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  1. Tox_Laximus

    I think I am liking it.

    As beta3 is now, its a playable game that outshines most, with some polish your talking all time classic, I'm sure lots has been done for the release. Heres the walrus driving off the carrier ... http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q531/toxlaximus/cc_zps6211d805.jpg
  2. Tox_Laximus

    Beta 3 Walrus AI - Unplayable

    Every time the walrus self right like a lifeboat when they drive off the carrier deck, sometimes they are under the water for several seconds. See ... http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q531/toxlaximus/cc_zps6211d805.jpg This is good thing :)
  3. Tox_Laximus

    I think I am liking it.

    LOL, exactly the same happened to me, the walrus seems to self right when dropped in the water, gonna air lift a walrus to the carrier deck and keep driving off to see what happens :p
  4. I like aggressive AI and way over the top weapons, loads of missiles and rapid fire, if possible also a couple of buttons to select all mantas or all walrus, but I don't think the source will be moddable for a while if at all.
  5. Tox_Laximus


    Omg, mantas, walrus, cruise missiles, and drones all flying around, awesome.
  6. Tox_Laximus

    I think I am liking it.

    Yeah, soon as I seen screens and vids a month ago I knew this game was special.
  7. Its probably too late to do this now, but I think good ideas such as this should be kept somewhere for devs or modders to look though.
  8. Win7 64bit, which not too bad when you turn off system restore and disable any performance sucking security fluff.
  9. Tox_Laximus

    Two Monitors

    This is not about monitors but would the game be able to handle more than one PIP (picture in picture), all 8 vehicles on one screen with reduced frame rate and quality?
  10. Tox_Laximus

    Beta 3 Now?

    23:41 UK time, still beta2, gonna try every hour or so :p
  11. Cool, modding means a lot to a community, maybe also brings longevity to games, nice.
  12. Tox_Laximus

    Reminder: It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    So we download movies as well? :p