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  1. As in topic, i'm very disappointed about the lack of support by developers
  2. asadex

    Update 360

    no, that means you lost your money for a bugged game
  3. Something i'm workin' on Enjoy http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee234/asadex/carrier2013-02-0701-10-46-26_zps5c2be66c.jpg (104 kB)
  4. If infantry units will be divided in "squands" (one for transporter) the player will be the squad commander and the squad will follow him and attack his targets, at the death of the squad commander the player control switch to another unit in the squad that will take the role of squad commander. The squad will be deployed by an unarmed walrus (with an apposite infantry module) and this one, once deployed a squad, will reamain in place waiting the squad return inside. The squad, once deployed, will be selected by the relative Warlus trasport button. Infantry will be the only unit able to execute hack missions and, as drones, will be less individuable than warlus and more resistent when in cover. Yep
  5. Hi, I try to give my suggestions: 1) introduce blueprints in the strategy game 2) introduce "island bonus" related at the nature of the island (for example a fuel plant could give a fuel bonus) 3) give the player the opportunity to take contol of the defences of an attacked island 4) more island personalization by a construction system ( you could base it on the module system) 5) infantry units as a warlus module, it can deploy a 5 man squad for hacking/infiltration operations 6) an AI, please 7) a mod support now Thanks
  6. Interesting, I suggest you use the walrus as transportation and infantry as a special upgrade for it (there will be a blueprint), then I would suggest to use the infantry as the only instrument able to perform hacking on defense system and scout missions
  7. asadex

    XBOX Players

    I would play the game on my xbox but i can't find it in Italy!!!
  8. I would prefer to buy the game from the shop near my home,sure it is low priced than the "amazonic" one
  9. Very Strange!!! I was speaking with some retrailers (Gamestop, Feltrinelli, Mediaworld) and they said to me that thay didn't know about the existence of the game and there was nothing arriving in the next two months!
  10. Sorry to bump my post but there is really a problem on finding the game (xbox360) here in Italy, there are no sellers informed about this game!!! Please developers contact Mastertronic and ask them about their distrubuition policy
  11. Since the release i'm searching the game in every game shop in Italy but no one knows about carrier command :confused:
  12. asadex

    Patch Breaking game exe

    thankyou very much! done and problem solved