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  1. Hello Everyone! I just wanna ask: - I'm trying to set up the game realistically: is more realistic using tracers or not? It seems easier with tracers. But maybe it's more real 😄 Thank you! 😄 K
  2. KikkoKawa

    Difficulty Parameters

    Ok ! I understand ! Thank you very much for your help ! I'll try to play this game with a personalized difficulty. I think I'll never finish it :D Thank you again and have a nice day
  3. KikkoKawa

    Difficulty Parameters

    Hi JdB ! Thank you for your answer ! You're very kind. If you can, I need some other details: 3) What weapons are guided automatically ? Normally the rifle depends on me. The gun of chopper or tank are automatic only when I'm the commander and the gun is used by an artillery man. 4) There is a parameter ( Clock Indicator ) that it should work in the way you describe, Doesn't "Auto Report" has got another function? 5) Ok ! I think the enemy in OPF are really good, if I enable SUPER AI they become superheroes ? :D Thank you very much, your help is very precious for me. I want to start the game in the right way! Have a nice day !
  4. KikkoKawa

    Difficulty Parameters

    Hi ! I just want to know what's the meaning of the following difficulty parameters in OFP: 1) extended armor 2) weapon crosshair 3) auto guide AT 4) auto report 5) super AI What happen if I enabled or disabled this parameters ? :confused: Someone can help me please ? Thank you ! Greetings F
  5. KikkoKawa

    OFP and Cold War Assault Mission Differences

    Ah ! It was never happen to me :butbut: I've played OFP three or four times and I've never done the mission of the convoy. It happen to me just some days ago, so I ask here. Well, thank you very much W0lle for the precious help !
  6. Good evening at all ! I'm a fan of this serie. I've played Operation Flashpoint when I was 13. So I've bought Arma: Cold War Assault to remember those times. Well, I've reach the mission where Armstrong remain alone. All his squad his death, and I've noticed that this mission is very different compared to the mission I've played years ago. I'm sure of it. I've got the Italian version and the story in that moment was different. I want ask you if there are other differences between old version's missions and the Arma: Cold War Assault's Missions. :j: Thank you at all ! Happy Day ! F