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  1. Yes, I already had a similar setup once, but thought the headless client was already included in the linux-server release. It's very confusing since no offical site says anything about it, so thanks for the heads up!
  2. Well, I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly. My start-up-line is ./arma3server -client -connect=localhost -port=2302 -name=HC -profile=HC but all that happens is that it tries to start another server instance and not the headless client.
  3. I'm not completly sure what you are saying, but I guess you are hinting at the update that way released today. But I checked that before I tried starting the headless client, and the server itself works without any issues.
  4. Hi, does the linux server binary support headless clients? I can't seem to get it to work. I tried adding the -client option to the start-up paramters, but I'm just getting a very strange error.
  5. I just wanted to say thank for the update. Nice to see you managed to bring in the feature I suggested! Big thanks again.
  6. Can we get a preview of the changes/improvements made by the update pretty please :o
  7. LGB = Laser GUIDED Bomb. Most aircrafts equiped with lgbs have a targeting pod ( like the 2 seat version of this mod has ) which has a laser marker in it. So you can precisly target everything even without ground units supplying a target for you. The one seat-version of this mod is however lacking such a function ( due to technical limitations? ) and is supposed to be used with ground units lasing your target. I don't know if arma does some "auto-targeting" with those bombs if dropped without any target or laser. But normally, you don't do that, you either laser your target with your own pod or let ground units give you a target.
  8. Yes, I know that, but all modern pods can set Sensor Points of Interest (SPI). The targeting pod will pan until it hits its gimbal limits. Right now, the gunner can't do that. He has the scroll the camera to compensate the movement of the plane to keep locking at one point. But I would be happy about this feature even if it came without gimbal limits and stuff ( In MMA (Mando Missile Addon) the camera also clipped into the plane ).
  9. Thanks for the response. I hope you understand the problem I'm describing, it's a bit hard to put into word. It's not a super-big issue, just a bit anoying and unrealistic. Looking forward to the next update ( even if it has no fix for that issue ;) ) and keep up the good work! PS: Can we get a preview of the next update? What will definitly be in it?
  10. First of, bear with me as I have no read the entire thread. So I don't know if this "feature" has already been requested. I could not find it under the planned features list. We mostly use the 2 seat version, since it offers way better precision and has better surveillance capabilities. We have a small problem with the camera: While flying, it scrolls with the airplane. The faster the plane, the faster the scrolling. If the gunner wants to aim or keep looking at one point, he has to use his mouse to compensate the movement. While fireing on a "non-lock-on" target such as infantry, this can be a real problem, since the laser is also scrolling with the camera. Real world targeting pods however have the possibility to lock the camera on a certain view, keeping it fixed at that point. Adding this would make it easier to aim and spot for the gunner. MAA had this feature, so it should be possible to do with the arma engine?
  11. Half the threads in this subforum are from people who can't get the takistan life whatever mission to run. If you have absolutely no idea how to manage a server maybe you shouldn't be hosting one. We can't help you with the very basics, you've got to learn them yourself.
  12. Stuffy

    SteamCMD Install?

    Is that also possible with the linux version of SteamCMD?
  13. I guess you are on windows? Did you try it with a blank mission ( just one unit for the player ) on lingor? If that works, you know if its a mission or mod related error.
  14. First, I'm going to repeat my question: Are you using windows or linux? And why do you need to get them onto a ftp-server? There is no need for that. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, but I'm guessing you want two different modfolders: one for the server and one for the repository? What I do for my server is just copying the mods I want to have inside the repo to another directory outside the server-folder and have AddonSync syncing with that folder.
  15. I came here from http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?156654-Addon-Sync-server-help . I do not think you understand how the auto config url works. It expects a packed collection of various xml files available via http ( not sure if you can also use ftp for that ). Those xml-files are generated while creating the repo. Are you on windows or linux? And have you already created the repository?