The previous early drop of the Walrus when passing over a pier has now been removed. FIXES: ---Walruses set to assist would sometimes not accept a new order and would continue assisting. ---Destroying the enemy carrier and going to Medusa within the island persistence period, the island would be as if you had already destroyed all units and turrets (it seems the enemy carrier sinking cutscene always takes place on Medusa). ---Story campaign: Starting the Assault on Thermopylae mission if you completed the Field Source missions within the island persistence period, initial helper units would be missing (thanks to Kerry Freeman for reporting). ---Returning to an enemy island if the command center was repairing damage from a previous visit, a message would wrongly appear saying enemy construction was spotted. This should only appear for enemy construction on neutral islands. ---Walrus fuel pods could accidentally be activated by clicking on the command bar unit buttons. ---A crash would occur if a Manta with a hook ran out of fuel and the hook was subsequently activated with a Walrus nearby, either by the Auto-hook function or by manual activation. ---Fixed a problem in CCGM where the game would become extremely laggy if the enemy carrier approached your carrier while it was in shallow water. Various smaller fixes and improvements. See if you can spot them. Thanks to all who provided feedback since the last update, and to Rob04 for playtesting. History page HERE, ModDB page HERE, or go directly to the file HERE. Optional camouflages HERE.
  2. Updated to v1.37 (10th Anniversary Edition): ---Island persistence: When partially completing an island and then leaving and travelling to another island, returning to the island within 24 hours of game-world time will no longer reset the island to its initial state. Destroyed buildings, hacked firewalls etc. will be restored to the way they were when you left the island. This will also help with situations where you are working on an island and the enemy carrier arrives. Destroying the enemy carrier will no longer reset the island. NOTES: Due to the random nature of island spawning, some buildings may be different when you return, for example a manta garage may appear where a dummy building was before, especially if the island rating has changed since you arrived the first time. For turrets, walruses and mantas, the positions and loadouts of these will be different when you return, so it is still not a good idea to leave your units on the island when fighting the enemy carrier. However, the overall number of turrets, walruses and mantas will not exceed what was there when you left the island. Various improvements to walrus assist mode: ---The assisted walrus will be slowed down when one or more assisting walruses are out of range. This will reduce the chance of the lead walrus travelling too far from its assisting units. Exceptions are when the assisting unit is stuck or has no ammo. Manual control of the walrus is not affected by this. There is an option on page 5 of the customization menu if you prefer not to have this. ---With Dynamic Stance enabled, stance switching has been improved based on distance to the lead unit, enemies in range and line-of-sight. Assisting units will remain passive when out of range of the lead walrus or when they have no ammo or no line-of-sight with a shared target. This will reduce the chance of assisting walruses being "kited" away from the lead unit to go and engage remote targets. As assisting walruses will be passive when out of range of the lead unit, it is recommended to keep assisting units in a close group. ---Assisting walruses will no longer be indicated as stuck when they are in range of the lead walrus. ---When the lead walrus is docking, any assisting walruses will automatically be set to dock when the lead unit reaches the carrier. ---When the lead walrus is in range for automatic refuelling at a fuel pump, any assisting walruses in range will also receive the refuelling. ---New walrus weapon: Laser Mk III. This is a powerful late-game weapon and only unlockable as a progress bonus. It will not be unlocked by the "Unlock production of all items" option and will not show as a missing blueprint in the advanced production screen. This laser uses a modified version of the quad gun mount, so has full 360 degree firing and the same fitting requirements as the quad gun. NOTES: As with the carrier lasers, the power level display in the gui is inaccurate for this weapon as it uses 4 simultaneous beams. In reality, this has 4x the damage of the standard walrus laser and just over 2x the damage of the mk II. Having the Mk II laser blueprint unlocked is a requirement for unlocking the Mk III, so you will have to find that first. In the story campaign, if you have at least one Mk III onboard the carrier before the mission "Assault on Thermopylae", your initial walrus will have this weapon instead of the grenade launcher. ---Destroying enemy island radar stations, enemy units on the island can no longer detect a hack capsule installed on a walrus. This will reduce the chance of kamikaze attacks on your hacker walrus. ---Island difficulty boost (the first option on page 2 of the customization menu) is now the total number of islands