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  1. I think you should read all info they posted including all Dev build logs and you will see that they working on trying to fix/improve it. They can't just pick up the magic wand and sprinkle some magic dust over the code and have the issue/s fixed. We don't know how hard/easy it is to fix/improve or even if it's doable at all with current engine and available resources it - only BIS does.

    At one point, promises and words become meaningless and there need to be actual improvements to performance

  2. Is it? Because I haven't noticed I've taken that much of an FPS-hit playing MP. That said, I don't play 100 player missions or any of that 'Life'/Epoch/Wasteland/KoTH business, its just old-school co-op with a dozen or so friends (yes, believe it or not I have those) on missions of varying size and complexity.

    What's the point of Multiplayer if we're FPS-restricted to small scale coop missions then? You can't blame the mission makers for BI's broken game! Even in BI's official mission End Game the FPS is still horrible.

  3. Sometimes i have the feeling in multiplayer arma dont care what your graphical settings are. If you have 20FPS on HD you will get 20FPS on low too.

    It's not "sometimes", it's always like that. If the server is slow or the mission is "unoptimized", clients will CPU bottleneck and you will get 15-20FPS no matter what.

  4. If BIS could add DX12 to Arma 3. I think it would solve all the performance issues people have. But then again, most people would have to buy a new GPU.

    Doubt it. Arma 3 has very big netcode/engine issues. DX12 could maybe help a bit if it increases CPU performance, but it won't solve Arma 3's performance issues.

  5. I don't know if Bad Benson is still working on this for Arma3, but I decided to try and launch this in Arma3 today.

    And it seems that running Alienz with AiA (TP or SA) fixes the above issue : most of the units do appear fine.

    I reckon this could be ported for A3 with just a tiny bit of working (I'm already working on a new config for my private usage)! ;)

    If you find a way to make it work, please release it!

  6. OP is right though, Arma 3 is borderline unplayable. Fanboys can lie to themselves, make up reasons and defend the game all they want, but it won't change anything.

    ---------- Post added at 18:18 ---------- Previous post was at 18:16 ----------

    Just to make things clear, sure OFP and Arma2 also had these issues,

    but they got fixed at the end. I could play Arma2 multiplyer just fine.

    It never got fixed in A2. I have the same horrible FPS in A2 like I do in A3, which is silly considering the graphic difference.

  7. Hi folks.

    Im running Win7 Home Prem. on a i7-3770k , GTX680 and 8GB DDR3.

    But it seems this is not powerfull enough at all as I only have 19 to 22 FPS.

    Im not sure, but could a new GPU get me some more frames ? Or do i need a complete new rig ?

    A new GPU won't help you at all. You'll still bottleneck like everyone and get low FPS. A new GPU will only allow you to play at higher graphic settings while playing at low FPS. A new CPU might help a bit, but the FPS will always be low.

  8. Yeah, KOTH with 120 players at that. A2 would just straight up crash if you tried. Performance has definitely improved. It's still not BF4/CoD level FPS, and MP still has its issues, but I'm happy now with what we got. BIS isn't EA after all, so it's a bit ridiculous to expect $500m budget results for a $15m budget game.

    Unplayable is unplayable. Nobody cares if it's better than some XY game, that doesn't make A3 any better. KOTH is unplayable, just like most other high populated/heavy missions (Wasteland, RPG).

  9. I can not play with friends in cooperative and not online

    Hi Dwarren and guys ,Merry Christmas in advance.Now if I really need your help.

    I can not play with friends in cooperative and not online,and can not do?

    to play I have to put the Hamachi,and create a server....the question is going awful,,,unable to create a game officialy, thus many bugs, ping are created, and becomes unplayable and I'm outraged.

    I have 100 megas of connection and pin 8 in optical fiber and is very good.

    I think a server ArmaA III, using the game correctly, my friends invite you to enter,and says the server is not responding....and is a real shame

    What exactly should I do to create a server or a room? as it has always been ,and enjoy this unique game with my friends,I hope your help friends.


    You need to open ports, which is still a pretty bad solution considering we didn't have to do that before.

  10. HFJgl50.jpg


    A specialized unit is sent to Stratis to find intel and locate a mysterious artifact. OPFOR is also searching for the artifact and occupied the island. There's no time for caution. Use mechs to break into OPFORs HQ, steal their intel and find the artifact!

    No Time for Caution is a 2-4 player COOP mission. Teamwork is key.

    Download link (Steam Workshop)

    Armaholic mirror: No Time For Caution [COOP 2-4]

    Wander Panzer mod is required: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25551

    The mission uses BTC revive!

    Notes: -If you spawn as pilot, you will need to reenter the vehicle to be able to both solo drive and shoot. This is due to a WAP mod bug

    -Sometimes 2 players can't reenter a Panzer. This is also a WAP bug

    -Don't press respawn once you die. There is no respawn, you can only get revived by your teammates