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  1. Hey, thanks for the mission. Excuse my ignorance but how to I get the armour to move with me??? I can control the 8 guys I am with but I get into the half track (or don't) and I can't get it to move b/c the driver is not under my command. I can go across the field, but my tanks and half tracks don't move other than their reaction to approaching enemy. Thanks,
  2. Thanks a lot. It can be intimidating not knowing this stuff b/c so many gamers have such an in depth knowledge of computers. Really appreciate your quick and helpful response.
  3. Hello, I have searched extensively, but have not an answer to help me specifically. You will be able to tell by my question that I do not have an in depth knowledge of this sort of thing. I have downloaded User created missions, but have been unable to find them in Iron Front. I have extracted them and put them in the missions folder ( have tried User saved, saved and just mission, among others) but cannot find them in the game. They are SP missions and I have looked in both the editor (loading a map) and scenarios to no avail. When I extract them, they are .ifa file and I put them directly in the missions folder, however every other mission already there is in the form of its own folder, while my file's icon is that blank white piece of paper. I have come across Arma info that says something about pbo files, but I am not sure it applies here. Anyway, based on this info is there anyone who can give specific directions on how to play these user mission, assuming as you can see that I know very little of how to do this type of thing? Including where I place them, in what format (and how to get them there that way), as well as how I open it in the game. Basically a step by step.... please excuse my lack of knowledge. Thanks, it much appreciated.
  4. Hello, I apologize if this has been posted. I have looked and haven't seen anything. Can you add vehicles when you are starting (hosting) a new MP map? I am not talking about in the editor, but when you actually create "new" in the Multiplayer mode. I noticed many of them don't naturally have vehicles. I have gone to parameters and have not been successful, and I have also clicked edit when the name of the map is highlighted, but it does not do anything. I was wondering if this is possible, and if so how? Thanks.