you need to capture to boost difficulty, rather than the current percentage of friendly islands. This means that losing islands will no longer deactivate the boost once it has been activated (to deactivate the boost, you will need to adjust the slider). Also, strategy games with different starting settings will now require the same progress to activate the boost. The customization menu now shows the current number of island captures as well as the threshold you have set. As before, set the slider to 100 to disable the difficulty boost. ---Walrus grenade launcher maximum elevation has been reduced to improve visual targeting and more closely simulate real-life grenade launchers. Range at the highest elevation should be approximately the same as before. Any grenade launchers you have already fitted will need to be removed and re-fitted to apply the change (feature requested by apocalypse). FIXES: ---Walrus stuck situations: When one of your walruses is stuck because it is blocked by one of your other walruses, they will swap places. When stuck during docking very close to the carrier, the walrus will automatically be moved to the docking position. ---In v1.35, a fix was added for island walruses being unable to exit their garage. In the story campaign, this will now only be applied after reaching Outpost, as this was causing more walruses to be built than could reasonably be handled in the early campaign. ---Fixed a problem in CCGM story campaign where newly discovered units would remain passive until manually given a stance. This would already be fixed when using Dynamic Stance. Thanks to all who provided feedback since the last update, and to Kerry Freeman and Rob04 for playtesting. History page HERE, ModDB page HERE. Optional camouflages HERE.
  3. Hotfix 9th Oct 2021: A hotfix has been posted which addresses the following items. If you already downloaded v1.36, please download again. ---Crash when the "attack waves from nearby islands" option is enabled (thanks to Rogpog for reporting). ---Incorrect long range surveillance message saying that the enemy carrier moved from an island to the same island. History page HERE, ModDB page HERE. Optional camouflages HERE.
  4. Updated to v1.36: ---Customization menu can now also be accessed from the pause menu. This means customization options can now be set during the opening mission of the story campaign, before the carrier is reached. Note that some options will not appear, or will not take effect until reaching the carrier. ---Added option on page 3 of the customization menu for Incoming Transmissions. This is the cutscene window that appears in the top left of the screen when one of the crew are speaking. Note that the subtitles for this window are now independent from the subtitles setting in the main menu. ---The quick options page on the customization menu now has a function for loading/saving up to three customization configurations. Note that when loading a saved configuration, the options will be applied immediately and you will not be able to click revert to undo the change, so make sure your config is saved to another slot if you want to keep it. When saving to a slot make sure to apply any changes before clicking save. There is also an option for restoring the default customization config (feature requested by babai). ---If the advanced production queue is paused due to insufficient material (i.e the next item in the queue was auto-queued but the minimum material amount for that priority level has not yet been reached), you can now manually start any item in the queue by clicking on it, then clicking the start button. ---Reminder messages will now periodically appear if the advanced production queue is paused due to insufficient material. ---Fixed a bug where loading a custom carrier gun layout by clicking the CUST button would not apply the layout correctly, or cause a crash if any of the positions in the custom layout were set to empty (thanks to babai for reporting). ---Fixed a crash which could happen when using the scroll bar on the Equip screen if the expanded windows option is enabled. ---Fixed a bug which caused the incoming transmission image to be distorted if subtitles are disabled (thanks to anatrok for reporting). ---Fixed a bug where the minimum material amounts for each auto-queue priority level on the advanced production screen would not be saved correctly between sessions. You will need to set these values if you previously used them. ---Fixed a problem when using a refuelling pod from a walrus which also has a weapon and shield fitted, where control does not switch to the weapon after using the pod (thanks to alexus3d for reporting). ---Fixed a problem in CCGM where if a game save occurred while controlling a character (human or droid), any mouse movement during the save would cause the character to be rotated after the save is completed, which can cause disorientation. Horizontal orientation will now be restored after game saves. Thanks to all who provided feedback since the last update, and to Rob04 for playtesting. History page HERE, ModDB page HERE. Optional camouflages HERE.
  5. Just continue to enjoy the game with the mod, leave feedback here, on the Steam discussions or on ModDB. Maybe leave a rating or review on ModDB.
