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  1. That is fantastic, thanks! I feel really bad for not updating CSSA3 in a while, I'll see if I can push to get the next version out ASAP.
  2. Not by default. This should be quite easy to add to a mission yourself. Keep in mind that respawning is based on the vanilla respawn system. You can easily manipulate respawning by just changing the respawn time of a player (setPlayerRespawnTime). An easy way to do it would be to set the mission respawn time to 10, create a global variable which indicates the amount of lives a player has, then reduce that variable in an onPlayerKilled event handler. If the variable <= 0, setPlayerRespawnTime 9999999999; I'll look at adding this functionality in a later version. ---------- Post added at 00:41 ---------- Previous post was at 00:40 ---------- Thanks for the report, this issue should be resolved in the next version (which is still very much being worked on by the way, work has unfortunately just gotten in the way). The next version has some new features like a free movable third person camera and improved map marker system.
  3. I will definitely look at adding a setting that acts as a movement speed modifier. It should be quite easy to do. You could try do this yourself by lowering the value of the '_coef' variable in 'fn_CSSA3_mainFunctions.sqf'.
  4. This is something I still want to do. I haven't had time to work on CSSA3 for a while though, unfortunately.
  5. Glad you got it sorted. :) I'll add that bit of information to the original post, as well.
  6. CSSA3 does this by default, since it is also a limitation of TFAR. All spectators can hear one another, but not the living. The living can hear one another, but not the spectators.
  7. CSSA3 changes "AGM_isUnconscious" to false when it initializes (since it applies a post process effect when set to true which makes the screen blurry). I never actually though about the potential problem that you are having. I'll see if I can do something about it for the next version. (Which is still being developed :P)
  8. Hey, the update is still in the works. But I recently relocated and don't have internet just yet. I will release it as soon as possible.
  9. Great, thanks! The next version of CSSA3 should release within the next week. Thanks a lot for the feedback.
  10. Thanks. This will be fixed in the next version. :)
  11. I have fixed this in the next version, if you would like to fix it yourself until the next version is released, you can do the following: 1.) Open CSSA3\functions\fn_CSSA3_MainFunctions.sqf 2.) Go to line 130, where you will find this: [ "CfgPatches", "AGM_Core", ... ] call CSSA3_fnc_classExists; 3.) Replace everything from line 130 to 139 with the following: [ "CfgPatches", "AGM_Core", "player setVariable ['AGM_Bleeding', false]; player setVariable ['AGM_isUnconscious', False, True]; player setVariable ['AGM_Unconscious', false]; player setVariable ['AGM_InPain', false]; 'chromAberration' ppEffectEnable false; [false] call AGM_Core_fnc_disableUserInput; AGM_NightVision_ppEffect ppEffectEnable false; AGM_NightVision_ppEffectBlur ppEffectEnable false; AGM_NightVision_ppEffectRadialBlur ppEffectEnable false; AGM_NightVision_ppEffectNVGBrightness ppEffectEnable false;" ] call CSSA3_fnc_classExists; Unfortunately, I can't do this. It's up to the TFAR devs whether or not such a feature is added. It was mentioned by the lead developer, here. There is a variable in the next version that allows you do deactivate the TFAR/ACRE2 spectator modes, though. I'll definitely look into this. I'm not sure if I can do anything about side chat, though. You might want to disable it server side. But i'll take a look. Thanks, I would appreciate it. And thanks for the great feedback. :) ---------- Post added at 12:39 ---------- Previous post was at 12:09 ---------- Interestingly, I've been testing forEach and count now, and forEach is getting slightly better results, which it never did before. Count was always considered to be faster, see the wiki Code Optimisation page. I'll have to test a bit more, though. Edit: Nevermind, count is usually faster. :P
  12. Thanks for the great feedback! 1.) I'm currently busy cleaning up the defines in order to reduce file size, so I will removed this as you recommended. 2.) Good point, I'll do this for the next release. 3.) I'll add a variable for this in the next version. 4.) This is being worked on, but it's still experimental. I'll try and get it done by the next update. 5.) I'll fix this in the next release. The original 'count' error was due to the count loops looking for a boolean return value. I have fixed this by simply adding 'false' at the end of the loop. The reason I use 'count' is that it is slightly faster than 'forEach', and speed is my priority for code that runs once every second. Thanks again. :)
  13. Yes. The HUD can be hidden by pressing the 'H' key.
  14. I am indeed using -showScriptErrors, although I'm unable to reproduce your error. Could you possibly send me the .rpt?
  15. Great! That feedback would be very valuable. The easiest way to set up what you want is the following: 1.) Add the following to the top of your init.sqf: hasRespawned = false; 2.) Set the respawn time (for first respawn) in the description.ext respawnDelay = 60; 3.) Now navigate to CSSA3\CSSA3_init.sqf. Go to line 89, where you will find this: player addEventHandler ["killed", {['killed',_this] spawn CSSA3_fnc_createSpectateDialog}]; 4.) Replace line 89 and 90 with the following: player addEventHandler ["killed", {if (hasRespawned) then {['killed',_this] spawn CSSA3_fnc_createSpectateDialog};}]; player addEventHandler ["respawn", {['respawn',_this] spawn CSSA3_fnc_createSpectateDialog; hasRespawned = true; setPlayerRespawnTime 99999999;}]; This is untested, but it should work.