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  1. For me holding Alt activates it, 2xAlt locks it on/off. Just like most other buttons in ArmA 3.
  2. mbicko

    We need this to be optimized.

    Add this to you steam parameters. -cpucount=4 - change number to your amount of CPUs. Helped my game alot.
  3. So, fly one upside down, you wont really fall out of the sky.. more like float like a feather.
  4. mbicko

    New Mod "Wasteland"

    Why on earth did you bump a three year old thread? Seriously, 3 years, why not google it to find your answer? Nothing in Google? Then it doesn't exist.
  5. Sorry about the double post, seems it's been majorly improved, but not entirely fixed. See the tree's in this vid I just made, latest Beta. Watch in 720p/1080p for best quality... 480p still visible though. EDIT: It seems what I am demonstrating in the above video has been around since ArmA1/2009.... Uhgg.. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?90401-Zooming-and-LOD-switching And proving grounds tree's lod switching while driving.. Look at the tree's on the left.
  6. Confirmed here on 1.62.96751 - All Texture Detail settings working for me with no issues. Specs: HD 7870 2gb I5 3570k 8gb RAM. Win 7 64bit.