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  1. Right, NOW I get what I'm dealing with... Good luck pal.
  2. Why point me in the right direction if you could just tell me? There are 45 pages in this thread, do you seriously expect me to read through all of that to get a simple answer? All I'm saying is, since you bothered to answer, you could just answer me straight away, and not send me on a "hunt" for the answers.
  3. "As of right now the pack will only have the Merkava Mk2, Merkava Mk4...", "Aside from that we have a Merkava mk2 and a Puma APC but they need a lot of work." Wait, you mean the 3 and 4 are ready, and the 2 needs work? You've got me confused...
  4. On page 30 there are only pictures of III's and IV's. It says nothing of II's and Magachs. So could you please answer the question and not send me looking for the answers?
  5. Looks really good, great job! I've got a question though, will there be Merkava Mk. II, III and Magachs in the mod?
  6. So, will the screenshots be here anytime soon?
  7. Raafatah64, the way you made the stripe of black elastic material (it's not exactly rubber), is not exactly right. Usually it reaches higher up on the helmet, and it usually doesn't cover all of the bottom of the helmet but there is a little space left. Also it has nothing to do with special forces units.
  8. dontpKaniC

    Only 2 units?

    Firstly, sorry if my first comment came out a little violent and assaulting, I didn't mean it to be that way. Secondly, I am a fan of a lot of deep strategy games, and I absolutely LOVE micromanagement. I like to fine-tune the smallest details and make things fit exactly my play-style. For me, more units would add to the strategic and tactical decisions I would need to make in-game. I still don't really agree with you, because in my opinion, adding something new to a game that makes it better and more fun, even if it doesn't completely follow the formula of the original, is still a good thing to do, because, lets face it, we want a good game and not a blind re-creation of the original. For me, as long as the feature makes the game more enjoyable and deep, it is worth implementing even if it differs from the original. Besides, I doubt that adding more units to the game is such a drastic change. It's not like the core game-play will change as a result.
  9. dontpKaniC

    Only 2 units?

    ADROPACRICH2, you are talking complete nonsense!!! "betraying the original"?! I don't see how adding more variety to a great game and making it even better will be "betraying the original"! Remake or not, this is a new game, and it has to have new features. If you are so nostalgic that you will reject features that will make the game better, you shouldn't bother with a remake and just stick with the original game.