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  1. I ran out of fuel with a Walrus, and discovered I couldn't really push it around while it was in water. Kinda unintuitive. I also run out of fuel on land, and while it was not easy, it kinda worked pushing it around, except not directly, more like getting stuck under it and also pushing it in a sideways way. But at least I think it should be possible in water, and not have it stall like as on solid ground.
  2. coilwinder

    Carrier fuel question

    Apparently surplus fuel is lost (dumped), as per the Guide thread just above this one atm.
  3. Still, it will move slowly towards it. At least it did with me. And I don't have any Walrus hook yet either. I got stranded just on the wrong side of a refueling station, so I managed pushed it around eventually! Had to repair the pushing Walrus in the meantime too. Still, I tried something different after a reload, and it seemed just impossible to push it in water, kind of opposite :P But it did move slowly towards its goal (docking, in this case).
  4. I did get fuel on my first try to get to Outpost and then to Evergreen, and then stranded the Carrier there. So I must have overlooked one of those facilities early on in the campaign, not sure which one. One of the first two islands I guess. I reloaded from the first island and I'm at Outpost now, and got the spanner icon and production/supply buttons working now :)
  5. In Campaign / tutorial mode I have just taken Evergreen, however the Carrier fuel is empty. I read somewhere one could start manufacture fuel after Outpost island, but the "Supplies" button is still grayed out. I thought I missed something, so I went to an earlier save and retook Outpost again, but no change. Another possibly related issue, for Outpost, the "Locate the firewalls" task is not marked as completed, but the two firewalls are marked as hacked. Unless there are more firewalls to find. Also, the supply barge, which is supposedly visible on the map, is not. Using the CCGM from Steam.
  6. Lots of good ideas here. I'm not that far in the game yet, but here is my suggestions so far: Re-number the Walruses and Mantas from 1 to 4 I get the keyboard reference, but it makes it sound as though I got 9 Walrus'es and 5 Mantas. Which irks me a bit lol. Multiple PiP's simultaneously, also in remote FPS view Having more than one PiP (picture-in-picture) would be nice. Not all 8 perhaps, maybe 2 (at least) to 4 (in strategic view). And/or also in FPS view (as an option), so one can keep an eye on what the other units are doing. Maybe not crucial, but it would be cool! Walrus pathfinding Just a simple suggestion: Why not have a less precise waypoint hit distance, instead of having to hit it exactly spot on the pixel? Please make it so that if it's within a few meters of a waypoint, it proceeds to the next (or stops or whatever if it's the last one). Mouse freelook in external view Like for the Carrier, but also with mousewheel zoom would be nice, in external view of vehicles. Destructible trees Just thought I'd mention it Thunderstorm sounds Seems a bit odd hearing birds chirping during thunderstorm, but no lightning sound.. there should be a really powerful lightning storm sound, lightning strikes and thunder rolling etc. Lightning storms are cool :) Hack enemy Walruses and give them the AI pathfinding as a virus (Just kidding :p) Edit: Seems there are decent thunderstorm sounds after all, I wrote about that a bit prematurely.. but it did happen one time as I wrote it.
  7. Thanks for answering! Looking through the game manual, I can see the spanner icon you talk about on page 17 of the pdf file ("Island info screen"). However in-game I have no such spanner tab, only the info tab. So I guess I have missed something earlier in the mission? Or it's a bug. Anyway I can't set any stockpile island.
  8. Hehe, yes. Both times was kind of the "same time" (reloaded and did something different, still went out of fuel, in water). I must have overlooked the Walrus fuel level when undocking them earlier. However, it did move slowly towards the Carrier by it self (which is another thing that don't feel right, really), so I was able to retrieve it after a long-ish wait. I'm aware of the Manta hook thing, except I don't have one of those yet. My main point was that it seems silly that the stranded Walrus simply is stuck in the water, same as on ground, un-pushable. @Max Power: If you were 10 feet away, waiting a minute or two would have solved it.
  9. Yes! Not a game breaker by any means, but that would be cool, I think. (Now maybe I should actually get to play the game as it is before I start discussing changing it into something else :p ) No worries about the "delay in response", not much of a delay anyway imho (I'm way slower at times).
  10. So I finally gave in and got the Steam version :) I realize this isn't a FPS game primarily, or that the FPS portion is just rather light-weight. I guess as a sort of an intro. But - no jumping? The mighty Commander can't even get past the tiniest obstacle in front of him, unless it is a gentle slope? And this from the makers of the ARMA series? Of which I haven't yet played, btw, but I do assume they can jump in ARMA 1, 2 and the coming ARMA 3? (Even if experience have thought me to not expect the expected, so to speak, when it comes to games... so as I said, I haven't played those games, and I just don't know. Kinda starts to doubt it lol). Unless I have missed something, that is always a possibility, but I couldn't find any jump button, spacebar didn't work, nor did Q (Elevate - probably just for Manta's). Now I don't regret buying this at all (at least not yet). And I'll just do it over, it's not like I wasted any amount of time yet getting there. But it seems to me the FPS portion is a bit too light-weight? Btw the place I'm stuck is at the first canon one gets to, the one protected by a force field. I had to walk up to it and have a look, and got stuck between the slopes leading to it. Now all I can do is shoot with it (F - use), but not aim or anything, as far as I know. A couple of screenshots to show where: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106085251&insideModal=1 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106085227&insideModal=1
  11. Yes, I realize that too, but it still bugs me, especially if the obstacle is small. Or invisible. @ JdB: I suppose that makes sense (and I didn't know that there was no jumping in ArmA games). At least somewhat. Still, small obstacles as walls seems silly (Talking about CCGM now). Oh well. Generally I liked the FPS portion (sans shortcomings). I know it isn't completely true to the old classic, but I wouldn't mind more of it. Maybe as another game mode, as it would'nt be quite the same game anymore. Thanks for answering guys.
  12. As have yet to get the game, downloaded the demo and just had one playthrough just now. A problem appeared the first two or three times I tried to start a campaign, it crashed with an error message: The last time it happened I tried the "let windows go online and try to repair the problem" option (or something to that end), just for laughs, as if that was going to work.. I got no feedback at all after that so I don't know what, if anything, it did, but amazingly it did work the next time I tried it :) Oh, using Windows Vista Ultimate, 64-bit btw. Also, once it started, I want to add that I enjoyed it! It looks good (so far, as said I just had one demo playthrough).
  13. coilwinder

