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  1. Btw - where is the German Bundeswehr ?? A war in the middle of europe and no german troops anywhere???
  2. Hi guys! We are GNR-Gaming, a german Multigaming Team founded 2010 in Need for Speed World. Since 2011 we play other games like Arma, Battlefield, etc.. We search new member for Arma 2 and 3. Mostly we play Mods like Altis Life or DayZ but sometimes we play Coops, too. If you search a german speaking Team with a familiar atmosphere and cool guys you just found it. All informations for the application you find here: http://GNR-Gaming.net/Bewerbung Please note that we only accept applications in our forums!!! Good hunting, Felaex Founder and Lead-Administrator GNR-Gaming
  3. Squad name: GNR-Gaming Timezone/location: GMT+1 (Germany) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Fun! Coop + PVP Contact email: N/A Website address: http://GNR-Gaming.net Short description: Multigaming Crew foundet 2010 in Need for Speed Language: German
  4. Srsly thanks dude! @Arma Team - Please fix the GPS Position or use this mod. It works perfectly!
  5. Felaex

    Arma3 Videos

  6. Hey guys, I give away one of my alpha lite keys on my youtube Channel. How to win? - Subscribe to my Channel and write in the comments "I want a Key". Easy like that. All informations are in the description. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUnaN-foCY0 TO THE CHANNEL Good luck everyone!
  7. Hey guys, we are FFX-Gaming and we look for some Arma 3 players for our team! All infomations @ ffx-gaming.de See ya, Felaex