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  1. admiral526

    ArmA 2 video freezes / sound continues

    After I updated the drivers I went to play ArmA 2, my favourite server and surprisingly there were no freezing issues... I managed to play 40 minutes in total - and then I lost connection thanks to my internet provider -_- However, if the problem reappears I'll make sure to post that RPT file. Thanks for your support Orcinus.
  2. admiral526

    ArmA 2 video freezes / sound continues

    I have updated my drivers to 320.46 (which is the latest for my graphic card) via software I downloaded form nVidia site called GeForce Experience. The software also offers some kind of game optimisation for better performance, but I didn't want to touch that before I post you that RPT file. Are you sure I can remove all of the text from arma2.rpt because it looks so important. I need to make sure I don't ruin anything in the game because reinstalling is a real pain.
  3. admiral526

    ArmA 2 video freezes / sound continues

    I will look for the driver updates tomorrow and do as you said in the 1. option. BTW, I looked at my nVidia Control Panel and saw that ArmA 2 performance is Fair (which means not very good).
  4. Hello everyone. I have a problem with ArmA 2 when I enter a server on the internet. After about 5-10 minutes video just freezes, but I can still hear all the shooting, movement and chat warnings. I am able exit the game only using Task Manager. I tried reinstalling the game but the problem was still there. The game played well for me three months ago on the same computer with Win8 Pro, before I re-installed the windows. Now I removed anything related to ArmA 2 on my PC and I'm doing a complete re-install of the game again. Is there any solution to this freezing issue? Note#: I bought ArmA 2 via Steam. Thank you. I hope for a quick reply as I tend to start playing the game as soon as possible. EDIT: First of all I reinstalled the game but the issue seems to stay. Secondly, I can play ArmA 2 in windowed mode for about 20 mins and then it freezes, but I am also able to see a pop up message in the bottom right of my desktop saying: "Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 311.06 stopped responding and has successfully recovered." Thirdly, I even can't play campaign without freezing. My graphic card is nVidia GeForce GTX 650 1GB
  5. Hi guys, I haven't been playing ArmA II since last summer. Few days ago I decided to play it again so I downloaded and installed it via Steam. Now I have a better PC with Windows 8 Pro. I entered my favourite server online and after about 5 minutes of playing my video just froze. I could still hear all the sounds (movement, shooting...) but I only saw that frozen picture. The thing happened over and over again no matter how many times I re-enter the game or restart my PC. I have a feeling that it has something to do with Windows 8 (previously I had XP on my older PC). What could be the problem? I really need help as I want to start playing the game as soon as possible. Thank you. EDIT: I found somewhere on the forum that it might be related to the newest BattleEye patch, but if that is the problem how can I play BattleEye protected servers then? EDIT 2: I reinstalled the game but the same problem is happening over and over again. EDIT 3: I just realised I placed this thread into the wrong section :o. Sorry...
  6. Hi people! :D I need some help. I was wondering how to edit backpack cargo slots. For example I want the tripod bag to have 5 slots to add magazines and items. Does anyone know how to do that? Btw, how can I rename an object (for example 'tripod bag' to 'rolled cloth')? Thanks.
  7. @Iceman77 thanks, it works. :) That part is solved. @kylania how do i turn recruit mode off. Do you mean the game difficulty or what?
  8. ACE feature??? I have no mods just basic arma 2 + operation arrowhead. ... And whatever I write in the description field, it doesn't show up in game...
  9. I tried that, but... Hovering text is still 'Soldier (unarmed)'. Dunno what to do... :( Btw, when I'm in multiplayer editor, when I add units and make them playable, how can I change soldier names in lobby. For example from 'Assault Grenadier' to 'Special Operator'?
  10. Hi guyz :) I was wondering how to change unit's class name. For example when I put unit 'Soldier (unarmed)' and point my rifle at it in game, hovering text says 'Soldier (unarmed)'. I want that text to say 'Sniperman', because it'll be stupid to have a soldier with 'unarmed' in its name that carries a sniper. Does anyone have any idea on how to do that? If you don't understand what I'm saying, I'll try to explain better. Thanks...
  11. Thanks, but thats a whole mod and I only need one script. By the way i tried to make kinda script for that problem (ammobox.sqf) and i added an action when you interact with offroad "Load Ammo". I connected it with my script and tested it, but when i click on that action it says "ammobox.sqf not found". :confused: I also checked some other threads and I didnt find the solution. The closest one to my need was: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?100646-Cargo-Load-and-Drop-Script, but it is only for aircraft. :(
  12. Hi guyz, this is my first post. LoL ;) I wanted to create a mission where you will be told to load ammobox in offroad, but i dont know how to make that script. I tried and tried but i simply dont understand. :confused: The script should be: "When an offroad is in about 5 meters range from ammobox, then you can chose action Load Ammo when you interact with offroad. Then when you click it, ammobox is removed from the ground and attached to cars back. Then if you want to unload the ammobox you click action Unload Ammo and it deattaches from car and is put back on ground." Can anyone help me please. Any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks. :p