    Multiplayer vs Delaying the game?

    Some brains made those algorithms :p But yeah I see what you mean. Me I'm a more casual single-player player, and I look forward to this classic reinvented! Btw, even with multiplayer, there are still AI's to fight (Manta's and Walrus'es under AI control). Also, I would think that even with MP, there would take quite some time before any "direct" confrontation takes place in the full game of 30+ islands (depending on map size, of course), so it would perhaps feel a lot like singleplayer much of the time anyway? Just a thought I got just now, I haven't played the beta yet so I don't really know how it is yet.
  14. I'm usually not one demanding multiplayer, but I was thinking a LAN option would be nice to play against another human who could control the enemy carrier. I didn't think big enough to imagine one carrier per player, awsome idea! Timewarp could be troublesome, unless perhaps they could just ignore it and have individual timewarps (Philadelphia Experiment style :p) for the carriers.
  15. 1. Nice idea, just did it as per your suggestion :) Might I also suggest (South Park) Starvin' Marvin in Space? That always crack me up! (And since it's been a long time since I've seen this one, I'll do that myself too). 2. I was/am considering doing that (just the install part) while waiting for the release (I haven't bought it yet, so no Beta for me yet). 3. Unfortunately I do this, also while considering getting me a Beta :p Beta 3 that is, so I guess I have to wait some more.
  16. coilwinder

    Much Anticipated

    Same here, I also played it on my Amiga back in the day. I was never any good at it (enemy AI always beat me bad lol). The Amiga game was Awesome, not least for being 3D and realtime, even if it was just filled polygon 3D. The game was really involved and complicated as I remember it (also just barely touched it on an emulator recently just to show a friend the difference between that and this). I only recently-ish (since a few months) became aware of this remake, and i'm looking forward to it (even if I'm still bad at strategy games :p)! I think it looks really promising and screenshots are gorgeous!