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    Although I have personally not played on this server, I have taken a look at the OPEN SOURCE they offer and it is quite impressive especially a breakthrough compared to those other greedy private LIFE server owners who are so paranoid of competition or use of code that they keep themselves locked away and ban at the drop of a hat. (Im sure you know who I speak of) This community here is small and growing but overall worthwhile to join as it is in the beginning stages of taking off. Im sure they have even better plans in store and they are doing a great job from what I have seen on making progressive strides in ArmA 2 OA LIFE Server development. Most who have been interested in a ArmA 2 Life server have probably tried CLRPG and overall we know what goes on there, decent server, annoying bugs and bad log on system, not to mention poor administration and unprofessionalism. All the LIFE server community needs is a strong community or group to pick and run with the ball of a working LIFE server and all communities involved will greatly benefit, especially as these guys are willing to share their source and code. They have a +1 from me and my crew.