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  1. same. Had issues running .15 in dev branch but .16 seems to be perfectly fine.
  2. Pretty much this. I'm playing through the SP campaign now and its very enjoyable with the enhanced AI!! While Fire-Fight Improvement System is a good AI mod, it broke the campaign due to messing with waypoints, and so far I've had no issues with bCombat v0.16. A very well coded and well thought out mod. Congratulations on the excellent work. The holy trinity of mods are now complete - commence with true unabashed enjoyment of Arma 3!!!
  3. sounds like an incredibly dangerous experiment!! Mod sounds great though, excellent work!
  4. Go for it, its open source! I've commented most of my script changes which should make it easy to see what I've done. I think the waypoint stuff needs further testing though... I'm still having issues with the Campaign. Can others please test the first mission from the campaign with JUST FFIS v1.25 and see if they can get through. After the first FireFight Adams just legs it for Baldy I think and doesn't follow the ridgeline for the second contact. I even unpacked the campaign mission to check how they coded it and can't workout why he ignores his programmed waypoints.
  5. Yes, the flanking element of zooloo's script is pretty great. I don't have the code in front of me but if I recall, individual soldiers break formation and scramble +/- up to 60m (random distance) from their position. The squad leader also gives them a (now seek and destroy) waypoint on the firing position of the enemy which they subsequently execute. The cool thing is, if the firer moves position without being detected, they can then counter-flank.
  6. FFIS v1.25 modified by sproyd Well here is my best attempt at fixing some of the waypoint module problems. Please beta test this. One bug that's been introduced is sometimes your AI squad leader will repeatedly tell you to go to a grid ref... 22/12/2013 Updates Download Link v1.25 by sproyd - Changed setBehaviour for non-sniper units to AWARE from COMBAT due to some units getting stuck in COMBAT mode even after the end of a firefight - Halved the chance of smoke grenades, was a bit excessive especially when using Blastcore - For the waypoint module, modified waypoint type from DESTROY to SEEK AND DESTROY (SAD) as this would sometimes make units attack static objects and not move until they were destroyed (so never). - Changed Waypoint Behaviour from COMBAT to UNCHANGED to help prevent the aforementioned problem where units get stuck in COMBAT mode - Changed Waypoint indexing from 1 to 0
  7. Well with sttosin's updates and zooloo75 pending a comeback I don't want to clutter up the thread with alternative versions, but as promised I've updated the animations... to my v1.1 mod (this is now a different branch to sttosin's). FFIS v1.15 modified by sproyd 22/12/2013 Updates - Improved evasive animations. Removed the ridiculous ones like bunnyhop and run towards the enemy and left in four core animations, dive left (then crawl forward), dive right (then crawl forward), strafe right (then drop to one knee), strafe forward left (theen drop to one knee). - Increased chance of evasive maneuvers slightly - Replaced 'round' script for 'floor' script, for selecting evasive animation and radio comms. This is best practice as it ensures proper random selection of options. The existing setup favoured some options over others. Download Link removed, newer version available below I'm still looking into the waypoint situation. ---------- Post added at 12:01 ---------- Previous post was at 11:22 ---------- Waypoint Progress I've also made some progress on the WayPoint system. I think I've fixed several problems, although the campaign is still not playable with the waypoints enabled, I think because BIS have designed the campaign not to be open-ended and so when you start doing stuff outside of what they want you end up failing. I can't get past the first mission. However, I've solved some issues like units getting stuck in Combat mode where they will prone, run, prone, run, prone, run even when they haven't been in combat for ages. I've also solved the issue where a group leader will order a group to a position to destroy the enemy but then they won't leave afterwards because they think the enemy is still alive, or they'll fire on an inanimate object that can't be destroyed... So those issues are fixed. Let me know if you'd like me to release this version. PS: If you are using Blastcore with FFIS you might find the smoke a bit overwhelming, particularly because the AI can see right through it... The smoke effect with Blastcore is seriously huge and far more effective than OEM but needs some tweaking.
  8. I'm not sure if I'm 'doing it wrong' but the Splendid Animation Viewer on stable branch appears to be broken, can anyone verify? The vast majority of the animations just show the unit dying in prone... regardless of what combination of unit, position etc is selected...
  9. sproyd

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Great job Optical Snare, great job!! One of two always-on mods.
  10. sproyd

