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  1. Website: http://canadianairborneregiment.ca/ The Canadian Airborne Regiment The Canadian Airborne Regiment is an ARMA 3 realism unit portraying Canadian airborne infantry through accurate equipment and tactics. We translate practices of Canadian infantry and modifiy them in a way which promotes a functional and fun environment to play ARMA 3. The ARMAverse is filled with enemy to combat and with the use of ALIVE the CAR will be doing many persistent story driven campaigns throughout various AOs. Mission Timing and Kit Our operations run every Sunday at 2000 EST standard time. This is the time the mission will kick off so members are expected to be ready to go at the time. As an airborne unit we will be primarily deployed via static line jumps in a light infantry role with kit provided by our custom mod pack. How to join If you are interesting in joining, your first step is to fill out an application form here: http://canadianairborneregiment.ca/recruitment Once accepted you will given the teamspeak information, mod downloads, and a timing for your in game new member orientation to cover the basics of how we play. Minimum Requirements We do have some minimum requirements for those interested in joining the CAR: Minimum age of 19 Own a working microphone Speak fluent English Own a legal copy of ARMA 3 YouTube: The Canadian Airborne Regiment Arma 3 Realism Unit
  2. Squad name: The Canadian Airborne Regiment Timezone/location : EST Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): coop Contact email: NIL Website address: http://canadianairborneregiment.ca/ Short description: The Canadian Airborne Regiment is a realism unit focused on ALIVE persistent campaigns as Canadian airborne infantry every Sunday at 2000EST. Language: English
  3. I'm part of a group called Task Force 141 and we are looking for another partner or two for our upcoming coop persistent operation to Sangin in ARMA 3. Task Force 141 formed as a group in March and we are wrapping up our first campaign in Koplic. We sit at about 10 members so we are small cookies compared to some of the power house groups, but we have some great organized fun every Sunday. Here is some basic questions answered regarding the campaign: What mods do you use? The main mods are RHS, AGM, TaskForceRadio, ALIVE, Allinarmaterrainpack, and various kit/map related mods. Add this repo on playwithsix if you would like to see in detail: pws://files.enjin.com/875271/REPO/config.yml We would also be willing to add any mods of your group you find critical to your playstyle. When is the actual mission time of this operation? Our missions run every Sunday @ ~1500EST and ideally we would like to be able to play together. However there could be occasions when units play at independent times to contribute to the campaign. What do you mean by persistent campaign? With the use of ALIVE you are able to continue one mission over various sessions. Actions from previous missions impact the operation as a whole, and we are looking to run this campaign for at least 2 months. Firstperson/Respawns/Rules? This campaign will be in first person view only, if a group is very adamant about 3rd person there may make acceptations. When death occurs there will be respawn back at the starting FOB after a certain amount of time, we are still determining the right balance of "punishment" for dying and ability to get back in the fight. At the end of they we want to play and have fun in a organized manner, but we don't want to make life seem dispensable. We are testing the mission framework Sunday May 17th with the repo above. If you are interested in looking around the mission and chatting with participants PM me and I will provide our teamspeak information.
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    Great mod, the camo works great on most ARMA maps!
  5. Anyone else experience the challenger driving slightly to the right?
  6. What is Operation Sandstorm? It is a 2 day COOP event occurring on December 20th and December 21st from 2000EST to 2400EST both days. Players will work as a platoon to complete the objectives with the equipment provided. See the Oppord for details here: http://armairregulars.enjin.com/forum/m/27786101/viewthread/17798051-op-sandstorm-opord What are the requirements to join? 1) Own a legal copy of ARMA 3 2) Have a working microphone 3) Willing to install the required mods 4)Willing to work in a team environment 5) Be over the age of 18 (or atleast convince us you are) What mods are required? We have made a Playwithsix repo that can be found here with a web browser:https://play.withsix.com/arma-3/collections/5KpopExcuEakCrfl-f0eRQ/Op-Sandstorm OR applied directly in PlaywithSix with the repo URL: pws://?c=5KpopExcuEakCrfl-f0eRQ (If you need help with mod installation, pop into our Teamspeak @ and drop into the Op Sandstorm Help room Channel) So what's the backstory? NATO is considering their mission in Takistan over leaving the Takistan Military to fend for themselves. As NATO forces were replaced by their Takistan counterparts, there has been rise in Takiban activity. Our platoon stationed at FOB Scimitar has been tasked at keeping the peace in our region of Takistan. The north and west borders of our AO have seen major Takiban activity as they recapture territory previously held by NATO forces. Our Takistani platoon has old american weapons (M16A2s, M60s, etc) and old Russian equipment (BMP1s, 2 MI8s, Urals, and Pickups) that we will use to crush the Takiban presence. Extra Info: - Full healing can only occur at one of the 4 FOBS large bunkers (see Opord for map: http://armairregulars.enjin.com/forum/m/27786101/viewthread/17798051-op-sandstorm-opord) -There are vehicle service stations at each FOB (Helipads), vehicle repairs in the field must be done by the IC, 2IC or 3IC of the squad with a Toolkit found in the vehicle. -Vehicle respawn is 40 minutes long, don't let em blow up! -Player respawn is 20 minutes, and will spawn back at the FOB Scimitar -1st Person View only After reading this proceed to the Registration page if intrested in joining! http://armairregulars.enjin.com/forum/m/27786101/viewthread/17796838-sign-up-roster Have questions or comments? Drop by the Op Sandstorm forum and post here: http://armairregulars.enjin.com/forum/m/27786101/viewthread/17798724-questions-comments-stories-here OR Join our Teamspeak @
  7. please delete post
  8. Glad to see testing is going relatively well all around. Jump safe gents.
  9. chilaxe

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    This provides excellent enemy forces for people looking for something a little different than the default factions.
  10. Bogart, if you thought about your question you likely would of answered it yourself. This is the CAF pack, and the Canadians do not employ Strykers ICVs in with CROW M2 configuration. You have to understand and the mod DEVs have a lot on their plate already, this is why no one cared to respond. If you're looking for a Stryker ICV was released by BI not to long ago. Cheers.