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  1. jimbouk1977

    Help with multiple servers 1 mod folder setup

    Yeah i thought that might be the case, I used to use that for my Exile servers but i was wondering if there was a better way. Thank you for the reply
  2. I've had a quick google and cant seem to find an answer to this so im going to ask here I'm trying to save disk space on my Dedi box as I've upgraded my hard drives to 1TB NVME's x 3 of. I'm trying to just use 1 mod folder for all the servers yet I'm having issues doing so bellow is what I've tried so far. I also use FireDaemon pro to host my servers as a service (if that makes any difference) Any help gratefully received
  3. jimbouk1977

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    Does this still work? Also what do you need to make it load correctly?
  4. jimbouk1977

    SQF Syntax checker

    I was just googling for an SQF script checker and came across this did anything ever come of this? (sorry to revive old thread)
  5. jimbouk1977

    Limit Virtual Arsenal items

    Hi, @Larrow I'm trying to remove/blacklist all vanilla items from the default Arsenal on a Liberation 1944 mission that uses a custom GUI, can I do this by just using the fn_Blacklist.sqf on its own and adding all vanilla classnames? As there is no arsenal/ammo box and the arsenal is called via a trigger, not a static object. As you can probably realise I'm a noob when it comes to scripting and what little I did know I've forgotten, as I took a few years off from the game so please dumb down any response.
  6. I'm trying to get this to work on Invade and Annex 3.2.0 Tanoa No mater what i try it wont work does anyone know if this still works with the current release client? Using the new spawn system / GUI also Thanks in advance Jim
  7. jimbouk1977

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    this is what is happening i go to the laptop and it has no scroll option to move to MHQ so i then go to the HMET transport that also just shows as a default truck I've tried driving it off then killing myself then going back to base but no option shows on the laptop still so it is almost like the script is not even initiating at server start. I've also tried to login as admin and execute the command from within game.
  8. jimbouk1977

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    Tanoa map and the only thing in the last report file was this whisch i dont understand as that script isnt even in the mission folder or inside the script folder Then it just repeats those few lines over an over again but my last one where i tried changing to what you said showed this only
  9. jimbouk1977

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    Nope no crashes so logs are uneventful, Laptop there but no action on it and the Hemet (troop carrying one) there but not marked as MHQ. The thing that annoys me is i have working MHQ scripts on some of my Altis map I & A map edits (old ones) but i cant load them in the Eden editor
  10. jimbouk1977

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    Well that didn't do the trick either :/ here is the SQF & once again thank you for trying to help :-)
  11. jimbouk1977

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    Thanks for the response I appreciate it, i will give that a go and see if it works.
  12. jimbouk1977

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    Nope i must be doing something wrong I've tried leaving it blank, West, Blufor & NATO as the side and it doesn't seem to work on any of them any ideas? I'm trying to use this on a Tanoa map Please remember i am a noob so take it easy and dumb it down :D Placed 3 x HEMTT Transport with null = [this] execVM "CHHQ.sqf" placed 2 x Laptops with null = [this] execVM "CHHQ.sqf" And put this in the init.sqf CHHQ_showMarkers = true; // Set 'true' if you want real time map markers for all HQs on your side. (Default: true) The script is in the root of my mission so any ideas?
  13. jimbouk1977

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    I guess that's what i get for trying to do things at 4 in the morning lol. Thank you though that has no doubt saved me a few hours of scratching my head some more, I've had a few years of tweaking Arma and have somehow forgotten 90% of what i learned (the price of getting old i guess)
  14. jimbouk1977

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    Only just came across this scrip does anyone know why when trying to add null = [this, SIDE] execVM "CHHQ.sqf in to the items init field i get a return of init: generic error in exception ?
  15. jimbouk1977

    Weapon sway removal

    What was linked in this thread trying to find away of limiting sway myself