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  1. Because of this blue haze I can't see anything beyond 150m These are before and after images, and I can't work out what has changed. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance
  2. matthews2012

    Maps and Questions

    Hi community This is going to be a Q+A not a thesis so please be patient.I have asked Q before on forums and been belittled by folks with phycological issues. Q.1 What is A3MP AP.........re: it doesn't containt maps ?
  3. The subject line pretty much describes my issue,when I join my Clans server I have to wait on average about 45mins for it (VAS)to load. I have VAS V1 installed as an addon.I also have VAS 2.5, - which I believe is for mission editing is this right ? Before I sign off I did a quick forum search for topics/threads covering VAS and didn't pick up anything. So excuse me if question has been asked before. matthews2012
  4. matthews2012

    squad command issue

    so one of my squad run out of ammo and I had him pick up another rifle but he's still using the pistol ? How do i get to swap to he's rifle
  5. matthews2012

    single player user campaign missions ?

    Thanks for that Beerkan much appreciated
  6. aren't there any single player user campaign missions available for download anywhere ? I'm new to Arma 3 and I'm loving the game play already, but after completing the infantry mission (just the one !) Any advice would be helpfull thanks.I want to get into the guts of this game but now I've run out of things to do. matthews2012