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  1. Keep up the good work JoSchaap! Me and my buddies often play on your server, its the best server around, and you seem to develop Wasteland faster than the original developers of Wasteland. :)
  2. I guess I cant trust my gaming buddies anymore, I was 100% sure that they do not cheat as they are all over 25 years old and seem mature. Are you 100% certain that there are no other methods of obtaining keys? If all those thousands of keys that are available are obtained by false hacks, that is loads of players trying to find hacks.
  3. Well I guess that this proves that they are morons, always suspected that. :P Are you guys 100% sure that only way to lose your key is by downloading false hacks?
  4. Didn't say that 5 of my friends got their keys stolen, nor did I tell you that they downloaded scripts... The ones who steal the keys are the hackers, not sure what method they use to obtain the keys, but the pattern has been the same in every 3 cases, first you play normally then the next day you cannot join games anymore (they contacted Steam support and did get this sorted out). Me and my friends hate cheat scripts and that's why we rarely play DayZ anymore and have switched to hosting our own servers. Anyway just Google of the key thefts and you will find loads of evidence like this sigh Max Power: Please don't link to hacker forums on this board. If you have something to report, please report it to a moderator or BI Staff.
  5. BE right now is as useless as no anti-hack system at all, as I can use less than 10 minutes to have immortality and teleporting scripts in my use and only get banned if another player detects me using those, and that's not all, if I would get banned, I could easily spend few euros to buy a stolen CD key. That's how bad BE is right now, out of my 5 gaming buddies 3 have had their keys stolen by hacks. And that is in DayZ, but DayZ happens to be very good indication of what will happen to ArmA 3 if the game gets popular.
  6. PetroOmg

    Warfare BE

    Phew, thanks! For a second I sure that I was crazy!
  7. PetroOmg

    Warfare BE

    Hey can anyone help me here, I'm trying to setup Warfare BE server, but I'm having problems with BE's parameters, as they are not loaded from my server.cfg file, everything else like server name and passwords etc. are coming from it correctly, but parameters just stay as default. Here is the server.cfg file https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16333519/server.cfg Also is there a list of the new parameters somewhere? Because this list is quite old. :) https://dev-heaven.net/projects/warfare-be/wiki/Parameters