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    Looking for Scriptwriters and Developers

    Hey guys! Just an update on our mission. We are moving along pretty well but we are stuck at one point of development. We are trying to do a loot table integration without using any other framework. We have loot spawning but its not despawning the loot and is duplicating loot. If anyone has experience with creating a loot table and loot system from scratch, it would be very much appreciated. PM me for information or connect to our Teamspeak. TS.A3Survival.com
  2. Introduction: SniperNoSniping here, looking for some developers to hop on board a project I am starting. I have worked in many ARMA communities for over 6 years. I started way back in ARMA 2 days creating a life community which reached the population of over 1000 registered users and an ARMA 2 Wasteland server that was full nearly all the time and was in the top 10 Wasteland Servers at one time. I have years of experience running a community and looking forward to starting this project with some talented individuals. My Goal: Currently I have a website under works using IPBoard software, and Teamspeak ready to launch. I am looking for dedicated developers, scripters, texture artists, to make a simple mission file for all to enjoy. The mission will be from scratch and already laid out on a Trello discussion board. The mission will be a mix of survival and wasteland type systems. Bring back some of the popular type of systems that Overpoch and Epoch had. To make this clear it is not a roleplay type mission nor is it a life mission. We will be using the Steam Workshop for our files so we won't have to host anything. Looking for a Lead Developer to take the reigns and bring in a team to start the project. There may be minor funds involved for some of the work if needed to get this started. Recommendations: Experience using SQL databases Experience with SQF Scripting Commands Past Community Experience Preferred If you are interested in joining the team, feel free to reply to this post with some of your qualifications or PM me here on the forums. You can also find me on Steam if you wish SniperNoSniping21. This will be a fresh start community. All scripts will remain with the authors information within the script. "Stealing" scripts to make the mission is not what we aim to do! We know a lot of communities in ARMA 3 are a little rough around the edges, either being ran poorly, into the ground, or poor development; this is what we are going to change!
  3. snipernosniping

    Spearhead Looking for Developers!

    Hello Abdul Rahman, I have emailed you and added you on Steam. Feel free to ask any questions via email or Steam, I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to talking with you. Brandon/SniperNoSniping
  4. snipernosniping

    Spearhead Looking for Developers!

    Just to update anyone who is still interested. We have about 4-5 Developers who have joined the team! But we aren't done yet and we are looking for a few more to make it a full team. If you have experience, we'd like you to come join us. We are a large community, with many people to get a server started. Put your name on something thats going to last. Thanks for reading!
  5. Hey guys, I was setting up a Wasteland server, but I have multiple servers. And I was curious how I could set up so it goes to certain cores so that way the servers don't stack onto the same CPU cores. "Expansion\beta\arma2oaserver.exe" -ip= -port=2311 "-config=wasteland\server.cfg" "-profiles=wasteland" "-mod=@Arma2NET" -noPause -noSound -cpuCount=2 -exThreads=1 -maxMem=2048 The -cpuCount=2 is just using two cores but doesn't select a certain core to use. So what I wanted to do is set one server to CPU 0, CPU 1. And the second server onto CPU 2, CPU 3. How can I make the bat file select certain cores, not just any core.
  6. Hey guys, my lead development over at Ultimate-RP is having issues with an issue with some of the scripts we have running on the mission. In the mission we have a interaction menu that is not popping up for some player slots. Its hard for me to describe but I was hoping someone could hop on our Teamspeak and help my buddy out with the issue. He says the array and everything he sees is correct but we don't understand why some slots arent getting the interaction and some are. Let a Public Relations Staff Member know your here to help OneShot with a scripting issue. Its easy if you just jump on and talk to him lol. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys Im with Metro City RPG and we are looking for someone who knows a little about Life Mod Scripting. We have a few right now but the load of work is becoming an issue. Any skills in Mission Editing would be great. Scripting is mainly what we are looking for. Our scripts are starting to run slow and we could use an extra pair of hands on scripting. You can get in contact with me VIA our website or over these forums. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. metrocityrpg.enjin.com
  8. snipernosniping

    Music Recommendations

    This is pretty funny in my opinion.
  9. Real Life RPG is recruiting some strong Roleplayers! Currently we have around 43 members, three head admins, and few developers. We have a Life Server up with Customized Mods. We are still in Beta so if you would like to get your foot in the door the time would be now! Any skills with developing such as modeling, textures, missions, etc would be much appreciated. We are simular to BayCity, TCG, CityLife, and others, just not as strict at this time because we are small and still building. Our information can be found on enjin ---> realliferpg Teamspeak: Contact me on our website if you have any questions.
  10. Squad name:- Real Life RPG Timezone/location : United States Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop / Roleplay Contact email: Website address: realliferpg. enjin .com Short description: Real Life RPG Mod Simular to CityLife, TCG, Bay City Language: English