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  1. MEU98

    Static Line Parachute Mod

    Sorry found the problem it turns out i was using the us versions didn't know about that.Excellent having a lot of fun using it.
  2. MEU98

    Static Line Parachute Mod

    For some reason i can't seem to get it working.I do everything that u say in the instructions but doesn't seem to work.I never get the blue command any ideas?? After updating my experimental mission it worked for the c 130 but not for the chinook any ideas??
  3. This is just beautiful man,the sound,the models all great.Just one thing,if u could add to the MH-6 the side extensions that are used for fast roping.BTW i love the ghetto sight for the AH variants.Keep up the good work.
  4. Damn they look beautiful,professional work to say the least.Can't wait for it to get released,i think i speak for everyone when i say that everyone loves a good 160th SOAR helo and u sir can definitely provide us with that.
  5. It will probably work like this later on as the creator has stated that stealth will be added in future updates.
  6. Could someone explain me what are the hh60g efrs and cv22 idws??Looking for pics and info but can't find anything.
  7. Ok so first of all excellent mod props to everyone involved.My problem is the same as david2212 concerning the E3.Although that i now have sound thanks to your newer update i am unable to take off.The engines are revving up but the plane doesn't move an inch.
  8. Hey guys don't know if metioned before but when i was using the M4 tank and drove it into the water it kept going with out taking any damage.Haven't seen if this happens to other armored vechelies
  9. You have done an excellent job.Really love this mod.
  10. the way these guys sit reminds of a mission in Medal of Honor 2010
  11. This is a super computer compared to mine.I have a laptop.I think that describes it all.But it is quiet good. Processor:Intel Core i5 2410m 2.3 GHz and with turbo boost 2.9 Graphics Card:Nvidia GeForce GT540 2 gb Memory:4048 MB RAM HD:500 GB &Windows 7 64 bit
  12. You sheem to have a quiet strong computer.What do you have for hardware
  13. Konyo did you play warfighter?How did you find it?
  14. Konyo from what I know I am not colorblind but the Nightstalkers don't actually have a matt black color finish?
  15. Thank you astast EDIT:I know this guy.I have tried out his addons.Indeed really nice work.Imagine Konyo and Yurapetrov making together a helicopter.Simply awesome!