  6. For anyone else having this problem, the solution was to make sure that antialiasing is disabled, including any forced settings in the Carrier Command: Gaea Mission profile on the Nvidia control panel.
  7. species1571

    Walrus AI / Patch 1.04 - 1.05?

    Deadly Islands mod (full disclosure, it is my own mod) has several features that can help with walruses: Position holding / Dynamic stance (units will not move out of position when they are not on a program and will be more aggressive from their held position), automatic bridge assistance (automatically moves them onto a bridge when they approach, as this is a time when they often get stuck), front and rear axle steering so they can get out of tighter positions, and if all else fails there is a visual and audio alert if a walrus gets stuck, so at least you know when it needs help. Compatible with both Steam and retail disc, but you must have the latest version 1.07.0025.
  8. First section of the game (before Fulcrum), conquer every island, hack every building complex and every research center (not every island has a RC) to build up your inventory and unlock blueprints. There is no enemy carrier during this section, so there is no time pressure. Use the time to build as many items as you can and send them to the carrier. Keep most of your islands as mining and gradually add a couple of production islands. There is no need for defense islands during this stage. The enemy carrier will become active after Fulcrum, so before heading there, make sure you have as much supplies as you need. Start the conversion of a few key islands to defense (or all of them if you like). This will boost the defense of any island connected to it, so the enemy will take longer to conquer them. Once you are ready, head to Fulcrum. After Fulcrum, your focus changes to locating a particular item. My advice is continue conquering each island only once, and hacking the buildings on each one as you go. The enemy carrier will be going around attacking the islands you already conquered. If you go and try to defend your islands, you cannot destroy the enemy carrier at this point, all you can do is chase it away, so you end up wasting a lot of time and fuel chasing it around the map. You also don't make any progress for taking back any islands you lost, so my preferred tactic is to Ignore the enemy carrier and keep focusing on progressing through the remaining islands, one time each. If your stockpile island comes under attack, send as much to the carrier as you can and start moving the stockpile to another island. Once you find the item, you will be ready for the final section of the game.
  9. species1571

    Carrier Command 2 announced.

    Hi. Remember that this is not the same MicroProse that went defunct many years ago, just a re-launching of the brand through transfer of IP rights. Also, MicroProse is the publisher, not the developer. I did see the developer name somewhere and couldn't find any information to suggest they had released anything before. Still, I am hopeful this game will be decent.
  10. Updated to v1.35: ---For neutral islands, the Islands Overview will now indicate if a command center is under construction on the island. This will be indicated with a command center icon. ---Improved the Manta Alternative Control option. Aiming with the reticle is now more accurate, the manta is less likely to drift horizontally after turning on the spot, and the previous forcing of interior camera has been removed, although interior camera will still appear the most stable. ---Fixed a bug in the previous update that would cause existing backup saved games to be deleted instead of being archived when starting a new game on the same profile. ---Fixed a bug when using the alternative radar, if the enemy carrier left and travelled to another island, its icon would continue to be shown in the middle of the current island. ---Fixed a bug in CCGM where the game could crash if the enemy carrier left the current island while its units were still undocked (thanks to Doc Sys for reporting). Thanks to all who provided feedback since the last update, and to Rob04 for playtesting. Download page HERE.
  11. Ok I see you got it while I was replying. The other common thing is the file paths. Depending what method you use to extract the deadlyislands folder into the game folder, you can end up with one deadlyislands folder inside another. There must only be one.
  12. Working now. This morning I got notifications of messages from last week, something must have been shut down during the holiday.
  13. Have the email notifications of new private messages and replies been removed?
  14. Carrier Command 2 has been announced by Microprose. Steam shows a release date of 1st April 2021. Graphics look a bit basic compared to CCGM, but will be interesting to see how it plays.
  15. Yes, not sure what to make of it. It could be just a new design for the CCGM website, but with this game being dormant for so many years, why would they spend time and money on a new site for this game? Could be a new remake, but since this game wasn't a big success and left in an unfinished beta state for years, why would they do another remake? Then again, CCGM wasn't originally their game, so maybe they are coming back for another go at a new remake. There is definite potential for a modern remake without changing the core mechanics too much, so will be curious to see if anything develops.