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    Development Blog & Reveals

    I,ve seen some gain on the fps on the smoke and some effects but a average loss , also it goes whit much slutering and its like you are playing whit 15 fps instead of 25-30 , Please Bis fix this.
  2. il_corleone

    Arma 3 Slutter Problems

    Hello, i think that has been discused here but i have some Slutter Problems since the Dev patches come out i have good avg fps, none of the patches has solved it so i post here to know if more people has this problem or is a local Problem.
  3. il_corleone

    Arma 2 Global Ban Problem

    I already contact them, i hope the error will solve soon, i have a cooperative next week, thanks for the answer ---------- Post added at 19:08 ---------- Previous post was at 17:58 ---------- Thankfully its now Solved! thanks ! hope this error never repeats again!
  4. Hello, today, i was playing in a Wasteland Server of 404 Games and went Global Banned for no reason, i was played quetily, disconeccted, go for eating, and reconect and the message appeared #f64abd Global Ban, i am a Arma player since 2001, i bougth arma 2 since its release, and Arma 2 OA too, i hope this is an error of the Battleye, and please solve it,regards, Manu, i can tell you my ID if you want to check when started playing etc. Good bye and Merry Chirstmas