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  1. TerranceofAraby

    Side decal/markings on the BIS Apache

    Thanks R0adki11, The idea for this 'project' was broached to me by a mate whom I played co-op with occasionally, I helped him out with it and was not really thinking of finishing it, but the idea just occured to me now that I have a few more .pbos available. Except in the case of the Apache, I was not editing the models themselves; I was editing the configs in order to place them in easily-accessible categories, changing the pilots/crews for consistency, and in the case of some 'Malvinas' tanks/helicopters translating various parts into English from Spanish (i.e. 'abrir la puerta' to 'open door'). This was A: In order to make them easy, accurate and consistent for use in mission making and scripting within missions, and B: For ease-of-compatibility with a few squad-mates of mine (you have mentioned this in the permissions; I made it abundantly clear to them that I was not the creator of the addons themselves, and made sure to leave a readme within the folder and each .pbo detailing the original maker, and in each config file. I was not aware of the permissions issue previous to this and I will once again stress to those I gave the folder to that they were not my addons and my own work was minimal.). I shall attempt to contact the addon makers if that's the best course of action but as I circulated it amongst a very small number of casual players I doubt it will go anywhere. A number of excellent British addons for the 1970s-2000s exist around the web, but to include all of them in-game would involve several different mods, with different crews, scripts, languages, ammunition, quality and historical accuracy. To compile the best of these mods in one folder which was consistent seems like a good idea to me for mission-makers like myself who like things consistent, but as you say I would probably find it hard to get all of the necessary permissions to release it on the forums. Cheers RageQuit I'll give those a look. Yours Terrance.
  2. Alright, before I start, I'm really quite bad at this. A friend of mine from Steam (shadow-something?) wanted to have a huge project on OFP, of compiling all of the best British addons together in an easily-accessible mod. Well, that's quite a good project, really, but he didn't have any experience changing .pbos so I decided to help him out; I know that the idea was a bit big and you would need plenty of permissions, I imagine... Anyway, that was a year or two ago, but I've been interested in it since and I've been adding and rescripting/reclassifying various .pbos from the Malvinas, Falklands, UKF and FFUR, for my own amusement without really thinking of releasing it (but you're welcome to it in an unfinished state if you want, PM me). The infantry is UKF, the aircraft are Falklands, Malvinas and a few independent ones, there's some UKF and Malvinas armour, the weapons are UKF and the pilots are Falklands. I have the Apache from FFUR, which I wanted to add as well for a few missions I'd like to do, and I've been trying to implement it seperately which has thus far worked. However, when I get the FFUR RAF Apache in-game, it has the correct RAF markings and structure over the BIS one, but the side-markings, the ones that say 'UNITED STATES ARMY', are still there. Which .pac or .paa file is it that contains this, and I assume removing this .pac or .paa would simply remove it in-game? :confused: Also if I'm committing some grave, heinous sin by going in there and mangling other people's .pbos, please have mercy :D:confused: Yours gratefully Terrance
  3. TerranceofAraby

    British Infantry WW2

    Can I echo this? Really need some Tommies! Arma 2 doesn't work on my laptop so I can't play the larger Invasion 1944 for that. Armed Assault is my only option and, for a mission where you have to link up with some British troops that I was planning, I don't have any... does anyone have any?
  4. TerranceofAraby

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    Hello, I'm new. I'm a bit of a Fallout junkie, so when I saw this I was pretty excited. Please, please keep working on this, and good luck. N.B. If you have time, could you add civilians? Thanks!