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Great job, the new screenshots look incredible -like a different game (Arma 4?). Please keep up the good work!!
  11. Hmm just had this same problem - updated to Win 8.1 now its all being pushed by M$ and ouila my A3 stopped working. Took me 10 mins to work out it was SweetFX... annoying.
  12. This should be fairly easy to fix, however I'm currently working on the Waypoints part of the script as it breaks the SP Campaign for me and is quite complex.
  13. I'm happy to keep working on it but am limited by (1) my poor-at-best Arma scripting skills and (2) very limited personal time due to work, friends and family commitments (3) Other projects such as my editor guide and mission-making that I get a lot of personal enjoyment out of. However, seeing as I spent quite a while poring over the code I'm happy to look at enhancing the mod further although expect a very slow and long development cycle. The original mod itself is very cleanly and well-coded, so I just thought I'd try and fix the de-grouping issue first so that people can enjoy this excellent mod without implications. A cool idea to bring back panic in a more accurate way, would be a very low (0.1% chance) of soldiers just outright freaking out, degrouping and sprinting indefinitely in the opposite direction to incoming fire, which shouldn't be too hard to program. ---------- Post added at 21:10 ---------- Previous post was at 20:38 ---------- FYI all, for v1.1 I've removed the DropBox link and replaced with Armaholic. No changes though. Download via Armaholic
  14. That's good news. Yes I need to look into the waypoint system. From what I can see in the code, when a unit is fired upon they are given a waypoint at the firer's position in "COMBAT" mode. Which basically means they will only move very slowly towards that WP. However, I did encounter the situation where once they reached the waypoint they just stop and don't carry on their "Editor WPs". May take some tweaking. Anyway, the panic is gone for now - rejoice! ---------- Post added at 08:08 ---------- Previous post was at 08:04 ---------- Analysing the code, wind gusts are not simulated, instead wind is applied and then a further element of randomness is introduced which is linked to wind strength.
  15. Update: I've just made a minor tweak to the version on dropbox. Can you test again. I think the issue was I'd removed the de-grouping functionality but the re-grouping functionality was kicking back in.
  16. @geekboy234 I ran a dedicated test mission when modifying FFIS and I didn't lose control of any members of my squad. With the original FFIS I lost control of all of them. The situation you are referring to whereby higher ranked units are under the control of grouped lower ranked units I didn't believe was possible in the Arma engine... Can you confirm what campaign mission you were playing when you experienced this so we can try and repro?
  17. FFIS Updated Well today I decided to fix the beloved FFIS mod given zooloo75 has disappeared off the face off the planet into a state of higher learning ;) I've only made very minor changes but all seems to be working; FFIS v1.1 24/11/2013 (modified by sproyd) - Fixed: Hard coded out the panic functionality where units would de-group as this was causing many issues and it wasn't able to be disabled in the options - Changed: the wind is now turned off by default as this was interacting with TMR to give mega-wind making it impossible to hit - Changed: The folder paths now use "FFIS" instead of "zooloo75" so you can more easily identify the mod. - NOTE: you will need to put a new userconfig file in your A3 root directory, instructions are in the package Download via Armaholic
  18. Well actually this has to do with the core functionality of the mod - although its one of the main problems with it as well. The idea is that units de-group from their group when they panic so they won't follow orders. They should eventually de-panic and regroup, and the original group leader will re-assume the group leader role (this is just how Arma is designed in regards to the rank system). However, I'm not convinced that the panic functionality is implemented in a way that will prevent game-breaking situations.
  19. My vote: this is the best solution by far. A pain in the ass that we need a workaround but this is the best. Thanks mate, works a treat
  20. As identified in this thread, the static map object IDs are not so static and have been changing everytime the terrain is updated by BIS. What this means that if there is a mission which involves grouping the terrain's static IDs (i.e. buildings) then when BIS sporadically updates Altis/Stratis due to on going development, these static IDs all change and a random item becomes grouped instead. So for example; If I want a trigger to fire once a building is destroyed, currently, the quickest way to do that is place a trigger over the building, group it with the static ID of that building and set the Trigger to activate once "not present". However, the recent stable branch update changed all of the IDs on Altis and so overnight a huge number of missions have become broken as those triggers are now grouped to a building on the opposite side of the map. There is a potentialy work around using Game Logic, the nearestObject script and the object's class name but this is a pain as its not always simple to work out what the class name is for a given object. Also, the grouped trigger method gives a good visual representation of what is happening in the editor. Can anyone think of any alternate workarounds that will prevent mission breaking patches by BIS in future? Cheers!!
  21. this. God... this. Basically, why does the Editor permit grouping with static map objects if the IDs are not fixed and constantly change everytime the map is patched. Please tell me there is a better fix than using nearestObject with the (indeterminate) class name.
  22. OP updated with a patch to fix a game-breaking bug caused by new BIS patch.
  23. Strong definitely looks good for me on Altis - great stuff BB!!! More or less fixes my biggest bug bear with this game!!
  24. sproyd

    bad italian translation

    bloody Europe!! Why don't you all just speak English!! just kidding :) the lost in translation for French and Italian translations is frankly hilarious. Its like the european version of "All Your Base Are Belong To US"
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    Arma 3 running on the large Pixel Collider

    This is a beast.... but the cost to build and the cost to run is too much too much. too much... I like it though - its like the black 458 Italia parked on the street outside my house, I enjoy that it exists because I can look at it all day, I don't even mind I can't afford