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  1. Updated to v1.32: -Advanced production screen overhaul: ---Tooltips will now be displayed when placing the mouse pointer over the various options. ---Blueprints list and advanced queue can now be scrolled using the mouse wheel. Blueprints list can also be scrolled by dragging the list up or down. ---When using the minimum material level options for auto-queueing items, previously the item would not be queued until the material level was reached. The item will now be queued regardless of material, but production will not start until the material level is reached. This allows you to adjust the production order, even if production cannot start yet. The queue will indicate pending materials in these cases. -Islands Overview overhaul: ---An additional entry in the Islands Overview option on page 4 of the customization menu allows the overview to always be displayed when on the map screen. When this option is enabled, the overview may get in the way of selecting items on the map, and in this case the overview can be temporarily hidden by holding the right mouse button. ---An additional entry in the display option on the overview window allows all islands to be listed, regardless of ownership. ---Island ownership is now indicated by the colour of its listing in the overview. ---If an island is under attack, this will be indicated at the top of the overview. The island's listing on the overview will also show that it is under attack. ---The overview can now be scrolled using the mouse wheel or by dragging the list. -Scout drone: ---The scout drone now has a limit to its range. Unlike carrier units, the drone will not lose telemetry and when the range is exceeded, it will set a course for a location within range. The range is slightly longer than the carrier's unit telemetry range, so it can still be used effectively on islands with scramblers in most situations. ---With the scout drone deployed and carrier shell cannon selected, the remote view can now be toggled by tapping the camera key (C by default). Holding the camera key instead of tapping will still function as before. A tagged target is no longer required. ---When the remote view is active and a target is tagged, you can now set the drone to automatically track the target. This can be toggled using the execute key (E by default). With tracking enabled, the drone will follow the target and try to keep itself slightly on the carrier side of the target. This makes it easier to line up shots, as the shells will be coming from the bottom of the screen, and also allows you to switch between multiple targets without setting the drone's position every time. NOTES: The drone will only track a target when the remote view is active. Take care when using this option as it may move your drone into hostile areas. ---When the remote view is active and there is no tagged target, you can now adjust the view from the drone by holding the right mouse button. ---When the drone is docked, its button within the carrier tactical button will remain displayed. This allows you to see its refuelling and repair state. You can also click on this to launch the drone. ---When the drone is launched using the shortcut key or the button within the carrier tactical button, clicking again will automatically switch to the drone once it has launched. ---The option for controlling drone altitude during autopilot has moved to page 6 of the customization menu. -Defense drones: ---If drone formation is set to "Island" on page 1 of the customization menu, the drones will now automatically rotate their position around the carrier to track the nearest enemy walrus if one is nearby. When no enemy walrus is nearby, they will behave the same as before. ---Added option on page 6 of the customization menu which allows drones to automatically launch when arriving at an enemy island and automatically dock when the island is captured. ---When the carrier is close to a pier, the pier will show as friendly. This prevents a situation where defense drones detonate on contact with the pier. ---Fuel management system options on page 7 of the customization menu now include an option for manual refuelling of docked units. When this option is enabled, a target fuel level slider will appear above the command bar for the currently selected unit. When the unit docks, the unit will be refuelled (or de-fuelled) to the target level. NOTES: The target fuel level will be cleared when the target is reached or if the unit undocks before reaching the target fuel level, so you will need to set the target level each time, but you can do this at any time whether the unit is docked or undocked. Having multiple units selected when you click the slider will apply the target fuel level to all selected units. Enabling this option will disable the "Unit fuel balancing" and "Carrier can use unit fuel" options. ---When a docked unit is selected, you can now quickly select an equipment preset using the relevant number key on the numeric keypad. You can do this without opening the Equip screen. ---Added option on page 6 of the customization menu for Manta alternative control. With this option enabled, the orientation of mantas is directly controlled with the mouse. This is mainly intended for players with a Steam controller, but it should also be possible with other controllers as long as they are using mouse emulation. You can also try it with