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    How to find my guid?

    Sorry. But ... Can you help my again? I want to calculate GUID from system register value (somes like that 84-8d-70-b0-a1-77-c9-e2-38-dc-a6-f0-5a-cb-1a) -i calculate GUID from normal key successfully. How convert register values to normal CD-key? Or maybe i can calculate GUID from this values?
  2. realvava

    How to find my guid?

    I don't find UID in profiles placed on %userprofile%\Documents\ARMA2%% Tell me please about GUID: how i must type CD-key in that algorithm? HEX or DEC? With "-" or without? I can't take a true result of calculating. Example (key is banned) Dec key 15C1-P6JGW-6E4Y4-ZETRJ-M5RVL 15C1 P6JGW 6E4Y4 ZETRJ M5RVL 15C1P6JGW6E4Y4ZETRJM5RVL HEX key 848d70b0 a177c9e2 38dca6f0 5acb1a 848d70b0a177c9e238dca6f05acb1a 84-8d-70-b0-a1-77-c9-e2-38-dc-a6-f0-5a-cb-1a UID 7376260 GUID bf2edee3c0d0b7bce3f137dd35236544
  3. realvava

    How to find my guid?

    eddieck Thx, man. And what you say about UID?
  4. realvava

    How to find my guid?

    I'm seriously! What thr secret in there? Ok! If GUID is secret for everybody, maybe tell me where i can find UID (profile ID from game menu Profile)?
  5. realvava

    How to find my guid?

    How i can calculate a GUID in offline? I have cd-key and i want create GUID with him.