the mouse if you find mantas difficult to control. NOTES: Only works with interior camera mode. If set to "Enabled", interior camera will be forced. If set to "Interior camera only", the function will toggle on and off depending your camera selection. Weapons such as lasers will appear with slight judder and will not always point exactly at the reticle (you will need to visually account for this). There is slight drifting to the left or right when rotating the manta on the spot. Collisions with objects such as trees or terrain will no longer affect the orientation of the manta. ---Barque arrival animation can now be interrupted by pressing the camera key. ---Giving a unit a waypoint by clicking on the map will now automatically execute if the unit was previously suspended. ---If the game crashes and you don't see the crash message, it will appear on the menu screen the next time you launch the game. This will also show the location of the crash log. ---The option for inverting vertical mouse axis has been removed from the customization menu. This will now be read from the main game options. ---The option for selecting HUD removal has been removed from the customization menu. This will now use the combined method - tap the HUD key to toggle or press for a longer period to hold. When toggled off, the HUD can now be shown by holding the key. ---Unit quick command buttons added in v1.30 no longer require the right mouse button to be held. If you prefer, you can restore the right mouse button requirement, or disable the function entirely. An option has been added on page 4 of the customization menu. ---Enhanced context buttons added in v1.30 will now always be used when a carrier unit is selected. This means that DOCK/UNDOCK/EXECUTE/SUSPEND will always be shown uniformly, with a fifth button appearing for EQUIP if the unit is docked. ---Fixed a long-running issue where clicking on mod-specific buttons in fullscreen without holding the right mouse button would cause the selected unit to either undock or switch to manual control. As a result of this fix, some buttons which would previously only appear when the right mouse button was held, will now always appear. ---Fixed a bug in the previous update when playing the story campaign, the hammerhead mission would not trigger after capturing Vattland, meaning the mission on Fulcrum could not start until you returned to Vattland. ---Fixed a problem in CCGM where Walruses would sometimes not accept waypoints to certain locations on an island. ---Fixed a problem in CCGM where Walruses would not accept waypoints to stations on an island if they weren't needed, for example clicking on a refuelling station if the walrus had full fuel. ---Fixed a problem in CCGM when using missiles to lock onto a target, the name of the target would be obscured by the white targeting box. ---Fixed a problem in CCGM when using Set Sail or Instant Sail if the carrier was in shallow water, it would remain stuck until manually steered out. The carrier will now automatically move to the anchor point when this happens. Thanks to all who provided feedback since the last update, and to Rob04 for playtesting. Download page HERE, or go directly to the file HERE. Optional camouflages HERE.
  2. Solved. Hammerhead objective was not fully completed.
  3. In the unmodded game, the limit is 60°. You can change it, but it won't be more useful as the maximum distance for shells is at 45°. Firing up beyond 80, the shell would just come down a few feet in front or even hit the carrier. It also becomes possible for the front gun to be left in the vertical position and destroyed by fire from the rear left gun. The same with the downward and side angles, extending them causes damage to the front and sides of the carrier, especially if fired when the carrier is moving forwards. I adjusted the position and angle limits of all the guns from the unmodded game to give maximum coverage without damaging the carrier.
  4. I was able to reproduce the stuck-in-timewarp by doing that, but not the lost saves. I was still able to access the esc menu and load the game from after the enemy carrier was sunk. Did you have auto backups enabled? If so, copy the backup folder from that profile to a safe location BEFORE starting a new game. Start a new game on the same profile and then exit and copy the most recent files in the copied backup folder back into the profile folder and you should be able to resume from there.
  5. Updated to v1.31: This update fixes a few errors in the recent v1.30 update: ---Crash which may occur when trying to hack a Research Center in a strategy game. ---Progress bonus blueprints not unlocking. ---Walrus turbo unable to be cancelled by pressing the activation key again when exterior camera view is active. ---Enemy carrier's units always being shown on the alternative radar, even when they are out of radar range. ---Nearest Islands Overview always showing "conn" as yes, even when the island does not have a connection to your current stockpile. EDIT: Updated again to fix bonus blueprints incorrectly unlocking at the start of a game when starting with multiple friendly islands. Download page HERE. Optional camouflages HERE.
  6. I didn't mean tweaks to the game files, I meant did you make any changes to customization menu settings after the crash?
  7. Maybe you just needed a reboot. Did you make any customization changes that could have caused a different result?